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Carlos - 2014-01-31
Beautiful coral! but be aware that it is very aggressive and not only with other corals. I had mine for several months without a problem. One of my clown fish started hosting it. The bubble coral decided that fishes are not friends but food. One morning my little clown fish was half way inside the mouth of the bubble coral. Needless to say I got rid of the coral since I did not want any more fish ending up as the bubble coral's meal.

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vitz - 2013-12-18
the info in this article is outdated and wrong. the LAST place you should put an elegance is 'buried' in the substrate, oriented upwards. elegances do NOT grow w/ a vertical orientation in the wild. AND, due to the 'elegance coral disease', it should NOT be attempted by relatively new hobbyists. it's an expert level coral only, and has been, since the early '90's, due to the rampant spread of 'elegance coral disease syndrome'. elegances should be oriented SIDEWAYS, off from vertical, prefferably on rock.

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  • Clarice Brough - 2013-12-26
    Thanks for bringing the current data about the Elegance Coral Syndrome (ECS) that is affecting this coral to our attention! We have updated the page to reflect the Elegance Coral Syndrome with information and a link to Eric Borneman's 2008 article describing this challenging disease and its effect on keeping an otherwise moderately easy coral.

    As far as the orientation of the coral, this species has a wide distribution and can be found attached to rock structures with an the orientation you describe, but it is also found free-living on soft substrates, so can be oriented in a soft substrate just as well.
XxconanxX - 2013-11-04
I'm catching hell with me elegant coral I love both of them to death but I just can't get it right for them

marc - 2011-11-23
i want to say this coral truely is an awe inspiring animal. When I first purchased mine it was a goner the store was ready to toss it in the trash. Many of these corals don't fair to well on the way to the store. There was almost no tissue left. It was all retracted and pulled away from the skeleton. I nursed this coral back to health unker 250 watt 10k hqi metal halides. I had it placed in the sand bed. I was amazed at the colors it displayed. It was a pinkish green splash with intense neon pink tips,under actinic lighting it flouresenced like it was radioactive.the elegance loved eating mysis shrimp and larger peices of raw cocktail shrimp. They have many mouths. The elegance is truely amazing. I read that they are collected in lagoons,where there is a higher nutrient load. I guess mine enjoyed being in with 17 fish. The sting of this coral is extremely intense they can actually be used to place against an aptasia and kill it.

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  • Charlie Roche - 2011-11-24
    Nature with all its complexities never cease to amaze me. I didn't know about this and I am interested. Thank you.
jmlo - 2009-03-29
What is stated in the above description may have been true years back, but not the case today. I would say these corals should only be attempted by experienced reefers, not beginners. Furthermore, there are more and more reports that indicate these corals do much better under low to moderate lighting and metal halide is definitely NOT recommended.
I would have to say that given the poor survival rates of today, it would be much better if people stopped buying them and leave them in the wild, where they belong. Hopefully someday the problem will be solved and the aquarium trade can again enjoy keeping these magnificent corals with relative ease...

sqwat - 2010-10-25
I bought a small aquacultered purple tip from a lfs he was only 1 inch when I got him 2 years later he is now 6 inches and beautiful I don't over skim my water and he is under ho 24 inch t5's on the bottom of my 16 gallon nano I think getting him at such a small size was an advantage because he was not taken from the wild his great great grandparents from the 1990's were I do not feed him directly he gets left overs and food missed by my fish and other corals I have seen many of these in lfs sick and not looking healthy at all so I never purchased one but I never see one this small b4 so I thought I would have a better chance with him. I also keep a mandarin in the tank no problems maybe lucky or he knows better and I have had the mandarin for 3 years. I think the adult wild collected ones are too beat up to try to keep but if you come across a tiny one that has never been in the ocean in good health I think you have a better chance of a long life since the are so beautiful. I also don't over skim that might have a big part of my success and I also use natural sea water in my tanks I collect myself I feel sorry for any reefer who can't do this it makes reefing so much easier and your corals so much healthier I do 20% water change with screened and chemically prefiltered natural seawater. You just can't collect the water after a rain storm you must wait 3 days. I hope this can help you guys cause the elegance is by FAR the best looking lps even under 10,000 k lights no atinics needed to make them glow but you still need them anyway.

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sandy lore - 2013-03-09
my friend gave me a tongue corral because it was dying to, i read up on it and it helps to move it as close to the light as you can. it seems to be doing alot better

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Amrulz - 2013-01-17
Yes, I will agree with that detail mentioned. I learn and also watch for water changes from them too. A good companion of mine in the Tank. Flower pots is my favourite.

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Scott Sinclair - 2006-02-24
I would not say that this LPS is difficult to care for, nor is it best left to experienced reef keepers.

They also do quite well in moderate water flow areas due to increased gas exchange and will readily take prepared foods if supplied.

KATHERINE - 2006-07-17
If your plate coral looks very unhappy, like it has retracted into it's skeleton, you probably have a low level of calcium. mine did- i went and bought Kent Marine liquid calcium and it was alot better the other day. If you think part of it has died, use an eye dropper and squit some kent marine concentrated iodine over the area and the coral should recover!

lompoc, Ca


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