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Richard White - 2013-11-17
Hello I have 4 Madagascar Rainbow fish and I know I have 2 males but I cant tell if my other 2 are females. How do I know if the other two are female?

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  • Clarice Brough - 2013-12-10
    The standard answer is 'Males are far more colourful than females and have a pointed dorsal fin as opposed to the more rounded dorsal of the female.' Usually colors become more obvious as cichlids mature, and because you know you have two males, you should be able to visually compare them to the two unkowns and make a fairly good judgement. Of course, if they pair up and produce eggs, then you have a definite answer:) Good luck.
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Geraldine Bradley - 2013-10-10
Please help 6 weeks ago I bought a bigger tank. My black moor fish is now just lying at the bottom of the tank upside down and barely feeding I know changing tanks can cause stress but it's like he has lost the will to swim, I desperately want to help him but don't know how to......

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  • CHRIS GROBLER - 2013-11-14
    Hi there geraldine..ive got exactly the same problem..mine occured 3 weeks ago..I move the fish intoa breeding compartment for I did not know whether it was sick or pregnant...but its nit dying swims when it wants and fast..but then its like its lazy and just lies there...if you get an answer please let me know
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Don - 2003-11-09
The Spotted Raphael is one of the heartiest fish I have ever owned next to my cichlids ( jack dempseys).. in the sense of survival.. other than that very friendly... gets along fine with two fiddler crabs they mind one anothers business... and not picky when it comes to finding food... good strong fish for a community... ( bit of a cave dweller )

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  • Kathy Keegan - 2013-11-13
    I had raphaels for years. I can remember having a real monster tank, 5 oscars, an armatus spiny eel, at least 2 feet long, a clown knife, about 14 inches, an 18 inch black ghost, 2 6 inch striped raphaels, 2 5 inch spotted raphaels, a 12 inch tiger shovelnose catfish, a couple of 10 inch plecos, 5 spotted silver dollars, and, for some reason, 1 5 inch swordtail female that managed to survive by being so mean nothing went near her. She was supposed to be a feeder, but even the shovelnose was scared of her, and that is saying something. Everything in a 110 gallon with rockwork for everything to dodge around when the occasional argument broke out. The raphaels came out at night and at feeding time. I fed feeders, algae tablets, meat tablets and scalded spinach. I grew the oscars from 1 inch size to 2 breeder 10 inch pairs and a 12 inch single. I actually found that armatus eel at a Woolworth store. He was about 5 inches at the time, really just a baby. He would come up and rub against a finger by the time he got big.
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Tina - 2013-11-12
I recently found out the name of this fish. LOL I have had this Yo-yo guy since 2000. It was by accident when I purchased a water plant for my aquarium. He made himself at home by eating all the snails including the big apple snails, he out lived my betas and other small fish. He even outlived a big pink aggressive cichlid that I thought would make a great tank mate for him. He even managed to survive many times of me finding him outside the tank after he jumped out while I was sleeping. Oh yeah, he really seems to enjoy my cat more than he does me since he only seems to come out of his hiding place whenever my kitty comes around. To this day he is still currently enjoying his food, I think his home and the odd snail he finds. I gave up on getting him a new tank mate. :s

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Taylor - 2013-02-27
i have had a EBJD for around 5 months now and it is no more then 1 and a half inches in length, do that sound right to you or is it growing slow?

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  • Jeremy Roche - 2013-02-27
      Not a bad thing.  There are a lot of things that control growth.  Tank size, temps, feeding, but you are in no way doing anything wrong based on growth.
  • Taylor - 2013-02-28
    ok thank you for the info, at the moment i have it in a 125L tank with about 12 small community but will be moving it 2 my 240L tank with my 2 oscars when it is big enough. the temp is 25/26
  • David Brough - 2013-02-28
    It sounds about right to me.
  • Max miller - 2013-03-09
    I have 20 3 inch cory catfish with 1 electric blue jack deamsy she is 2 inches big they are In a 45 then I will move them all to a new them into a 80 will they all be ok in that tank
  • Jeremy Roche - 2013-03-10
    Should be fine.  They will enjoy the increased room!
  • Max miller - 2013-03-10
    So the eletric blue jack demsy will not eat the cory catfish and can  add 1 ram if so what kind? Finally this is the last question can I add my convicts with them they are the same size but the male? Thanks a lot :D :P
  • Max miller - 2013-03-10
    So the eletric blue jack demsy will not eat the cory catfish and can i add 1 ram if so what kind? Finaly this is the last qestion can i add my convicts with them they are the same size but the male? Thanks a lot :D :P
  • riz - 2013-06-05
    As a rule of thumb, fishes tend to increase in length 1 inch/month, depending upon how big aquarium is.
  • Jeff - 2013-11-12
    Although this fish is hardy they are also a very very slow grower and if they get into a bad spot when young and experience a lot of stress that slows them down 10 fold. I have 2 elec blues that were the same size as a red texas cichlid and an oscar and 2 africans about 1'. Within 3 months everything was twice as big as the blue dempsies. I am going on 7 months now and the red texas is near 6' and one blue is nearing 3' the other got bullied bad by the texas and is still under 2'. I now have a plexi sheet dividing my 2 blues from everything else.
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daphne - 2010-02-22
Two of my seven loaches are getting busy as I type! I have a few aquariums, but the one in question is a simply, a fully live planted tank with only a few snails, some harlequin rasboras, and the loaches. One of the largest loaches is swimming in a circular pattern, up and down, along the left vertical wall of the tank. These two have been doing this for days. From what I've read, this is the beginning of the mating cycle.

