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Anonymous - 2006-09-25
I have kept the Fox Coral in my 150 gallon reef tank for about 8months and it has done excellent under metal halide lighting also comes out to its full extent and it looks incredible. Recommend this coral to anyone who is trying to keep it. It's one very attractive coral.

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Curtis LeBlanc - 2006-08-21
Elegance corals back in the day were fairly hardy to keep but in the coming years they have been more and more difficult to keep. Most people think this is because they are now more rare on the usual areas of the reef and come from deeper down on the slopes. Take care in the specimen that you are purchasing. Make sure it is not damaged and in top shape. Damaged elegance corals tend to die very quickly.

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Marc - 2006-07-30
Have had this coral for a few days now and love it. I had to mount mine to live rock using a two part epoxy to keep them from tumbling over. Neon green frogspawn is the best looking in my opinion.

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commander cool - 2005-11-01
I bought 2 pieces of euphyllia almost three years ago, and they look as good or better than when i got them. i believe them to be a pretty hardy species.


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