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James - 2005-04-17
I have a lion head. He was cute but he got aggressive and seems to have killed my fish. When I put other fish in with him he starts butting them.

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Jason Harfenist - 2005-04-17
The Bubble-eye goldfishes are so cute to me!

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Mike - 2005-04-15
I have 4 tanks that hold 5 gallons. I started with simple fish like minnows and now moved on to these fancy fish.( I think their fancy). I have used this website to set up my tetra tank and this is great information.THANKs.

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Paul D. Swanson - 2005-04-15
My Texans are now on their second batch of fry. I rescued about 50 from the first batch and they are doing fine in other tanks. The second batch has been left in the tank with the parents. They take them out on "walks" every day and dote on them. The tank is full of other cichlids but they are nowhere to be found. They hide in the rocks and bushes until I throw in some food. Then they dart out and commence the feeding frenzy. The Texans have all their tank mates completely dominated. Its been two weeks and the fry are still there. Im guessing that in a few weeks they will mostly be gone unless they can find a place to hide in the bushes as well.

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Anonymous - 2005-04-13
I just recently got my first betta is so cool! Every time i come into the room and put on my light it swims around all fast and gets really excited. Once i got him home he was eventually transfered into a big fish bowl and was very excited and would swim non-stop around the bowl. I would recommend this fish to anyone.

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Dan - 2005-04-13
I recently bought a pair of pearl gouramis. They hid behind the plants for the first few days. I decided to turn down the bubbles in my internal filter until there was almost no surface ripples. Immediately, they started to explore the tank and swimming with my bala shark and barbs. They are great fun to watch.

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Anonymous - 2005-04-13
Happy and clever ! Balas will eat from your hand if they know you. mine are my pride and joy. Great fish, but please, give them a good size tank!

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Luke Bucko - 2005-04-12
I love my platies even though I am a beginner. they come in a variety of colors and are peaceful.

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Anonymous - 2005-04-11
I think my cories are gonna have babys! I see eggs on the glass of my tank. I love them so much, I can't wait till I'm a grandma! They are very strong fish. I had a bunch of fish and they got sick and died, and my cories had no clue what was going on. They seem very happy!

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Jack - 2005-04-11
I have had my tinfoil barbs for about a year now and they have quickly grown out of my three foot tank to my bigger four foot tank with a big pleco, angelic catfish, a big leprinus, black ghost knife fish, a large polypterus, a lemon-fin barb and a silver shark. both of my tinfoil barbs get on well with my other fish Except for feeding time, when they all get alittle bit tense over getting all of the food for them self. I feed my tinfoil barbs flake, bloodworm and cokkles with some live food every now and then. I dont tend to put plants in any more because every time I do they rip them out and eat them. so I just stick with bogwood and rocks. You have to be carful when you have the lid off of your tank because the tinfoil barbs jump, which I have experienced a few times before. I will be getting another tinfoil barb soon because you really need to keep them in a school rather then singly.


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