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Lora Lichty - 2005-05-15
The serpae tetras are very beautiful fish. I own three of them right now. I will probably add more soon. They get along great with other tetras. My serpae tetras have a very high metabolism. They are constantly swimming around.

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Alex J. Bloom - 2005-05-15
My glowlight tetras are very communal fish. I have 2 baby swordtails 6 glowlight tetras and one otto catfish

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Andre may 2005 - 2005-05-15
I have a bala shark that loves my 3 discus, 2 swordtails, 3 corys, pleco, kissing gourami, and frog. I called him Jason. he is about three inches long and eats almost anything. I got him at Christmas.

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Catie - 2005-05-15
I just got two Moors today. I named the one "Fools Gold" because he has a scar on his side and you can see a gold color underneath. The second I named "Road Rage" because he goes crazy around the tank and reminds me of my husband when hes driving. They are in a tank with an upside down catfish named "Dude". They are really quite neat!!

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casey - 2005-05-15
Fantails are great to have as pets. so when you down turn that frown upsidedown and buy a Fantail
Best of luck with your Goldfish!

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Anonymous - 2005-05-14
this is a nice web page you have here!

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Tristin Mock - 2005-05-14
We've had a school of three of these in our community tank for three years. I was surprised to find a fairly large fry in the tank this morning! This is the first time I've had an egg layer spawn, and I wasn't even meaning too.

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Andre Brazeau - 2005-05-13
Very attractive looking fish. I have 2 Silver-tipped Shark, 2 bala shark 1 iridescent and a pleco in a 10 gallon tank. I am moving them in a 45 gallons. I am plannig to buy a Pictus catfish and a Silver Dollar. The Black Fin is a little aggresive though. My two silver tips are always available to watch, as they never hide.

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Vicki - 2005-05-13
I own a Shubunkin named Archer (for Capt Archer, Enterprise...Love Scott Bakula!!!!), and he's an awesome fish, in addition to my 13 other lionheads, ryukins,red cap, and assorted feeders I saved. He's got a red mask over his face, and he's got lots of blue and red. Sharp looking fish. Easy keeper. Totally comical. Thinking of getting a few more. Two thumbs up!

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Ryan - 2005-05-12
I have had my talking catfish for about three or four years, and i can probably count the number of times i have seen him come out of my castle on one hand. I would like to get rid of the castle, but i have not been able to get him out for about two years because he got big enough to wedge himself in one of the towers when i try to take it out. Im pretty sure he is one of the fatest of his species, cause i swear he is about as fat as he is long. He's about two inches wide, and three inches long. But i recommend this fish to anyone, he is probably one of the most interesting fish i have ever seen seconded only to my oscars.


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