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connor - 2005-04-23
I have 2 swordtails one is a sunset color the other is red(he is the male) they live in a 10 gallon tank with three hatchet fish 2 blood fin tetras and a fancytail. I think my female(sunset colored) fish is pregnant.

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Karen and Jeff - 2005-04-23
We have had our bala shark for 5 years and it is now 11 inches long. He lives in a 135 gallon tank. He dominates this tank which has a few friends like the algae eaters, the tiger barbs, the wide mouth shark which is also 11 inches long. There are also a couple of ciclids and a parrot fish. The bala does get spooked very easily and sometimes hits the ends of the tank back and forth. Once, he even jumped out of the tank. Very entertaining to watch. Glad we have him.

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Beth - 2005-04-23
My name is Beth, my boyfriend and i have 7 goldfish. I just love them so much i think they are so beautiful and bring joy to all of us.

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ATLI - 2005-04-21
I have 2 banjo catfish and have often mistaken them for rocks.

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Golden Fish - 2005-04-21
If taken proper care, Gold fish live longer than 20 years. Goldfish are cheap but their life is not worthless. Gold fish require a lot of space for growth and are messy creatures so consider giving them a big home or keep few in small tanks (rule of thumb 5 gallons per inch of fish). Be kind and provide them good home. I hope people treat thier fish like they want themself to be treated.

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Blondie - 2005-04-20
The first Leporinus I brought home is snow white w/blk. bars. I took a second one home the following night and the two swam side by side with mouths open before going at it with scales flying. I brought a third home the next night, and neither showed this behavior towards it. I suspect the first two are males. They still spar, but no out and out fighting. These two seem to have a bit more black edging on dorsal and rear of anal fins. They also have a bit more color on their pelvic fins. They pay attention only to each other, not their tankmates, which are gouramis, headstanders, bleeding hearts, kissers. They are in a 125. They need their own kind to interact with, and lots of room. They love meaty foods, but also love halved cucumber and zucchini held with an elastic on a rock, and spinach and romaine lettuce on a veggie clip, and algae wafers.

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Richard Wallace - 2005-04-18
We have three tiger barbs in our 55 gallon aquarium. We did have 4, but one was a little bit smaller than the mouth of our knife fish. They are definately one of my favorites. They try to attack your hands while your cleaning out the tank and if you get one it is a good idea to get more than 1 because they will attack your other fish if they dont have partners.

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Jody - 2005-04-18
I recently bought a black moor and i named him "seamor" my friend baught a calico fantail "gilbert grape" but he died a day later. seamor is still kickin and he loves to flutter around his tank then burst into high speed for short distance. i love him and i hope he doesnt end up like gilbert!

christina - 2005-04-17
I had black moor fish years ago. I had about four of them in the same tank with other goldfish they get along really well with other fish. I loved them very much. I named one of them pepsi and the fish used to go by the filter and do fan dances lol and they would come up to the side of the tank if you tapped on the glass. I have a cat now so she would probably go after them if I got any more.

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James - 2005-04-17
I have a lion head. He was cute but he got aggressive and seems to have killed my fish. When I put other fish in with him he starts butting them.


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