It is set to rain in a few days, and an expert told me to do small water changes until then. When the weather is supposed to change, I am to do a thirty to forty percent water change, and then over the next couple of days I am to watch for floating eggs at the water's surface. I use elodea and other floating plants, so I hope the eggs will last until I find them.

If these two get it on, I'll get back to you!

In the meantime, here's my advice:

Buy the loaches in large, uneven amounts, of over nine. Keep the water warm, flowing, and full of live plants. If you must have other fish in the tank, make sure they are small. Buy a few caves, or bury plastic cups or terra cotta planters halfway in sand.

I wish you the best of luck with your loaches!

P.S. Buy frozen bloodworms once a month, at least. They LOVE them.

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  • Shareallicu - 2010-10-09
    Hi, I am new to keeping Kulhi loaches. I saw them at the pet store and thought they looked interesting and fun: I was looking for something a little different from the "regular" type fish, of which I've kept most of my life.

    I asked the salesman if they liked companionship or if they were social amongst themselves (so I would buy more than one) he said no. I had a feeling he was wrong, but didn't want to buy too many if they were aggressive to each other. So I bought two.

    They burrowed together and laid next to each other ALL The TIME! I found that my instincts were right in the first place! They were social. So i went back about 2 weeks later and just bought 2 more. I will be watching them to see how the 4 get along.

    I wish I read your comment about keeping a lot of them together beforehand, but live and learn i guess hehe.

    I will give them bloodworms tonight, thanks for the info! :)
  • vic - 2013-06-07
    I have had two lots of baby java loaches and all doing great. They live under the under gravel filter and they enter and leave via the up tubes of the filter. I notice that they will gather in one place on top of the gravel with their heads in the gravel all within a two inch area. They will do this once or twice a month.
  • vic - 2013-11-11
    Since last I wrote I find now that I now have yet another batch of babies. At this rate I will have more than I can handle. Bye for now.
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Kathie kleinsmith - 2013-11-10
I have a male crown betta whose color has changed, he was black, and now is a rusty red, he appears to be healthy, eats well. What would cause this color change? He also seems very active, he is over a year old.

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  • Clarice Brough - 2013-12-10
    Bettas can lighten if their water quality is not optimal. But in a well maintained aquarium, more often a change in color is due to genetics. As the fish age, one color often becomes more dominant, and the colors can even form different patterns. The color can stop or it can continue to morph throughout the fishes life. A betta can change so much it will often look like a much different fish than how it was when first acquired!
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ted - 2013-11-09
I have had a telescope eye goldfish for about 9 days now and it seems to have grown a penis, can anybody help me on this? Is this normal? It doesn't seem right.

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  • Clarice Brough - 2013-12-10
    Goldfish are susceptible to anchor worms, that may be the problem.
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Nan - 2008-10-02
We have had a silver tip shark for 9 months now. It's between 4-5 inches and it is always swimming at the top back corner of the tank with its mouth out of the water and seems to try to stretch itself out of the tank, it's extremely hyper. It NEVER leaves the top of the corner, even if you look in the middle of the night. Does anyone have one with the same type of behavior - it seems quite strange since they are supposed to be middle to bottom dwellers.

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  • Kelly - 2013-11-05
    Mine is doing the same thing. But recently noticed a red mark on him, like he scrapped along something. I don't know what to do about it???
  • Terta - 2013-11-08
    I have seen the behaviour before and it was stress. They live best with minimum of 3 tank mates and when young I gave mine lots of plants and hiding spots, they calmed down and are growing faster.
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Yvonne - 2013-11-08
My baby goldfish swims with its head up and goes round and round then drifts to the bottom of the tank.


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