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Bedeanne Marie Ogee - 2014-01-28
I have 4full grown tin foil barbs in a 120 gal tank with 1rope fish, 1eel,1cory cat and a archer. The barbs keep rubbing on the gravel and rock to the point of damaging their selves. They look like they have been descaled. I do a 50% tank change every two weeks . There is no ick and all the other fish are fine, oh and the tank is brackish . Anyone have any idea why they are doing this.

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  • Clarice Brough - 2014-01-28
    Sounds like a nice tank with some great fish. If your sure your Tin Foil Barbs don't have Ich, it could be another parasite or some other malady. 'Flashing' (scratching on rocks or gravel) is  usually caused by an irritation of the body, most often the result of  than optimal water quality. It's good that you are doing water changes. After doing 2 or 3 partial water changes over a week, see if they are still rubbing.  Interestingly, I've also read that rubbing on rocks may be an indication of indigestion. Some say it happens with the introduction of frozen fish foods.
  • Bedeanne Marie Ogee - 2014-02-01
    Funny you should say that about frozen foods, I feed frozen krill every 2 days to the eel and rope fish, and the barbs eat the left overs. Wonder if that could be the problem. I'll only put in enough just for the eel and rope fish and remove what they haven't eaten and see if that helps. Thanks for the reply.
  • Clarice Brough - 2014-02-01
    I hope that helps! good luck.
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Pascal - 2009-06-02
I have always loved oscars since I was a young boy. My first oscar was a wild one caught in Miami FL. I was fishing with my brother and I caught a two inch baby with a net. I yelled to my brother "I caught a Oscar" I didn't know they had them in cannals in DADE COUNTY in 1984. I kept it in a bucket till I was to return to New York two days later. To make a long story short. I kept Tucco for 12 year and he grew to thirteen inches and lived in a 29gl, 55gl, 75gl tank. He was not all that colorful but full of sponk. He never bit me nor did he have any tankmates but everyday after school and work he would be so happy to see me or the food I was to give him and this went on for years, even when I moved out of my parents home. He never got sick cause I never fed him live foods only cichlid pellets or sticks. Oscars are a wonderful pet if you are willing to give them what they need and don't fall for the "they got to eat gold fish" thing. Tell the truth I always wanted to give Tucco goldfish but I was always scared he would get some sickness and I would lose my pet. I would get teased by my brother about this but tucco was mine and I raised him and he was my responsibility. I chose to take Him from his home in FL and bring him to NYC in a cooler even though my Dad said "he would die before we even got to VA". Tucco proved him very wrong. All in All if you have the time to raise an Oscar, wild or store bought, do it right. Feed it, water changes, stay away from live foods. You will have a very healthy pet and one that will in my opinion love you dearly for it. Oh and Tucco never had HITHD or any other sickness. Just fat and happy. R.I.P. Tucco. you are truly missed buddy.

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  • Tom Odell - 2011-03-01
    Wow..... you are so lucky, living in the states. In the uk, we get carp, carp and you guessed it.... carp. I'd love to be able to catch fish and be able to take them home.
    Tom :)
  • Carol Watch\r\n - 2011-07-18
    This piece of info is very useful for me, thank you!
  • ALEX - 2014-01-29
    A good real story to read I loss my first Oscar after he gone blind after few months I feed him than dies second Oscar is one year old and 8 inches when I bought only one inch are this right growth
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Jennifer Nikki Duvall- Goretcki - 2014-01-23
I received a 12 inch jag off craigslist for free.  I have a 220 gallon established African and South American set up with several fish ranging from about 9inches to 2inches. When I got the fish he was thin. The jag did not eat and I began to worry. I think he gave my tank a parasite or the introduction of him may have added stress among the fish and allowed for a already existing parasite to flourish and be exacerbated. Several of the cichlids are 'flashing'. The jag still was not eating about nine days in, around the same time I noticed the flashing, and had been what seemed to be lethargic in a cave he had claimed as his. So, although I visibly saw now ich I treated for it for three days. Then changed half the water. I mixed Epsom salt and water and entubated him (stuck a tube down into his stomach) to try and rid any intestinal parasites. A couple days later I wetted some spectrum food and entubated him with that to try and boost his energy since he had not ate in about two weeks and was rarely moving, and showed no interest in is normal pellet food, nor freeze dried shrimp! He has finally started attempting to eat his food and is actually swallowing some rather than spitting it back out. Now my concern is what the heck this parasite could be. I checked the jags gills and they are a smooth red with no sight of manifestations of parasites and I also checked another large cichlid who has also been flashing and saw nothing on its gills. There are no white spots on the body either and the three day treatment with the common blue dye color ich treatment stuff didn't seem to ease anything. My ph, nitrate and ammonia levels are never off and I check them regularly. The flashing is not a show for dominance nor for breeding. They are twitching like they have a body tick and then flashing (what almost seems involuntarily at times) around the tank. The water change of almost half the tank has helped some and I plan on changing more water this weekend and continue to do so do rid as much of the parasites in the tank as possible. Anyone have any idea what it could be or had any similar experiences?  The jag still is not very active and lays in his cave a lot.  He still looks malnourished with a slightly sunken in stomach as well. Please help.... I don't want to lose any of my fish!

