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raven_claws - 2005-04-04
I absolutly love angelfish, they are absolutly amazing, I have 4 of them now, 2 young ones about the size of a nickle which I recently got. One is a silver veiltail, and the other is a blushing. My 2 other ones are the size of silver dollars, one is a black one and the other is a golden. They are really funny to watch especially when it is feeding time. They all tend to get together in a line and they go on their sides and sway, really funny to see. They are an awesome fish and I think everybody should own them.

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karen rogers - 2005-04-03
i have a 125 litre tank with quite a mixture of community fish. i added 2 opaline gouramis which constantly chased each other, then one died from an internal bacterial infection. the one that was left was quite quiet until i added 2 boesmani rainbow fish which he proceeded to bully and finally killed. i think these fish need to be in a small shoal of about 4, this is the only way any of the other fish can live peacefully!!

Karen Rogers 2005-04-03

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bob - 2005-04-03
I have had a single cherry barb in a gallon tank for 4 years, and she has done amazingly well. She originally came from Walgreens in a tiny tank with a snail and plant. I did not know what kind of fish she was until recently. She has done so well in her upgraded tank, with amazon sword plants and a nice rock. I do not know the life expectancy of this fish, but I am sure she will live to old age if she has not already.

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heather and roger - 2005-04-03
We have two Jelly Bean parrot fish (blue and pink). They are in a tank with a few african chichlids that seem a little aggressive toward them. we also have a giant gourami, irridescent shark, 2 snails, a cory fish, and a spotted sucker fish. We did have 9 ghost shrimp but we soon found that they are a good treat for the parrots. Overall they seem to be holding their own. They seem to like people and come right up to the glass for attention. We enjoy them very much. Good luck everyone with your fish!

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Alora - 2005-04-02
Thanks for sharing your betta information!!! It has helped me out when raising my bettas...I have 4 males and 2 females. From Alora

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Debbie Harris - 2005-04-02
I have three 5 inch Silver Dollars in a 75 gallon tank with one eight inch green severum, 1 one inch gold severum, two catfish, one gourami, and a pleco. The Silver Dollars and Severum seem to be watching me when I am in the room and I have not found them to be skiddish. They are very gentle fish and a pleasure to watch.

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nicole - 2005-03-31
I have been playing musical tanks with my fish to find the right combinations. I have 8 neon tetras, 6 black skirt tetras, a black phantom tetra, 4 platies, 5 mollies (plus one baby that hid when I got rid of the rest), a betta, and a blue gourami. In addition I sort of breed snails. Knowing I have to watch what I put the gourami with is why I am playing musical tanks. He gets along fine with the mollies and the platies, but chases the tetras. I am leery of putting the betta and gourami together. So I had the gourami with the platies and all the snails in one tank. But I just found out that the gourami nips at my snails tentacles, and I just can not have that. So now he is in with no snails, the 4 platies and my neons. Seems to do ok with the neons because if he gets close to them, they are faster and go to the other side of the tank. As he gets bigger, I will be taking all the small fish out of his tank. But beautiful fish, and I can not wait till he is full grown :)

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Samir - 2005-03-31
One of the best fish. Very friendly even with betta!!!

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Anonymous - 2005-03-31
I bought my Black Moor, named Piglet, a month ago because I instantly fell in love with their cuteness. My Black Moor is very active and friendly, trailing behind my female fish wherever she swims in the tank. When I first brought him home, he ate a full algae tablet in less than 20 minutes once he found it. He chews his flake food, spits it out, and then eats it.

Cameron Oliva - 2005-03-30
I have a blackmoor called squirt with 2 comets. they get along with each other and like to hide in the trees and decorations. Most of the time squirt swims near the top with his little tail waving around. the 2 comets swim down at the bottom, but sometimes squirt comes and joins in. They like to chase each other around the tank. Squirt is a beautiful fish and likes to follow my finger when i put it against the tank.


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