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samiran roy,india - 2011-12-30
Can I keep a silver arowana in a 8ftx4ftx4.5ft tank?

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  • swapnil - 2013-06-19
    yes you can keep
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Max miller - 2013-04-05
I have a gold clown knife and he is in a 45 gallon. Can he live in there forever with other 3 cichlids?

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  • Jasmine Brough Hinesley - 2013-04-05
    If he gets along fine with the cichlids, there is no reason they can't stay together. My main concern would be that the tank is too small. These knifefish can get quite large and a 45 gallon tank will not be big enough in the long term.
  • Benny Moreno - 2013-06-14
    yes he can, mind did.
Benny Moreno - 2013-06-14
I had a clown knife fish on time and I use sit there and watch it.

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Anonymous - 2012-02-03
Hi, the 150 gallon is still on hold for me and now I only have 2 darters left no feeders and 4 mosquito fish. I bought a TRUE freshwater snowflake moray eel, which explains where the fish went, and I was wondering if it could go in the same tank as the pacu. Also, I have dicided not to include the smaller fish and I have 2 bluegill to take there place, can I do this without too many problems?P.S., yes it is a TRUE freshwater moray eel.

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  • Clarice Brough - 2012-02-16
    The eel and the Pacu should get along nicely, especially in 150 gallon tank.
  • Mark - 2013-06-07
    The only freshwater morray needs brackish when older.
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Jesper - 2013-06-07
Have a lineatus, he's a bout 5-6' and lives in a 240G tank... Alone! Reading about you folks having them in 60' 80' hell even a 10G CUP it saddens mé to read, even i know most if not all described here are long gone by now. 18 months old fahaka at what? 6' .. Wonder why when its tortured in a 60 gal.

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  • Clarice Brough - 2013-06-07
    Sounds like you're puffer has a great home. Although they are slow growing, as I read the comments it looks like just about everyone is in agreement with you...  they do need a big tank! I bet yours will live a long healthy life as the king in his 240 gallons:)
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Mani60C - 2010-02-21
I'm Emmanuel, I have 3 siamese fighting fish. One that is blue red and black, I called him Swish because his colors are sorta smooth and mixed. I have a pink one, my mum called it sweetness but I call it sweet. I have a purple and white one called Rage because he fought with sweet 7 hours straight. He was tired the next morning lol. Swish is ready to breed, his bubble nest is huge. I'm purchasing a female soon so he can breed.

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  • YUKESH - 2010-09-25
    I have yellow red and blue mixed siamese fighting fish i call it as blue buji because it is so bulky.
  • kye turnbull - 2013-03-25
    i love the names! they will breed like crazy!!!!!! although sometimes females never want to bred, its annoying when they do that.
  • Betta lover - 2013-06-05
    Is it necessary to breed a Betta when it is grown. I thinking of not to breed my Betta as it requires more care..pls reply me..
Betta lover - 2013-06-05
I have a pretty crown tail betta in a 1.5 gal bowl ,I bought him 1 month is blue , red and is 3months old when I bought it.. during his 3rd day in my house he got ammonia poisoning disease.. I browsed internet for solutions and finally I decided to change 100% water everyday and adding aquarium salt every time..miracle it really fish is extremely happy..his colours are vibrant and glowing.his fins are really growing in good pace. I feed him with pellets and egg yolk. its very nutritious and good for its health.pls everyone try this. I used to place a mirror for its exercise just for 15mins. I feed him about 2minutes how much he likes to and 3times a day. pls everyone follow there and make ur fish happy forever. pls do water changes regularly and remove any un eaten food or waste in the aquarium. all the best. any doubts pls comment here.

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  • Clarice Brough - 2013-06-05
    So glad to hear you were able to catch the water problem before you lost your beautiful Betta. Now you have a wonderful... and beautiful pet, and will have for a long time I bet:)
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Nathan - 2013-06-03
I bought 4 glow lights for my 7 gallon tank yesterday and they are so happy. I noticed two of them doing a mating dance for a little bit but there were no signes of eggs. it was wierd. I love feeding them because they dart through the water to get the food and it is so cute. I have one other guppy in the tank and she seems ok with them. she tried to nip them at first but has really calmed down now and has accepted them. Glo light tetra's are by far the best fish i ever got

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  • Clarice Brough - 2013-06-05
    They do sound so cute! I love these little tetras too:)
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laura dropps - 2004-01-04
I got my Black Moor Goldfish a few months ago and I absoloutly love him (as do my cats, who watch him like most watch T.V.). I named him Othello which I thought was only fitting... He has alot of the gold metallic colouring and looks as though he was only glazed in black- very handsome. My friend has several goldfish which are HUGE, and I did not realize he would get that big too! Thanks for the info on your site, I am getting a much bigger tank and hopefully a bigger, happier fishy.

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  • tasia - 2013-06-03
    (your fish sounds very handsome) but make sure when you get a bigger tank you have to take on full responsibility and make sure what your doing.
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Johnny Jojnson - 2007-02-25
I really love Amphilophus (Cichlasoma) octofasciatum commonly know as the Jack Dempsey. My aquatic hobbyist activities usually focus on Angelfish breeding which can become tedious at times. Many years ago a friend gave me a few Jacks he had raised from fry in his tanks as a diversion from the frustrations of breeding Angelfish.

Wow, these fish are as rewarding and easy to breed fish as Guppies. They have fantastic coloration that changes with their mood. They are large enough to enjoy visually from a across the room or directly in front of the tank. I wish Angelfish had as much coloration. They do tend to lazily hide in the background or other hiding places such as caves but put on a heck of a show at feeding time.

It is important to provide caves if you want to breed them but they are not nearly as fussy about water quality as Angelfish. They do their own tank arranging. They tend to create depressions in the substrate all the way to the bottom of the tank and for this reason I suggest avoiding under gravel filtration. The only down side to keeping Jacks is they are not very live plant friendly and only get along well with a limited number of tank mates.

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  • Pamela - 2013-06-02
    Angelfish is ugly. Buy a flowerhorn, it is the prettiest tropical fish as well as most valuable fish in market. Every one of them has a different pattern and males have a bigger hump, female flowerhorn has a samall or totally no hump. They are very active and fun fish to keep. You can feed it as much as it eats, this fish cannot be over fed. Flowerhorns are very hardy and aggressive fish that can only be kept alone, since you are thinking of buying one fish, i would suggest you to get flowerhorn.

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