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  • Clarice Brough - 2014-01-24
    Your cichlid could have Hexamita, an intestinal flagellated protozoa that attack the lower intestine. Large cichlids are prone to this disease. A favorite  antibiotic for treating gastrointestinal diseases in cichlids is Metronidazole. It has no discernible side effects, doesn't kill fry or stress out other fish too much. And it is a moderately priced treatment when dosing the whole water volume. See more about it on our fish disease page here: Aquarium Fish Diseases and Treatments: Hexamita
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Hannah - 2014-01-23
Hi me and my dad own a tank and my dad in particular is very fond of catfish and has owned many types over the years. After our chocolate talking cat fish died we bought another baby and after some time in the tank he got his fin caught in the wood. His left fin was ripped off completely including bone. After a little while he managed to rip his stump that was left off as all you could see was clearly bone and over 3 or 4 months he grew it back. He now has two complete working fins. Has anyone heard of this before as i cant find any thing on them growing back their fins and iv asked many people. It was amazing i must say as we watched week by week the fin growing back

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  • Clarice Brough - 2014-01-24
    That is a really cool story. I know fins can grow back, but usually they will only do so if the soft tissues are affected, this is the first time I ever heard of regrowing after the bone is damaged too/ Very cool and I wish you guys and your tank all the best!
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lily - 2014-01-22
hi i have one black moor and i bought him yesterday he is around 5 cm and he is in 17 l tank. so my question is, is he ok for now in that tank or i should buy much bigger. grettings from Maedonia, i love this site.

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  • Clarice Brough - 2014-01-22
    Sounds like he's good to go to me:)
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Cassandra May - 2012-03-07
My yellow gourami ate two of my tetras and ate two of my other fishs tails. Any ideas what to do with Sly? (thats the fishs name)? I chased him with the net for a bit when he would bite the others but that only worked for a day. Should i just find a new tank for Sly? any ideas?

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  • Charlie Roche - 2012-03-07
    I think it best to move him. Seems to have an appetite for live foods, which is not unusual for a gourami. I'd say he has quite the appetite.
  • Sherry - 2014-01-21
    Is your gourami the regular or dwarf?
gary clark - 2010-03-20
I brought 12 of these a few months ago, 6 flame red and 6 honey, the 6 flame red started to deteriorate after about a month, loosing most of their colour to a faint pink, i have since lost all of these apart from 2 (those 2 still very dull and weak) but the 6 yellow honeys couldnt be doing better. 3 are showing vibrant breeding colours and look perfectly healthy. so im not sure if the flame strain is a bit weaker or didnt like my water conditions, but i would deffo recomend the yellow honeys variety, lovley fish though very active and peaceful.

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  • Sherry - 2014-01-21
    I have one adult flame dwarf gourami which is a little territorial. My 2 dwarf honey gouramis hang together and seemed to have paled in their color. I have one royal neon blue dwarf gourami which always comes to glass on tank when I walk up, even when he has already eaten.. He seems to like me. lol. I have 2 young powder blue dwarf gouramis which hang together.All of them are males since the fish store did not keep females. So far no fighting. All eat well and were shy when first added to the tank.
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RB - 2014-01-20
My Featherfin Synodontis is happily housed in my 55-gal with striped leporinus, clown loach, bala shark, golden algae eater, pack of turquoise rainbowfish and my little snowball pleco, which thankfully is not threatened by my featherfin. It's very territorial as expected but through all the years (2014 marks 15 years for 'Felix the cat'!) I've never had an issue of missing fish or aggressive behavior, so a great addition to any large community tank.

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Laura - 2014-01-20
I have a Giant Gourami that we think is 20 years old. She has become a stronger shade of pink lately and seems to not want lettuce, spinach, greens as much as she used to. Loves grapes, bananas, peas and worms. I have heard she should not have too much protein? I have not found much information on gourami's aging. Not sure if I am doing something wrong. I have had her for over 2 years and everything else seems good. Thanks for any help.

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  • Clarice Brough - 2014-01-20
    It doesn't sound like you're having any problems with her. See the feeding and diet section above. These fish are omnivores and so proteins as well as veggies are appropriate, a balanced diet. They are known to live up to 25 years in captivity with good care, so your's is doing great:)
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Mike Thornton - 2014-01-20
I just got 2 puffer fish. Put them in my 40 gallon tank with a cichlid. 5 hours later, the cichlid died. Is this due to the puffers poison?

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  • Jasmine Brough Hinesley - 2014-01-20
    The puffers do not excrete poison into the water, there is only poison present in their bodies which can kill other fish if they try to eat them. How long have you had your cichlid and was he much larger than your new puffers? Puffers are known to be somewhat aggressive and will go after fish who are smaller than themselves, so it is possible he was attacked and killed.

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