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anthony - 2005-04-05
I have a 3 year old who is quite an active fellow.He loves chasing my Eupterus around the tank.I love my cats!!!

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Anonymous - 2005-04-05
To me, Hatchetfishes are very interesting and great to learn about. I am thankful that there are living things out there in the world, like Hatchetfishes, to be fond of. Hatchetfishes are my personal favorite fishes!

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chris - 2005-04-05
I have a shubunkin who is a year and a half old, his name is Nemo (not very imaginative I know, but my friend named him).
He has so much personality and charm, and he is a very strong acrobatic swimmer. I am thinking of breeding him if I can find the right female!

joe - 2005-04-05
built a 9 x 4.5 x 2.5 pond last summer, bought 6 shubunkins, 5 survived, pulled or sunk the plants and put in a stock tank heater for winter (-20 f. usually coldest temp.) everybody is happy and hungry this spring. pond, fish and plants cost about the same as a tv, but much more enjoyable.

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jamie davies - 2005-04-05
i have 3 blood parrots and they are in a malawi tank with 6 malawis they are good companions and dont bother each other at all...
my biggest parrot is 5 inches and the others are 2 inches and all my malawis are 3 inches big....
my parrots are the most playful fish they interact with my malawi and dont argue over teritory.....
i feed my parrot once a day on nurofin spiriluna pellets, tetrafin pellet and krill. So they get a good balanced diet and i keep my water temperature at 26 degreec celseas............
my PH is 8.0 and they are the best fish you can have there wonderful characters...............

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Anonymous - 2005-04-04
Whatsup Everyone. I just started with aquariums around october 2004. I had a small 30 gallon tank, which I recently upgraded to a 65 Gallon. I had 2 Irrid Sharks, (Frankie & Johnny). They seemed to get over any sickness that came about them. They were about 4" long, but recently Frankie just passed away. I think it was because the PH level was too high. I was soo upset about it, I went to petland and purchased 4 babies. Now they are all schooled together, they ususally hangout on the right side of the tank. Not sure why but they were even doing that in the pet store. I also have 2 Laporanis (I think thats how you spell it), 3 Red Tailed sharks, 1 6 - 7 " plecco, and 2 babie pleccos (about 2 - 3"). I feed them frozen brine shrimp a few times a week, they all love it. I feed them 3 algie discs, about 15 - 20 cichild pellets, and about 10 - 15 shrimp pellets, twice a day. They all seem to love it. And when they eat it all up, I still see them scavenging all over the bottom of the rocks looking for more food!. I am now doing 50% water changes at least twice a week. Every time I do a waterchange, I add about 6 - 10 capfulls of tap water conditioner, I sprinkle some aquarium salt around, and add about 6 - 10 capfulls of cycle. If I need to, I will add a little bit of PH minus when I do a water change. Maybe 2 or 3 little spoon fulls. I am trying to keep my tank as well balanced as I possibly can, Yet it is very diffacult.

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Mark Holland - 2005-04-04
Im not familiar with this red-flame type, but raised two lots of honey gouramis a couple decades ago. The males were awesome looking, with an indigo-blue colored throat patch that would display in courtship, with a deep red-gold tint to their fins. When startled (which was often, they ARE cowards!) their entire coloration would pale out to a pale yellow.

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raven_claws - 2005-04-04
I absolutly love angelfish, they are absolutly amazing, I have 4 of them now, 2 young ones about the size of a nickle which I recently got. One is a silver veiltail, and the other is a blushing. My 2 other ones are the size of silver dollars, one is a black one and the other is a golden. They are really funny to watch especially when it is feeding time. They all tend to get together in a line and they go on their sides and sway, really funny to see. They are an awesome fish and I think everybody should own them.

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karen rogers - 2005-04-03
i have a 125 litre tank with quite a mixture of community fish. i added 2 opaline gouramis which constantly chased each other, then one died from an internal bacterial infection. the one that was left was quite quiet until i added 2 boesmani rainbow fish which he proceeded to bully and finally killed. i think these fish need to be in a small shoal of about 4, this is the only way any of the other fish can live peacefully!!

Karen Rogers 2005-04-03

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bob - 2005-04-03
I have had a single cherry barb in a gallon tank for 4 years, and she has done amazingly well. She originally came from Walgreens in a tiny tank with a snail and plant. I did not know what kind of fish she was until recently. She has done so well in her upgraded tank, with amazon sword plants and a nice rock. I do not know the life expectancy of this fish, but I am sure she will live to old age if she has not already.


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