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H. Doerksen - 2005-07-18
I have a 75 gal tank with a gold gourami, 12 tetras, couple of bottom feeders and one large angel. I added a blue gourami and all was fine until the blue gourami out grew the gold gourami. It is now a marathon around the tank with the blue gourami chasing the gold. I am going to have to remove the blue guy as he has become much too disruptive.

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mike carter - 2005-07-17
We have had good luck with these fish. We have so many babys we had to get another tank. We have a 20 gallon and just purchased a 40 gallon. We put three in the new tank and have already started getting new ones. They seem to breed like guppys. We have had over 100 babys that have grown up. With these 2 types of tanks you cant go wrong

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Frank - 2005-07-16
I'm not sure who the actual breeder is, but I know that the red tailed catfish has recently been bred in captivity. They are a little more expensive because they are so hard to breed. I picked up my red tail for thirty dollars as a 3 inch juvenile. The ones that are bred in captivity are 40 dollars. My catfish is now about 18 inches and is kept in a 300 gallon tank. i am planning on setting up a 500 gallon tank for him soon. I keep him with 6 oscars, one of them is an albino fan-tail and one is a blueberry oscar(its blue)

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Lan Phan - 2005-07-15
I own a 300 Oceanic Show Aquarium with a three inch red tail giant gourami, two nine inch silver arowanas, two four-five inch silver scats, four three-four inch parrot fish, and a six inch pleco. All are doing fine with each other and my key diet when feeding them are pellets and freezed dried bloodworms which they enjoy. My Ph is at 7.2, Ammonia 0, Nitrite 0, and can you believe no Nitrate 0. Temperature is at 82 F and four filtration I personally am using eight yes eight Ehiem canister filters as in line. I used Ehiem 2215 straight in line and than the Ehiem 2217 as well by using different bio medias to clear my water. My lighting system I went with six 10,000K, two actinic blues, and two 50/50 lighting system.

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Jeramy Wilson - 2005-07-14
Buying my Raphael was a great experience for me. I noticed it in the pet store and I had it confused with an algae eater. I thought it was a different type of algae eater. Getting home and putting it in the tank I stopped and pranced at it. I noticed the long whiskers, the tail, and as well as the mouth. I asked myself several questions and wondered why wasnt it sucking up anything from the ground or moving. Finally, I noticed that it was just a peaceful Raphael Catfish. It does not harm anybody and it allows the other fish to be around it and move it and etc. I have only had it for a week and i hope to keep it as long as the rest of the stories i've read. Its a great fish to have and to have experiences with.

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Tami Sims - 2005-07-13
My Silver Dollar is in a tank with a rainbow fish and two blood parrot chilids. He is doing great. HE tripled in size in about three months! I didn't know they grew so fast!

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Nikki - 2005-07-12
I love guppies! But since they breed like rabbits and the males will pester the females I would advise that you get at least twice as many females as males.

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Rob - 2005-07-10
i have had my iridesent shark for 2 months now and he really hasn't grown much. granted he's in a 10 gallon but that's only until my 280 comes and cycles. i never see him he's always hiding. he's in the tank with 3 zebra danios a red swordtail a pleco and an algae eater. god i hope that tank comes soon. i had a 100 gallon that cracked so i had to put them in my nursing tank...but it gave me an excuse to buy a bigger tank.

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Judy - 2005-07-10
I may have the longest living betta. I have had this fish for 3 or 4 years and is the only betta I have owned. However, he has developed a large black tumor on his side which concerns me. He continues to eat and acts pretty normal.

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sue from Merseyside - 2005-07-10
Our two bala sharks have lived in a community tank for 3 years and are now approx 3to4 inches long. Disgusting noises when fed! Have to mind fingers!
Recently have taken to synchronised swimming, extremely complicated sequences mirrored perfectly!! Brilliant to watch. Share 50 gallon tank with three angels, neon and rummy nosed tetras, a flying fox, assorted platys and gouramis and a very shy catfish.


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