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   A primary reef-building coral, the Staghorn Coral holds the most important job in the Western Atlantic reefs!
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satrajit - 2011-05-07
It's difficult to keep in a tank.
Strong light.
Need strong water flow.
It requires ideal calcium, magnesium, strontium for live and requires accurate water testing equipment. mainly white band disease can attack stag horn coral. Always take precaution to prevent disease,
only a expat can keep this type coral in the tank.

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  • Charlie Roche - 2011-05-09
    Thank you for the information. Doesn't sound like an easy thing to do. Any suggestions?
  • - 2014-01-12
    I have a different experience, not so difficult to keep and in my tank I have this very coral shown in their picture under 4 54 watt T5 and it grows an 1” a month. Lot’s of flow is needed