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   The Torch Coral is not only beautiful, but can also be a great surrogate anemone for your clownfish!
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sergio bazain - 2012-07-21
Love the torch but haven't had good luck with mine -  it won't expand like in the lfs. When I bought it I've moved it a few times and nothing my water parameters are good all my other corals are doing good. Don't know what to do anymore need some help?

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    marc - 2011-11-23
    i wanted to comment on the torch coral. It is my favorite in the lsp class. I am currently growing a yellow tipped torch under 130 watts of power compact lighting. This coral is an amazing beautiful creature. My torch loves to be fed frozen mysis shrimp. It currently has 2 heads they are developing into 4 heads.previously i had a small torch under 250 watts of hqi metal halide. That coral became a basketball sized showpiece. I must add they can grow under moderate light,but metal halide will really make them thrive as far as color and super calcification.

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    • Charlie Roche - 2011-11-24
      Thank you for the information. Appreciate it and I know others do.