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brent samson - 2014-01-16
my silvertip catfish shark is swimming at the top of my tank back and forth all the time why is this

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  • Clarice Brough - 2014-01-17
    It may be that the tank has low oxygen. Check your filtration to make sure it is working properly and you have good water movement at the surface for oxygen exchange. Also check the temperature...  higher the water temperature the less oxygen the tank will have.
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chenise johnson - 2014-01-13
Hi all, we have two dojos, both which are usually very active. But our bigger one has become sick over the last week. He's very lethargic and his fins dont seem to be moving. He wiggles down to the bottom of the tank and back up again every so often but now spends his time hanging over the filter. Currently doing tank tests. What could this be please help!xxx

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  • Clarice Brough - 2014-01-16
    The information you've provided leaves little to go on as to what could be wrong. However, loaches are susceptible to something known as 'skinny disease', which isn't really on disease but rather a name for a condition where the fish get lethargic, stop eating, and basically waste away. If your fish stays lethargic, I would suggest that some type of treatment would be in order.   

    Many fish diseases are Gram negative bacteria. The Mardel brand makes two good products, Maracyn and Maracyn Two, that can be used together for a full spectrum of bacterial infections. Maracyn is erythromycin, and tends to deal with Gram positive bacteria while Maracyn Two is minocycline, and tends to deal with Gram negative bacteria (Gram negative bacteria affects fish when their defenses are low).

    This is a good place to start, but if this treatement doesn't work, then you will need to look at other treatments. Neither of these will affect internal parasites, and neither seems to be active against Mycobacteriosis (Kanamycin can be used for mycobacteria). There are a number of different parasitic medications, but be careful not to use any treatments that are not safe for scaleless fish!
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Alex - 2014-01-12
I have a 5 inch African brown knife fish in 36 gallon bow front. He is living with 3 agassizi Cory cats and a redtail shark. At the local fish store I was told sharks would be ok but somebody on another site said the shark isn't a good idea at all. I need some help. So far they have been getting along just fine but I'm worried I like all my fish in that tank and don't want them harmed.. Plz help

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  • Clarice Brough - 2014-01-16
    You'll have to keep an eye out. When the Red Tail Sharks are young they tend to hide and be subdued, but as these fish mature they are known to get aggressive and territorial issues can ensue. But whether you'll have a problem or not remains to be seen. They tend to be most aggressive to others of their same species.
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Peggy - 2014-01-12
I have cory albino cat fish swimming at top half of tank. Had water check several times at pet say it is good. I bought power head think might be oxygen level problem. I can' t get temp down past 80 degree. I unplug the heater. Is any one had this problem before what can I do.

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  • Clarice Brough - 2014-01-16
    The higher the temperature, the less oxygen in the tank. So I would agree that is probably why the fish is swimming at the surface.
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Seth - 2014-01-12
My two livingstonii cichlids do fine in my 300 gallon tank they are mixed with mbuna has and peacocks I've found that my undergravel filtration system is more than enough to keep water conditions optimal when used with power heads and crushed coral I've found that my livingstonii cichlids are more docile compared to other peacocks and haps

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AquaTramp - 2009-06-27
Blood parrots do fine with larger community fish. Due to them not being able to bite to defend themselves, I would not put them in a tank with aggressive fish as they can not defend themselves. All they can do is a lot of pushing. Another mild cichlid should be OK such as the Severum, tho.

"Bubblegum" parrots are those that have been dyed. "Jellybean" parrots are the off- spring of your female blood parrot with a convict. Jellybeans are often mistakenly referred to as dyed which is incorrect information. Male blood parrots are infertile so if you have a pair of BP and they spawn, don't get exicted. The eggs will not live. The female can have fry with a few other male cichlids, tho.

Parrots can get Blood Spot Disease from poor water conditions. I do 50% water changes in all my fish tanks including that of my blood parrots. Some parrots also get black skin pigmentation so do not confuse this with the black spot disease.

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  • sherry cotten - 2013-10-27
    PLEASE help us we are beside ourselves, we have a thirty gallon tank and we had two parrot fish. One was getting sick swimming upside down, lost color, would not eat, was hiding, we got the ick stuff and fish first aid and it seemed to bounce back and forth. We went to serveral pet stores and read a lot of on line info, also had black spots on head and fins then they said it was just stressed and stop treating tank and we did and fish died and now the other has spots. We have been doing water changes and did one yesterday but water smells and we are not sure what to do as other seems to have like itchy skin and spots WE DON'T WANT TO KILL ANOTHER FISH WHAT ARE WE DOING WRONG? THANKS, SHERRY.
  • bp - 2014-01-09
    To Sherry. How big is your tank? Have you checked your water conditions on ph, ammonia levels, nitrite, and nitrate levels as well as the correct temperature? Are you feeding with a good mix of food including pellets, peas to prevent swim bladder, or brine shrimp/blood worms for treats. Are you doing enough water changes like a recommended weekly? And do you have other fishes that may bully your blood barrots?
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alex - 2014-01-09
I have a RTC about 8' long in a 4 foot 22' wide tank and he hasn't been eating. I fed him anchovies and earth worms but he spits it back out what can I do to make him eat?

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  • Clarice Brough - 2014-01-09
    He may just be bored, perhaps you could try varying his diet. For example you could try some frozen bloodworm cubes, shrimps, or silversides to name a few. Maybe look for some pelleted food for carnivores too.
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tammy hyde - 2014-01-07
I only recently discovered the African Fairy Butterfly Peacock, from Otter point in Lake Malawy. What makes it stand out from other reds and blues Peacocks or Haps, is the bright Orange coloring around on all finnage, the blue face, and white icing on the top fin. I have two juveniles in a 'Grow out' tank, as they don't fair well with big cichlids. However, they are quite beautiful, and curious little fellows worth checking out!

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Anonymous - 2014-01-06
Hey I have one of these in a tank with one molly. I did a huge water change about three days ago and yesterday I noticed a white wart like thing on its chin. I thought it might be a parasite but wasn't sure so I waited one day. Today there is a tiny red dot in it, the molly does not have it at all though. It's behaving normally and eating well, so if any of you have a clue what this is please tell me.

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  • Clarice Brough - 2014-01-08
    My first thought is it is a mouth fungus, which is actually a bacterial infection. It is often accompanied by a secondary infection of an Aeromonas bacteria. Wounds that are white on the edges and red in the center are most typically Aeromonas. Both Koi and goldfish are the pet fishes most susceptible to Aeromonas. They are usually caused by sharp changes in water temperature, as well as poor water or nutrition. Aeromonas can be treated with any sulfa antibiotic along with trimetheprim. But both these infections can readily be treated at the same time with Aquarium Pharmaceutical's Furan-2 Medications - Api Furan 2.

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Poko - 2004-09-13
I just got an Afircan Butterfly fish a week ago. He is so beautiful. I have a tank lid that is suppose to be for a reptile(it is like a screen-like thing that covers the whole top) so there is no way my butterfly can attempt to fly.

Now, about dead fish. If they have not been out of the water too long, but still seem dead, there is a way to try and bring them back. If you can, try and keep the gills open by placing your fingers behind them. Then, with the fishs mouth open, put them under the water and move them forward through the water very fast. Keep trying this, and if lucky, your fish will be fine. This pushes water through the gills again, giving the fish oxygen and possibly regain conciousness.

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  • matt - 2014-01-06
    Or as I like to do, face them under the output flow of the filter.

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