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Angie Higgs - 2014-06-27
I have twelve of these guys with my Neon Tetra's and my green Neon Tetra's which is sometimes called the False Neon Tetra. They are all Cousins and all school together and they also group off and they mix up, so I'm unsure if they see each other as all the same. The Cardinal Tetra is Beautiful, but so are their cousins, and if anything the Green Neons are colouring up just like my Cardinals. They love to School in the Flow and its a Beautiful Sight. The Green Neon Tetra's usually start this and then the Cardinals join in and the Neon Tetra's. They all seem so happy together and make my tank look Beautiful. I just can't stop watching them!

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John Lee - 2011-03-14
What are good tankmates for a peacock bass and a matamata turtle?
The tank is 250 gallons.
The list that I already have is:
2 oscars
1 matamata
1 peacock bass

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  • samiran roy,india - 2011-11-23
    A silver arowana would be a good tankmate.
  • Anonymous - 2014-06-23
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joe - 2014-06-22
Hi Guys I've got a fahaka puffer myself and yes he is the coolest and I have him in a comunity tank he's in a 110 gallon since I've gotten hum @3'orso and now seven months later he's around 8' I've only lost two garumies and he will only eat raw shrimp&crayfish, but what I'd like to k.ow is when should I begin to transition him over brackish water do to all of my research I've found that the fahaka will start to migrate towards brackish then saltwater in the wild with age if anyone could answer this please lmk.thanks joe

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  • Clarice Brough - 2014-06-27
    In nature these fish will inhabit both freshwater and brackish waters of the river systems, but they tend to do best in freshwater in the home aquarium. There is no need to add salt, and if you do, keep it to a minimum. See the  'Aquarium Setup' section above for more info on their tank requirements.
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brent - 2014-06-22
Love these fish

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Laura Cachia - 2008-07-24
I have a one-year old female swordtail (without a male) and believe it or not she had young ones!! I am wondering how this can happen, or it swordtails breed with other different species of fish who would be the father.

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  • jennifer Nickerson - 2014-06-22
    Swords mollys and platies once breed dont need a male to fertilize her for up to 6 months and will have fry 1time a month for 6 months with each birth she has the number of fry she has increases a older females thats had multiple births can produce a 100 fry each
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hermie mistangin - 2013-08-16
I have a red tail giant gourami which I kept for over a year already. It's been kept in an aquarium 4ft x 2ft x 2ft. The aquarium is decorated simple with small pebbles on the aquarium base and a few rocks with ample lighting... the problem that I've encounter since day 1 is that my fish is so scared stiff. Whenever I approached the tank to feed, the fish will swim vigoruosly throughout the aquarium. I know that the giant gorrami could be very tame when you keep them for a long time. There are no other fishes that are sharing the aquarium at the moment. Could somebody please give a solution to my problem? Thank you.

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  • Jasmine Brough Hinesley - 2013-08-22
    You could try adding a lot of plants and maybe some swim-through logs. This might give him more of a sense of security and places to hide. Adding a companion fish might also help, but it might not. As long as he is eating and healthy, there is not much else you can do.
  • jack - 2014-06-21
    i suggest you put your fish pet on a bigger space like fish pond.cause i have this kind of fish for a long 20 years.i heard that this fish has a life span of 50 years.imagine that.i have one w/c i kept for seven years and it grows to a size of 18 inches. but when a friend of took it and put i in a 120 gal. aguarium with a thickness of a half scare on day when it sow something and get scares and smash the half inch aguarium with his head and baaMM.the aguarium broke and he died. now i have two fish w/c i kept for six years now in a pond together with a variety of guppies.
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Angie Higgs - 2014-06-21
I have nine Diamond Tetra's and they are my favourite fish of all time, they are just beautiful to look at in the tank. I am so proud of them, they have bred in my Community Tank and I had four Fry survive from the breeding. To this day the fry have grown up to healthy Diamond Tetra's the First fry that I saw in the tank is now a Beautiful Male with long flowing fins' the other three born a little later are coming along very well. When I go up to my Community Tank it is always them that come up to me too say hello, my other tetra's are not as friendly. Yes the Diamond Tetra is my Favourite Fish and I hope they breed again, they are Lovely Fish.

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Natasha - 2014-06-18
I just got a Glyptoperichthys multiradiatus and Hypostomus punctatus that's about 5 years old. Put him in my 55 gallon tank with maybe 5 tiny fish. He's just laying there on the bottom, he seems to be breathing fine but his fin is laying straight down on his back is this normal? Not much movement is it because he's old?

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Blonde - 2014-06-17
My boyfriend's nephew told him about an aquarium abandoned in the garage of a vacant house and living w/o electricity for an unknown period of time. In it were the Clown Knife, 2 clear Indian glass fish, a tropical black catfish, a Gobie(sp?) and some nearly see-through rod-like flat nose one that had a strange, flat head. The last 2 died w/in a week or two, but the rest are fine, despite our learning as we went. We had to separate the Clown Knife since the catfish became aggressive toward her and she towards the glass fish. Now she lives alone in a 55 gal. having gone from 4' to approx. 9-10' already. We still don't really know how much to feed her and worry when she scoops up a big mouthful of jagged rocks and spits them out when foraging, so we began giving feeder fish every other day or so along with about 1/2 a thimble of slow-sinking food daily supplemented by my daily dig for yard worms to satisfy her huge appetite. Percocet says not to feed her more than her eye size but that seems unfair due to her size. Any advice? I'm proud that she's so happy and relaxed now (and demanding)! She has personality, too rubbing her nose up and down on the glass like a dolphin frantically when we approach as if anticipating another fish to munch. We've got an underwater fan to keep food from settling into the rock substrate and 2 filters including a UV. She loves her rock 'castle' and will chase/nip any tool used to stir up the rocks inside. Very territorial, indeed! She likes me to get close to the glass to study my eyes and mouth when I talk. If I move away, she follows me. She swims around fast, making fast turns to get our attention and relaxes once she has it. If she fails, she goes into hiding. Is there anything else we can feed to ensure a good diet? I don't feel right giving her live fish, although her activity-level has risen exponentially as a result. My backyard has even become a daily dig site for worms - of which she has about 2-3/day.

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Laura - 2014-06-15
Hi,I have a 3 year old shubunkin who until recently has never been ill. She currently has ich, which I am treating with aquarium salt and treatment - that seems to be improving. Now she seems to have a curved tail and a swollen underneath. Can anyone please advise?


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