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Ann - 2005-06-02
All goldfish need room to swim. 10 gallons per fish is ideal, it breaks down the ammonia /nitrates, and cuts down the risk of ick, and other parsites! I love my ryukins they are so funny to watch. they have alot of spunk!

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ruthcatrin - 2005-06-01
I've had Albino Corys as my bottom cleaners in my tanks for as long as I can remember. They're lively little fish, and have always been great tank cleaners. I've even put them in tanks with male Betta's with no issues. I'm also happy to announce that my current set of 4 are hopefully about to be parents (provided I can keep the guppies from eating all the eggs). I've never had them breed before!

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Ron - 2005-06-01
I have one that I have had for 14 years . Its 12" long and I think a very attractive fish .

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Antonio urban - 2005-06-01
I love my pearl gourami!

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Alayna - 2005-06-01
I have 2 male guppies and 1 female guppy, boy do those males keep her busy! I suggest that if you are planning on getting guppies, think of getting either two males or two females, or watch out the babies will come!

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ashley - 2005-06-01
i love my fish. there names are bubble and dobble. they are cool, if you get one stick your finger in the water, they will come and suck your finger

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sam roberts - 2005-05-30
I have 2 blue gouramis that are about 3 inches long. I have them in a 75 gallon tank with a 8" fire eel, a 4" fire eel, a 4" albino claw frog, a tapajose sultan pleco about 4", a common pleco about 5", about a 6" carupo knife fish, a 5" ghost knife fish, 4 silver dollars, a 4" and a 3" angel fish, and a 12" pacu. The paco is a recent addition but the blue gouramis don't seem to chase anything around the tank but each other. I recently discovered that I have a male and a female gourami. Of course even the silver dollars aren't much smaller than the gourami's either. I believe that size is an important factor because even when I put feeder fish in their they don't go after them

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Shelley - 2005-05-30
I purchased a Black Moore about 4 months ago and I couldnt love a fish anymore then I love her. Her name is Eowyn' Yuna. My tank is built around her and everything she likes. She loves alot of attention. When she comes to the front of the tank she is always looking for love. She gives me a kiss through the glass every morning and night. You can say for the first 2 weeks I slept by the tank just to make sure she was ok. She is in a tank with a Pleco and live plants. Ooo I almost forgot a Mixed molly to. I recommend a moore to anyone that loves a show of the fins and color. Remember they give lots of love too.

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Shade - 2005-05-29
I got 2 Angelfish, 1 gold and one a black marbled/gold angel. I just got them 4 weeks ago, and the gold angel grew a few inches. They like dried tubifex worms, as well as granule. Their tankmates are 3 mollies, 4 platies, 1 Spotted Rafael catfish, Chinese Algea Eater, and 2 Black Khulii Loaches. They have not gotten aggressive at all and are extremely placid and swim up and downwards and spin while going up.

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Ophelia - 2005-05-28
We have 2 Jack Dempsey, got them both a few months ago at roughly an inch and a half each. Now the one that was slightly bigger is getting really big while the other one hasn't grown much. The big one chases the little one a lot so the little ones always hiding. We've been unsuccessful adding any fish to the tank. They do have amazing color, though!


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