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-Kenzie - 2004-12-23
Cories are an excellent addition to any community tank! They get along great with all community fish and are very calm, friendly, fish. I love watching them swim in all areas of the tank! They are so peaceful and relaxing! They do best in groups of at least three or else they tend to get quite lonely! Cories are also excellent bottom feeders! They clean all leftover foods that fall on the bottom of the tank with their "vaccumm shaped" mouths! Good Luck to all Cori owners! I love these fish! (but they are very difficult to breed-i have had no luck so far)

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Head Nurse Pattye - 2009-05-20
I have a great community 100 gallon tank of cichlids. A Leporinus (my leopard fish)
a Red Devil, a young Flower Horn, a Green Terror, a Jack Dempsey, a Manguenese and 2
Plecostamus bottom dwellers.

I've learned a great deal about tanks over the years since I was a kid.

Recently I learned how to keep the Red Devil and aggressive acting fish in check.

They can individually be put on "time out" in a plastic bag with air for a couple of minutes and allowed to float on top while you rearrange the rocks and scenery.

There will still be a more dominant fish (Red), but when his attitude gets out of hand and BEFORE Red has moved all the rocks in his favor, I do this.

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MudFrog - 2006-07-01
I have two goldies, Gibson and Flash, that are housed with three Dojo loaches. I have seen no agressive activity, unless you are here at dinner time.. and all I can say is "piggy, piggy, piggy! I first bought the goldies when they were 2.5 inches they are now about 4 inches and look like they are going to keep growing. Being the considerate fishkeeper that I am I first made internet inquiries about housing, feeding and life expectency. I have the group in a 50 gallon with two filters, one canister (rated for 125 gallon) and a sponge filter (rated for 125 gallon). I have several plants with my goldies... Anubias, Vals, swords, momosa ball and Cryptocornye Wendetti. They love to munch on Duckweed! Which is good because I have an abundence in my other thanks. I do not recommend them for first time fishkeepers, they need really clean water and large tanks. Most people can't figure out why they can't keep them in a 10 gallon, they are high waste producers and will end up killing them selves with out the proper care. These fish are a great source of entertainment and attention! As long as you treat them well they will have healthy happy lives.

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kye turnbull - 2013-04-12
this isn't a real barracuda is it? it cant be because barracudas live in Australia and characins don't live in Australia... unless.

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Deedee - 2005-03-03
We get neons by the dozens and we have to do it from time to time because they do not last as long as they should. Now I realize if we got the $4/each ones it would be more responsible, but the 50 cent/each ones allow quantities of 75 at a time. They do look so wonderful in large schools though. They share their 90 gallon heavily planted and filtered auto-c02 controlled tank with 9 Clown Loaches, couple pearl gouramis, dozen rummynose, handful of glasscats, handful of bleedingheart tetras, couple catfish and a handful of cories. Wish I could afford 75 of the $4/each ones! They are stunning.

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  • Anonymous - 2010-05-16
    Your tank is overstocked.
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Ryan - 2011-11-24
My turqoise rainbow female just gave birth to a fry, not an egg. WTF?

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  • Charlie Roche - 2011-11-25
    Probably what happened is she laid eggs in the tank somewhere and just too small to notice. They were fertilized and it only takes a week for them to hatch out. So you probably didn't see the eggs and then all of a sudden there is a fry. That is my guess - otherwise, I sure hope you got it on film.
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Briana - 2003-12-19
I have two albino corys, one Julli cory and two emerald corys. They are in a 55 gallon with one pangasius cat, a pearl flowerhorn, a pleco, a banjo cat, and a spotted green puffer. Everyone gets along very well. The corys love to school together and you can tell the albinos are a pair - they are always together. I keep my temp for all of these fish at 78 degrees and feed a very large variety of food. The corys love bloodworms and beefheart! They have grown a lot since I first got them and I add 1 tablespoon of salt per every 5 gallons of water in my tank with no problems to these fish. Everyone in this tank is extremelly healthy and I have not had problems with any of them. Good luck to everyone!

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Iv - 2003-08-27
If you dont like the catfish that stick to a window all day and dont move, then the CORYDORAS species, and especially this one is for you. Its very peaceful, and a good gravel cleaner. Just make sure that the gravel its not rough (no stones or anything) because that can cut and injure their stomachs because they swim very close to the bottom. If you want rocks and stuff, buy rocks that are POLISHED, so they wont injure your Cory Catfish. This species is very active and they go around your tank all day like a little submarine looking for food. Buy them in pair because they get lonely, and besides, they like to swim 2-4 in pcks, and its very fun and entertaining for the person thats looking at them! Irecommend this fish!

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Frank M. Greco - 2006-10-27
I am maintaining a group of 8 without incident. They are highly social loaches and do no damage to each other. I would suggest keeping a minimum of 5, providing you have enough room to do so (they reach about 4.5" TL). Definitely a good loach for beginners.

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Jeffrey Hill - 2010-11-21
I purchased 3 tire track eels about 2 months ago and to my surprise I woke up this am to find about 2 dozen eel fry swimming around in my tank. So I guess they do breed in captivity. Any advice for caring for these little guys?

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  • Anonymous - 2012-05-13
    lets see some pics of these
  • Jeremy Roche - 2012-05-14
    They sell liquid fry food at the store.

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