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Amber - 2005-06-08
our swordtail had a baby and we only found one. It is about one and a half months old. When they are first born and for about 2-4 weeks theys hide and stay low to the bottom of the tank. It was the first fish we ever had that had a baby. They grow really fast. It takes a while to know if it is a female or a male.

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talisha - 2005-06-07
these fish are very cool and funny and there one of my favourite pets (my favourite fish).

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Jack - 2005-06-06
I have a black moor and an calico oranda they seem to be getting on very well because this morning i saw them asleep next to each other

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Trish - 2005-06-06
I have a Shubunkin name Donald Trout and he is so sweet. He will follow me around the pond and watch me for hours. He has so much personallity, it is like having a slimy puppy in the pond.

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Fazlan Sabar - 2005-06-06
I have a Silver Arowana about 2 feet in length. when i bought the fish, one and half years back (in 2003) it was only 5 inches. It grew really fast because it had lot of space to swim, this is a significant factor. Well I am from Sri Lanka, and the conditions here just suit the fish. At the initial stages it was bit hard to feed it, but now its only matter of letting something in to the tank that'll be the end of it. My Arowana is fed on small fish, beef heart, and chicken hearts. Its a very beautiful sight to look at when it glances through the water. When the fish is hungry it simply jumps out of the water and grabs on to any thing that it finds eatable especially insects. My Silver Arowana is the most valuable thing to me.And now i'am planning on raring another one. I'm very proud to rear such an attractive fish. As an Arowana lover my opinion is, that Every ne who has an Arowana should be proud of yourselves. May Arowana's long last for EVER!!

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ty - 2005-06-05
I have 1 male gup and a female. The females pregnant! i cant wait til the babies come. I feed them tetramin flake food. These fish are the best beginner fish. I would recommend these fish for anybody.

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anthony - 2005-06-04
I have had my Chinese Algae Eater for about 7months he has grown bigger with two other goldfish that I also keep in the tank. Although he has grown exceptionally big in this time frame he does well with the two goldfish. He use to try and eat the goldfish alive, but I drop algae wafers in the tank, which he enjoys. Most of the time he will start eating the wafer until the goldfish come over and start to eat it. I'm just glad he does not get aggressive towards them and tries to eat them again. I think since they've been together so long they have adapted to each other.

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Ryan - 2005-06-04
I've been the owner of a Black Moor Goldfish for awhile now. They certainly are a beautiful fish, and when they swim it's like black velvet thru water. We call our fish "The Darkness", cause he's got an almost perfect coat of black.

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Jason Lindsay - 2005-06-04
Am very new to keeping fish, my wife is the expert. Set up a tank with everything, pump oxyginating weed etc. Started with 4 Fantails but now down to 2, they had a fin rot problem. The two Im left with are fine though. The pet shop said don't put them with other goldfish as they would bite their tails. but they are now in a much larger tank than at first, with 4 run of the mill goldfish, the smallest at least twice the size of the others, and its not a problem. In fact the others love chasing their tails for fun and playing follow the leader.

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Tom Williams - 2005-06-03
I have had an upside-down catfish for about 2 years now,but it is not like the other upside-downs that I have seen. It is about 8 inches long, all black with a few white spots peppering the sides. He likes to hide in plants, and when he hides near the surface, he lets me put my finger in the tank and rub his soft little belly. He is my favorite fish, and that is saying a lot because I have 7 overstocked tanks at home.


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