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Carianne - 2005-05-11
I've had a red capped oranda for almost 8 months now. Her name is Livingston and she is gorgeous. I think she's about to lay eggs again because she's getting fatter every day. I personally have found her really easy to take care of - I'm currently in University and travel back and forth quite often and she always handles the trips quite well. I'd love to get more, but I'll need to get a bigger tank first!

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Mike - 2005-05-10
the compressed cichlid grows very slow and should be kept in a tank where it is not bullied until able to fend for itself.

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daniel - 2005-05-10
I recently got three electric yellows and ive found that one of those is extremely territorial and they all love to borrow, they have dug caves in the sand around most of my rocks.

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R Rahm - 2005-05-09
I would highly advise that you keep these banjos in groups, and when you turn the aquarium lights off watch them swarm in a pack to clean up leftovers.

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Bert - 2005-05-09
I have 3 Blue Gourami in a 30 gallon tank. Two are about 3 inches, the other 4 and a half. I also have 6 neon tetras, 2 penguin tetras, a redtail shark, 4 red eye tetras, 4 glowlight tetras (i think that's what they are, lol), 3 algae eaters, 1 red platy, and a 6 inch Plecostomus Catfish. Added each new fish type at least a week apart. Started the tank about 9 months ago, took time to get the water right, chemically. Fish stopped dying after the 2nd month. The last addition was about 5 weeks ago. No deaths to report as of yet. I've been feeding both floating flakes and sinking pellets for the bottom feeders.

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asp - 2005-05-09
i bought my blk moor last week. i put him with my betta. i named him arthur. he is very busy swimming and stealing food from my betta. he's really cute. i watch him swim all over to the top looking for food like crazy. i feed him twice a day. i think he must be italian lol. i hope he lives for along time!!!

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Bonnie - 2005-05-08
I have only just started my aquarium, but I still believe these fish are one of the best aquarium fish yet. They are quite active and at my house have even grown to like being pushed up and down by the filter current. :) I recommend these fish to anyone with an aquarium.

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Renee E - 2005-05-08
Oh my gosh! I have two more shubunkins in my 1 gallon tank! Their names are Dandelion and Ruben Studdard! They are so cute together. Happy Fishin my fellow Shubunkin Lovers!

Kris - 2005-05-08
I personally dont like these goldfish b/c this type ate my other fish (silver mollies...and their fellow goldfish)!! Not the kind of goldfish I would recommend for ppl to get.

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jen - 2005-05-07
I have been keeping and breeding fish for over 18 years now so believe me when I tell you that you all are gonna need much bigger tanks for your irridescent sharks. My 5 year old shark is at least 16" and had to be moved to a pond. One 2500 gal outside pond for summer,(yes I built an elaborate pond on account of 1 big fish) and a 280 gal pond for winter in my basement. The shark now shares his ponds with koi and goldfish. Not the ideal setup ie. tropical mixed with coldwater, but they all have gotten along fine for the last 3 years, no deaths or illness of any kind. The biggest koi, only 3 years old is almost as big as the shark now. The ponds were needed after the shark outgrew my 90 gal tank, the biggest tank I have at this time(not by choice of course). Too many injuries were occurring in the 90 gal, resulting in much scar tissue on his nose.


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