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   The Java Fern is a good plant to use in aquariums containing herbivorous fish since they will seldom eat it!
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Stu - 2011-12-31
Another question, does the java fern grow into the substrate from the rock/driftwood it is tied to?

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  • Alex Burleson - 2012-01-01
    Generally, they must be tied down. Depending on how soluble the driftwood is, there is a possibility that they will grow into it. Especially, if the wood is more rotten.
Stu - 2011-12-31
Everyone says to tie the fern down but all the pics show it in the substrate? And I assume there is a difference between java fern and java moss? Just to make sure I get it right the java fern gets tied down? Thx

nm123 - 2011-12-22
Hi everyone I just got a java fern 2 weeks ago and I was wondering if the fish in my tank will eat the small java ferns after it reproduces.

Please I have anglefish bala sharks 1 red tailed shark clown plecos swordtails platys torpedo barbs and zebra danios in my 30 galloon tank

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  • Charlie Roche - 2011-12-22
    The java fern is a hardy plant that most fish will not eat. Might take a little nibble now and then but the fish probably won't destroy new off shoots.
  • nm123 - 2011-12-22
    thanks so much
anon - 2010-03-21
Where can i but java fern from?
(Editor's note... heres a link to java fern for sale

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  • Joy - 2011-03-15
    I have started to put pieces in a container and now have too many and am willing to sell some. Iwouldn't know how to post them.
    I have had plants for a long time and had no trouble with them.
    Some in tropical tank and some in cold water tank, they grow easily in either. The lights in the tanks go off and on automatically in the aquariums.
tanganyikatapwaterman - 2011-02-05
I have Pteropus latifolia, great plants for Scalares/Angelfishes...but I didn't know that:they can live on rock pile or driftwood.
I have many new plants of latifolia I know places where to add them.
p.s. I've only 2x50W halogen bulbs from ceiling shooting down to open feeding holes of tank and its OK! Full size leaf in every 25-30day's./pH7.5-8.0

thefishkid - 2009-10-25
These are essential for a well-planted tank. They also produce hundreds of smaller ferns each year, which you can plant in your tank!

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  • John - 2010-08-27
    How do you re-plant the smaller ferns in the tank?
    Do you wait until the their are at a certain size and then cut them off?
    Please help!
bob - 2008-03-21
I have taken care of this plant and I would say that thess plants are tough. They breed easily, too. This is one of my favourite aquarium plants.

Barbara - 2006-02-14
there is no excuse not to grow this on a nice peice of bogwood. It can be a pain until it establishes its roots, because it may float around helplessly if not properly tied down. Many people also buy a plant, it entirely dies down to the root but new plants sprout from the dying leaves. this is normal. once established it is absolutely majestic, and will make even a new setup seem ageless. It grows fairly slowly, but once secure in its new setting, it can send out new extensions in all directions very quickly. java fern looks lovely next to anubias, which can also be grown on bogwood. every tank would benefit from this EASY to care for and very lovely plant.