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Kirstenmarie Hagerman - 2005-05-27
Well, I am hoping to purchase some Black Moors soon as I understand they are very easy keepers and would look good also with the two Calico Fantails. Just a quick thought though.....I am a knowledgeable Betta Splendens breeder and one should NEVER, EVER keep Bettas and Goldfish together. For one, a Betta is a tropical and Goldfish a coldwater. The second thing is that Goldfish are much to aggressive to be housed with Bettas simply because Goldfish are pigs and eat everything in sight and as a result, are bullies, esp. towards smaller fish, also if your'e able to keep them together, it means you tank arrangements are MUCH TOO cold for Bettas....Bettas are actually quite unhappy if kept under 70 degrees F.
Kris (In Anchorage, AK)"Aurora Betta Stables"

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Micky - 2005-05-26
I'm new to the world of Shubunkin's, but am already a fan. Wish I'd had these as a kid. We have five: Marilyn the prettiest who's mostly white with red and grey, Charlie who's more orange than any other colour, Fred who always looks grumpy, Doris who's named so for no other reason than lack of imagination, and Betty. Bossy Betty Blue runs the roost & I think she's a Bristol, as her tail's rounder than the others. I agree with previous comments, they're very acrobatic swimmers and great fun to watch. I love 'em.

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Anonymous - 2005-05-25
What I thought was a peaceful fish was swimming around my tank yesterday with a little rummy-nosed tetra in his mouth!!! These fish are great, and fast!!! and remember to keep a lid on thier tank otherwise you will find out how high they can jump! Im hoping the little fish incident was a one off!

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Peg - 2005-05-24
My male flame honey gourami would pick on my female dwarf, so I had to move her to a ten gallon. HE gets along with the female honey gourami and he even leaves the guppies alone.

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Teng Vang - 2005-05-24
My Jack Dempsey was one of my favorite fish. It was dark all the time had lot's of shiny blue scales across it's body, face, and fins and had a bit of red on the tip of it's dorsal fin. It just looks awesome when flaring against my other cichlids. A very tough and cool fish!

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Dr. Lan Phan - 2005-05-23
Hello everyone in the aquarium hobby business. I'm a proud owner of a 200 gallon Oceanic Show tank will the following fishes: four blood parrots, two silver arowanas, three silver scats, two silver dollars, three clown loach, five red tail sharks, three rainbow sharks, opaline gourami, golden gourami and a plecostamus. Everybody is approximately the same sizes except for the plecostamus and silver arowanas. The water chemistry is as follows: pH-7.4, nitrite-0, ammonia-0, nitrate-10. Feeding includes freeze-dried blood worms, Omega One super color floating pellets, and on occasion as a treat frozen Hikari blood worms. Water changes are accomplished by doing a twenty-five to thirty percent of water every month. Filtration Emperor 400, four Ehiem 2217 in line, four 2215 in line, 3 Maxi-Jet 1200 and 3 Maxi-Jet 1000 for circulation. Additionally using Tetratec DW96-2 to run a 48 inch. bubble wand. Temperature is set at 82 degrees farenheit. For lighting I used four 10,000K and two 50/50 bulbs. Decorations consist of clay pots, African drift wood anchored down by slate, tall long artificial plants, and many hiding places too. I hope you enjoy reading this.

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Jason - 2005-05-21
I have two common goldfish and one comet. I saved them from being a gourmet dinner, LOL. I enjoy watching them, they are great pets. They are pretty easy to care for, cheap, and usually are sold for feeder fish. but I think the common goldfish is one of the finest goldfish. I like your website it has great facts about goldfish and has great picures.=)

Jason - 2005-05-21
I have two common goldfish and a comet. I had them now for a couple of months now. They live in a 36 gallon tank with eclipse filter the are very happy. I always hate looking at goldfish when they get dumped into a small bowl. Most people think that goldfish are boring but they make great pets for kids and adults. Your website has great facts and pictures. Goldfish make a great pet for many reasons one of them are they do not reguire a lot of care.

Amy Lota - 2005-05-21
I recently took in 3 young common/comet goldfish from being used as human consumption at a University in my area. During the short period I had them-I grew very attached to all 3. My betta chased them around a bit, but they all got along. I did just release them into a home-made pond at my Aunts house, so they can grow up to be big like their new friends in the pond. Although, I do think my betta is a tad bit lonely now. Anyway, if I ever get the chance again to save/rescue/adopt some goldfish....I would do it all over again. Thanks to Shellie who actually was the one who took the 3 fish out of the horrible enviroment.

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Anonymous - 2005-05-21
I just got 4 angelfish and i love them. thank you for helping with the temperature. i fixed that since they were freaking out on the first day. Angel fish will make anyone happy if they take care of them.


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