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Emma hicks - 2014-01-21
I have a 8 week old dutch rabbit. Was wondering how old do they have to be to breed?

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  • Jasmine Brough Hinesley - 2014-01-21
    I would wait until she is at least 6 months old before breeding her. Usually they mature between 5 and 9 months old.
Anonymous - 2013-11-24
I've got a black and white dutch breed and a havana rabbit.

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  • Emma hicks - 2014-01-21
    I have a gray and brown dutch rabbit 8 weeks old. We are breeding her this summer.
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deep - 2012-09-27
I have 3 month old rottweiler she's very weak. I'm giving her puppy feed and dairy and multivitamins but no effect. What should I give to her

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  • Charlie Roche - 2012-09-27
    Rottweilers are usually pretty active puppies so I would be concerned as you say she is weak.  A good puppy food and water should be all you initially need.  If you feel she is weak, I'd get her to a vet and have her checked out.  Could be worms or just sick - could be nothing but you would want to know.
  • Hilary - 2013-12-16
    Feed your puppy with carbohydrates food. Like mashed rice,yam, feed cereal etc
  • Anonymous - 2014-01-20
    Put royalcanni food and half boiled beef to give massive look and energy
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Hailey - 2014-01-20
I got my rabbit 1 year ago in March, he loves attention and is a tri color mini rex buck. Latte is the sweetest 1 month before birthday present, he truly is the sweetest gift.

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Jim - 2014-01-20
I have had a red factor canary for the last 6 years and he is healthy and apparently happy as he sings daily and in the evening if the light is on. People that visit and hear him sing cannot believe his song and the loudness and duration. I am asked to go into another room if on the phone, or have difficulty watching TV and hearing while he is singing. I have owned many canaries in the past but the performance of this guy is without parallel. He would be considered a Master by a breeder if in a room full of young learning how to sing. Thanks for the information I received by reading your site and good luck in the future.

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Laura - 2014-01-20
I have a Giant Gourami that we think is 20 years old. She has become a stronger shade of pink lately and seems to not want lettuce, spinach, greens as much as she used to. Loves grapes, bananas, peas and worms. I have heard she should not have too much protein? I have not found much information on gourami's aging. Not sure if I am doing something wrong. I have had her for over 2 years and everything else seems good. Thanks for any help.

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  • Clarice Brough - 2014-01-20
    It doesn't sound like you're having any problems with her. See the feeding and diet section above. These fish are omnivores and so proteins as well as veggies are appropriate, a balanced diet. They are known to live up to 25 years in captivity with good care, so your's is doing great:)
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not tellin - 2014-01-19
My havana is very nice. She's the most loveable I have.

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Anonymous - 2014-01-20
Hi after some advice please - we have a 75 litre tank with three goldfish. We keep the water clean by replacing 30 percent a week or two weeks max. We have fresh plants and planted wood which we replace when needed. We have a powerful filter and bought three of these Chinese hill stream fish on advice from an aquarium shop but a few weeks later we could only find one - the biggest one left. We thought maybe they were just hiding but a month or so later still no sign, so on Saturday we got two more and now I'm pretty certain they've gone too! We bought them the same size this time in case the original one was a bully but can't find them at all only one left 2 days later! Could he be eating them? There's no evidence of dead fish and the other fish are all lovely and seem happy?

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  • Jasmine Brough Hinesley - 2014-01-20
    That is very strange that they just disappear with no trace! These loaches are in general very peaceful fish and so it does not make sense that one would be eating all the rest of them. Is it possible they have gotten stuck in any filters or have gotten caught in the plants and you just haven't found them?
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Mike Thornton - 2014-01-20
I just got 2 puffer fish. Put them in my 40 gallon tank with a cichlid. 5 hours later, the cichlid died. Is this due to the puffers poison?

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  • Jasmine Brough Hinesley - 2014-01-20
    The puffers do not excrete poison into the water, there is only poison present in their bodies which can kill other fish if they try to eat them. How long have you had your cichlid and was he much larger than your new puffers? Puffers are known to be somewhat aggressive and will go after fish who are smaller than themselves, so it is possible he was attacked and killed.
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Kay - 2014-01-18
I bought a Morgan at an auction for my daughter when she was 10 years old. She liked to hang around the race track. A lot ofpeople hit her up for a race. She out run every horse. A lot of people tried to buy him. She liked to barrel race . He couldnt change leads at the barrels. I bought her a quarter horse. He could change leads but was not near as fast as the Morgan. She then gave the morgan back to me. I never been on a better horse. I kept him until he died of old age. If I ever get another horse it would be a Morgan


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