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Linda - 2013-07-12
I have a tank that is 25 gallons, I have 4 BGK in this tank, I love this type of fish and decided to have only this fish. First of all I introduced them to the tank all at once! (all 4) the only other thing in this tank is gravel and 2 ghost houses, (no plants at all) I do have a dual light on this tank however I have disconnected the bright light and only use the black light. I only explain this because everyone has told me that my tank was too small, and that I could only have a small BGK in this tank. I simply love this fish and find them quite hardy in raising so I decided to try and have only this type of fish. During purchasing I made absolute certain to get them all the same size. (rather large) happy to say that all is well! A little chasing, which is fun to watch, but no fighting what so ever. I only feed them frozen blood worms, at first twice a day, but now I feed them only once a day. Is this a miracle or what?! This is contrary to everything that I have been told and read about them

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Amy - 2013-07-11
I need help! I have a tank including a foot long (AGRESSIVE) Oscar cichlid, a sucker fish, a large goldfish, and 3 electric yellow cichlids. We were unsure of their genders, but I think there are 2 females and 1 male. We noticed little pellet like things over one of the large rocks and also on the gravel. RIGHT IN THE OSCAR'S AREA OF THE TANK. The yellow cichlids tend to hide in the rocks because of the Oscar so it was hard to get a good look and guess their genders, but two had pouches under their chins while the other didn't... But the other one was smaller! Please give me information on what to do!

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  • Jasmine Brough Hinesley - 2013-07-12
    Female Electric Yellow Cichlids lay their eggs and then take them into their mouths where the male will then fertilize them. If you want them to successfully breed, you might want to consider moving the other fish (especially the Oscar) into a separate aquarium. This will reduce the liklihood of your cichlids getting hurt and the fry from being eaten once they hatch and leave their mothers mouth. Read more specific breeding guidelines on Breeding Electric Yellow Cichlids.
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Chadwick Mcconnell - 2013-07-09
I have 5 hi fin black Tetra's in a 20 gallon long tank.  They have used this tank as their home for almost a year now.  I am adding some albino cory Catfish and a snail today.  I hope they will get along with one another.

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tina - 2013-04-02
I have 2 red ryukin goldfishes, one is male and other is female i got both of them last year. I didn't put any plants in the tank but everyone says she's pregnant. How do i know? I also noticed he's been following her around in a 5 gallon tank. Can someone tell me what to do?

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  • zebraz - 2013-07-08
    Buy an aquarium large enough to hold 2 ryukins. 40 gallons should be a good start.
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famous kerry - 2013-01-03
Hello I have african butterfly to sell and anyother fish from west africa...long nose and others please contact

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  • gabriel garcia - 2013-07-06
    Hi, saw your comment, do you still have butterfly fish available to sell? I had one years ago in Odessa, TX, but moved several times. I would really like one today, got a tank ready, my email is at
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Nody - 2013-07-05
I have a kissing gourami.

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timmah - 2013-07-04
Man, I've been feeding my auratus a whole ton of beefheart. We were like 'hey, what are we going to do with all this beef heart?' And I was like 'yo, let's see if the fish'll eat it'. Bam.. he chowed that thing down. Mmmm mmmmm mmmmm. Loves it.

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Anonymous - 2013-07-01
Quick question. Can you put plecos with mastacembelus? I have a mastacembelus liberiensis in a 75 gallon tank with electric blue jack dempsey, salvini, and a firemouth. I was looking to get a bulldog pleco or a small pleco but can't find a solid answer on their compatibility with mastacembelus.

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  • David Brough - 2013-07-01
    Very few fish will bother a plecostomus. I've never seen, nor heard of, any of the fish you have in your aquarium bothering them at all.
  • Anonymous - 2013-07-02
    I was more worried about the eel. Since the eels are so sensitive and I want to know if they could harm my eel.
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Eugene - 2007-10-24
I love these little 'guys' They dart all over the place (when they are not hidden somewhere.) They do pick on the other species a little bit, but not so much that it is a problem at all. MOST important thing I LOVE about these guys is that they eat snails! I have two aquariums with a snail infestation. The one with the skunk fish is keeping the problem at a managable state. They 'suck' out the snail meat and leave just the shell. When I vacuum up the waste I always find a bunch of empty shells in the waste water. I am planning to add 3 or 4 of these guys to my other tank with the snail problem!

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  • Dan - 2013-07-01
    Only get one due to the fact that they will be aggressive to each other!
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Lee smith. - 2010-10-03
I have got 5 silver monos, what is the best size tank to keep them in?

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  • Daniel750 - 2010-11-26
    A 55 Gallon tank.
  • neel - 2011-05-19
    Almost you can keep them in 2 and half feet by 15 inch by 15 inch tank.
  • Randall - 2013-06-30
    I'd say at least a 55g if not bigger for 5 of them. They get about 10' and need room to swim and grow. I have 1 in a 90g.

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