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Linda - 2005-07-24
My Boyfriend bought me a Black Moor for my 52 birthday today!
He or She is so cute what a nice gift. Thank you Mike.

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mahmoud - 2005-07-23
I have a red tailed cat in a 300L aquarium, and yes dear friends they grow huge. mine is 35 cm long. we do have a large pond I wonder if it can be kept in there along with 6 hunting turtles and 4 gold fish and lots of frogs! mahmoud from Iran.

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Holly - 2005-07-23
I have five blood parrots in a 50 gallon tank. They are extremely agressive. Not knowing they were cichlids, when I first bought them they were eating all my community fish, then I separated them all. I did buy another large Ciclid (Can't remember which one though) and he pecked at them until one of them almost died. So that fish went back to the fish store. The only other fish I could put in the tank is the Plecostamus algae eater. They are all Orange and range from 6 - 8 inches in size. The larger ones try to bite me when I get into their tank. they actually attack my hands so I use the net to keep them away. They are beautiful to watch. I have two filters, a Penguin filter on the back and an underground using the Rena Filter which is really easy vs. my Eheim I had previously. They have always been healthy, no diseases, no deaths in over Five years. I do a 25% water change and filter changes every month. I feed them Hikari Cichlid Gold pellets which keeps their color vibrant. Other than that they are wonderful fish to watch and care for.

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d 2 the rew - 2005-07-23
i have had my red devil in with a 4.5 inch black rhom, 4 5 inch spilos and a 7 inch dovii. my red devil was about 8 inches. the fish lived in a 270 gallon tank for years. one day i came back from vacation and the only fish i had left were the red devil and rhom. 2 weeks later the devil and rhom got into a heavy fight and the devil killed the rhom before i could separate the 2. these are very aggressive fish and should be kept in a HUGE tank.

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amber holliday - 2005-07-22
i bought 3 and only one lived. i have had it for almost 2 years and he has grown to 5.5" in a 20 gallon tank. now he is in a 30, and i hope he gets bigger.

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JoeBaka - 2005-07-21
This is probably the best fish I will ever have. It is healthy, nice looking, and it keeps my tank clean. I had a house for it that I took out, because if for some reason if there was a freak accident and he died, I wouldnt be able to see him. I've had him for about 2 years now, and he is about 5 inches long. Greatest fish, and his name is

JoeBaka - 2005-07-21
I bought a raphael catfish for 3.49 and it is probably the best catfish I think I will ever have. It outeats any other pleco I've ever had when it comes to the algae, but then at times it just doesn't eat for a few days, then I'll see him skirming around. Great fish, had him for two years, bought him at 3/4'' and now hes about 5 inches. great fishie!

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The easiest to take care of fish that you will probably ever have. I recommend them for any size aquarium, and if you have a 20 long or higher i believe that you should get at least three. The greatest things as they keep your tank clean, and cichlids hardly mess with them (except for my tiger oscar).

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lena - 2005-07-21
As a testament to how hardy the kissing gourani's are we moved ours cross country from Virginia to California in a 2 gallon tank that we set up every other night with a air stone and he's doing really well!

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JoeBaka - 2005-07-21
I have 3 firemouths that were in a 29 gallon, but now they're in a ten gallon, and they're going to be in a 55 for the rest of their life in a few days. They are a little more aggressive than people say they are against small fish, but they get along great with my dwarf cichlids. Im separating the silver dollar from them because of their aggressive tendencies, but i must say, they are funny when they coast back and forth with their gill plates and team up with other fish to "rule the world"


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