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   Anacharis, a hardy and easily kept plant, is probably the most commonly kept aquarium plant.
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mark g. - 2004-02-21
they really are good oxygenators! but they grow very fast and dead leaves tend to ruin the nice gravels.

Snail-mishaps - 2004-01-20
My dear friends, excellent oxygenator- will adapt to warm or cold water and can even tolerate small amounts of salt, but contrary to common belief, WIlL BE EATEN BY POND AND RAMSHORN SNAILS. If you havent already screwed up by getting snails -DONT. I started with ONE snail and now have over 300- (yes they can procreate by themselves)

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  • cineloh - 2010-03-18
    I love my ramshorn snails. I breed them purposely. My goldfish love to munch on the babies and the adults clean my tank. Population control is easy with fish that eat the babies and eggs.
hjk - 2003-09-22
They are real pretty