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Fiona - 2014-09-15
It was Christmas time and i had changed the tank water almost to the brim.i was in another room vaccuuming and when i returned to the loungeroom i saw a small orange bauble on the first thought was it was an ornament that had fallen off the Christmas tree.when i bent down to pick it up i realized it was my spritely little shubunkin that had jumped out of the tank.i brushed him off and quickly returned him to the water.He spent the next few hours at the bottom corner of the tank. I think he had totally freaked himself out.after a while he recovered and was no worse for his little adventure...

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Chris noonan - 2014-09-15
I have two silver arowanas together in a 184 gallon tank at the moment and it's Now to small so I have now ordered a 400 gallon tank. They seem to be happy together but I have alot of other big fish with them to like jaguar cichlid and a massive flowerhorn fire eels and some others it's quite heavily planted and they seem to love it they are always rubbing there bodies on the plants.

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aiden - 2014-09-10
I have a 50litre tank and am looking at these wonderful fish and was wondering: How many do I get? Do they go well with bristlenose catfish? How aggressive are they? what cheap fish do they go well with? Thanks everybody!! Sincerely Aiden

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  • Clarice Brough - 2014-09-10
    Heya Aiden, if you add your aquarium where it says 'Enter a Freshwater Aquarium' (in the care parameters just below the intro) you will get the 'Fish Finder'. This cool tool let's you compare fish that are compatible and work with your tank.
  • Glenn - 2014-09-14
    For a 50 L, 2 or 3 breeding pairs would work great. I have a single one with 4 cherry barbs, an angelfish, a red fin shark, clown loach, and a bristle nose pleco. I have had no problems. They have a pretty mild temperament and are a very hardy and nice fish. I wouldn't get crabs ,shrimp etc though. They would get along well with the catfish, unless it is twice the size, and has a temperament. Tiger barbs are cheap and playful, especially in a school of 5 to 8. They are also very colorful, and have a perfect match for temperament with the cichlid.
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Julie - 2014-03-28
My Bubble Eye fish, Bub, is kind of odd. He hates being in our 10G tank, and prefers our fish bowl which is like 1G-1.5G. He is full of personality, and I'm pretty sure he recognizes me when I come to feed him, or just sit and watch him. The thing is, I've read many times that they like to be towards the bottom/floor, which Bub does on occasion, but he's more fond of chilling at the top. He's healthy, and very playful, so I'm not sure if I should be concerned or not. He's been doing this pretty much since we got him, back in Dec. 2013. Any thoughts?

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  • Julie - 2014-03-30
    Never mind... found him dead this morning. :/
  • Dave - 2014-09-13
    Fish at the surface can indicate lack of oxygen. Especially if they seem to be 'gasping'.
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Aalsen Geertsma - 2014-09-13
They're ravenous when it comes to food and snails, and they're quite fearless when they discovered eggs. They love digging for all kinds of snails, or dwarf shrimp. But they failed stealing eggs from hole breeding L-numbers or apistogramma cacatuoides. They're quite energetic and acrobatic here, and will swim full lengths of a tank in a display of dominance. I think it's best to keep them with other species of fish which aren't shy, because they bump into other fish on purpose quite often. Corydora's don't appreciate this, most tetra's neither. I have 7 of them in a 240 litres tank, they'll transform a still life aquarium into a more dynamic one, without agression. Nematobrycon palmeri is a superb combination with these botia's.

Oh and did anyone notice they have spikes under their eye's? My 8cm adult botia has spikes of approximately 4mm, she got stuck in a net...

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Kristina - 2014-09-10
I got a silver tip shark about a month ago and I have it in a 5 gal tank. The fish mostly just sits in one corner of the tank and doesn't do much. why? is it because he's stressed or lonely? and how often do I need to clean/replace water in the tank. new at this fish thing.

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  • Clarice Brough - 2014-09-10
    It sounds like you fish is very unhappy, probably because the tank is way too small. If you check out the aquarium setup section for this fish, you'll get an idea of what to do to keep him not only healthy, but happy:)
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Amy Bannister - 2014-09-09
hi, i was brought 2 telescope eye goldfish the other day in a bowl.. i know thats waayyyy too small for them but the guy in the shop said they'd be fine. I'm looking to upsize for them but really can't stretch to a 10 or 20 gallon tank at the moment. they are only about an inch ling each. will a 15L or 20L be enough for the time being, with a filter and airstone put into it. also could you suggest the best food for them a few people have said sinking pellets but they don't seem to be finding them very well

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Bob Lim - 2014-09-08
Arapaima fish also found in Malaysia,South East Asia. An Arapaima fish weighing 80 kg was caught in Kampung Tandop Batin,Mergong, state of Kedah Malaysia on 7 September 2014. Arapaima species was also known to exist in Kenyir lake , Terengganu, Malaysia too. Bob Lim

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  • Clarice Brough - 2014-09-08
    Yes, they have been introduced into Eastern Asia for fishing.
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imah - 2014-09-07
Hello I have a leopard pleco and I think it is pregnant so I have been doing some research. I needed to see if it was an egg layer or a live bearing fish. I searched it up and one site said that it was a live bearing fish and another site said that it was an egg layer. Also if it is a live bearing fish what are some signs to look for when it is about to give birth? I hope someone can help. Thank you.

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  • Clarice Brough - 2014-09-07
    Catfish are egglayers, as are the majority of freshwater fish species. Livebearers are mostly swordtails (like this fish), guppies, mollies,  and a few others. You can see an overview of livebearing fish on the main page of this Livebearer Aquarium Fish Atlas.
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Caroline - 2014-09-07
I have two Striped Dora catfish and one spotted talking catfish in my tank. I got them when they were all very small, only about an inch long. My two striped catfish are now 6-7 inches in length (one is slightly bigger than the other). My spotted catfish is about 5 inches, it is also quite noisy. I have had all three of them now for going on 12 years. I was so worried about moving them when I moved house 4 years ago, but they are still going strong. I have not had any issues with any of them eating smaller fish, in fact I have a group of Pygmy Corydoras (my favourite catfish) that they get along fine with.


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