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Like an ostrich, the Long Tentacle Anemone can completely cover itself in the sand if it is scared!
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chris - 2011-01-20
An established tank of one year is not necessary, nor is a 100 gal. tank. Mine is only a 50 gal and around 4 months old. Both my BTA and LTA are perfectly comfortable, however do remember that LTA's are carnivores, and may potentially capture and eat other livestock (fish mostly.)

prasad c tudu - 2010-02-26
The long tentacles anemones are very attractive to see and very friendly in the aquarium.

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  • Kathy Lavallee - 2010-08-16
    They are very attractive; but wandering is an issue. I had this wandering issue. After several weeks of wandering, I came up with a plan...and it worked! I took a 2 inch piece of PVC and cut it (3 1/2 inches long). I placed it in the aquarium laying down and gently created current with my hand to back the anemone foot into the pipe. I waited an hour and the anemone planted his foot into the pipe. After several hours I tunneled a hole in the substrate down to the glass. I stood the pipe up and planted it in the hole. I then built the substrate around the PVC so it is not visible. It has been a few weeks. The anemone is now eating, fully open and best of all planted!