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isma35 - 2005-06-28
Since I was small I have had guppies. Now I've 4 males and 7 females in my 10 gallon tank. I recommend if your going to breed them you get many plants for your tank, they could be real plants(make sure they're not poisonous, becuse both the adults and the fry might eat them). The plants are for the fry to hide from the adults. If you decide to have plastic plants it is ok because they won't make the water so dirty.

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Anonymous - 2005-06-27
I have two goldfish. Pinchy is the lionhead and Fat Tony is the black moor. These are my first fish and they are such easy pets to look after and very entertaining to watch. I got them both about 5 months ago. Fat Tony did a Nemo the first day I got them and got stuck in the filter - I pulled him out and he lived! He's eye is a little more outwards than usual though! Since I got them they are feeding out of my hand and let me pat them and pick them up. Both breeds are absolutely gorgeous, would recommend to anyone.

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Rebecca - 2005-06-25
my name is rebecca and i love my little fantails so much. i had a tank of 10 goldfish, fancy and comets. i had to seperate the fancy from the comets. i dont care what anyone says fancy tails need to be with fancy tails because compared to other goldies these are the gentle ones, slow unbothered little guys, i didnt know that comets would kill my fancy tails. so i thought, i love them dearly, and went out and bought them a special tank. the one survivor from the whole ordeal is now with 2 new fancy tails living happy AND not in FEAR :) good luck and kisses to everyones little fishys :D

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Tami - 2005-06-24
Hi my name is tami, and I own a blue gourami. I love it. i called it eddy, but i am not quite sure whether it is a boy or a girl. so i came to this website to look up a picture of the fish, cause someone said my fish might be a blue gourami and i also got how to tell the difference between the sexes. So i guess my friends were right. so well, here is the story of how I got it. I am age 17 and my father teaches science and he had this aquariam in his room. He had this teacher ask him if he would like a fish in it and he said yes sure. so come the end of the school year he had nowhere to put it. i offered my room. so well there is the short version of my story, but i love pets and fish most of all.

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Josh Perkins - 2005-06-20
I bought 5 Kribs about 4 months ago and these little beauties are crazy spawners. Two of them paired up and bred in my 20 gallon community tank. Even thought they don't tolerate other fish around their babies, they aren't overly aggressive. They had 2 batches before the female killed the male and then ate the babies. But the two batches of babies were almost big enough to not be sucked into her mouth right when she ate them. But overall this is a fish that I would definitely recommend!

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carol Watkins - 2005-06-19
I have 2 Jack Dempseys, best fish in the world. Finally figured out which was the male after a year. Three days ago I looked in my tank and there are almost 500 babies in there. Guess how shocked I was. Whats a girl to do with all those babies. I have 5 tanks already two 55 gallon, one 30 gallon, and one 20 gallon. Looks like i need to open a pet store.

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APatcher - 2005-06-18
(1)I have bright pink gravel and my neon tetras don't seem to mind it at all. They don't hide in the shady areas. I think if they are given an aquarium with half bright and half dark, they may choose the dark side, but I have a feeling they do get used to a tank with bright gravel very quickly. (2) When introducing larger fish (even a little bit larger) the neons tend to be intimidated. I think it is best to make sure the neon school is always more numerous than the other schools since the neons are peaceful and easily intimidated.

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Julia - 2005-06-16
I wanted to write this about my I.D Sharks. I love these guys. they are very challenging fish to keep. One of the two has had Ich, fungus, bumped his nose really bad into the side of the tank in a mindless flight and now he has developed some bacterial ulcers. He made it through all of this. A great fish to have...very hardy to have survived through all this! I bought them when they were just babies and they are now 6`` long in a matter of 4 months of ownership. I love them so much when ever I sit in front of their tank they come right up to me and swin in front of me...always being sure they keep an eye on me to make sure I am watching :) Very adorable. They were very nervous at first but now if I put Cichlid pellets in the palm of my hand and than put my hand in the tank they will feed from my palm...provided I don`t move at all. I definately recommend these guys to anybody who is able to provide alot of care, proper housing and attention the most important one. You have to catch diseases when they first start, hence, the attention part. It is sometimes difficult to see things on their bodies since they are so multi-tone. Overall a fantastic fish to own. Would do anything for them personally :)

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DAWN - 2005-06-16
I love my platys! My husband brought a couple home from the fish store one day as a gift after my current fish died. After a couple of weeks I noticed fry, but they disappeared! I added some hatching grass and a couple of more rocks and now they are reproducing very quickly! So much fun! I will be taking one pregnant female and one male to my work so the kids can watch the reproductive process in action! I cannot wait to see their reaction.

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Seamus Dempsey - 2005-06-14
I got my 3 bala sharks about a month ago in my 55 gallon. They were about 1/2 inches long. Now they are about 2 inches and they love to eat blood worms. They live with a raphael catfish, a male and female red tailed shark, five algae eaters, four blackskirted tetras, a small catfish, and a goldust molly.
I love my bala's and can't wait to watch them get big.


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