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Anonymous - 2010-12-09
Hey I'm going get a guinea pig in january help.

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  • ? - 2013-05-19
    Well if u do, guinea pigs are suppose to b kept in pairs or more. They're very social animals and become depressed easily from loneliness. But if u r home and spend a majority of ur time with it I'd recommend a friend. Employees in pets stores may say its ok to keep one but most don't really know what they're talking about. And b sure to give them plenty of space. Food and hay and vedgitbles daily. . And guinea pigs can't store vitamin c so give them orange slices often and u can even buy drops to put in their water. And don't forget lots of love.
  • Emily - 2014-08-18
    The problem is not that cavies cannot store vitamin c, the problem is they can not produce it. If you feed them oranges, they can get sweet tooth preventing them from eating normal pellets feed them green bell peppers cut out the seeds
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Pauline Bras - 2014-08-17
My patagonian conure has for the last four weeks had a lame left wing which seems to only get worse It is not broken but hr just lets it hang and does not use it at all please help any suggestions what could have caused this he did not hurt himself

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    Duffy - 2008-09-13
    I've been keeping spiders for about 13 years now, and I've had my goliath for just over a year. She about 3 years old with a leg span of about 8 inches, so another few years and she would have reached full sized. I strongly agree with gary, beginners should not start with a goliath. As impressive as they may be they can be a handful, as they are very sensitive to cage conditions, ie humidity and temperature, and they one of the most active spiders I've come across.
    Although they can be agressive they're not the most agressive I've kept. If I open my goliath's cage she usually crawls into the corner and I'm able to move around the tank freely. The most agreesive I've come across is the thailand black, it's short haired and short tempered! I've almost been bitten quite a few times while trying to sort out a thailands tank. They will bite anything, leaves, pens containers, even had it killing locust just because they were in it's way, not to feed!

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    • owenkitto - 2011-01-18
      Re my bird eating spider

      I have my day time temp at 82F

      and my night time temp at 70F.

      Is this right? I have a wooden viv 2 foot by 2 foot
      with a 50W infrared bulb by Exo Terra.

      And I keep it relatively humid not excessive she just huddles in the corner of the tank and sleeps in the day am I doing things right?
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    chhaya - 2014-08-16
    hello, i have a giant gourami of about 2 years old. she is suffering with cloudiness in both her eyes. its some kind of yellow patch within her eyes since a day, her vision is deteriorating as observed and she is not eating anything even though she has a very good apatite. i put salt and tetracycline after cleaning her tank 3weeks once. but this time there was a delay and her tank had really become very dirty. may i please know the reason and the cure for it? please help me out, she is a part of our family and we cant see her like that :( please.. need help :(

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    • Clarice Brough - 2014-08-17
      Cloudy eyes are most often the result of a bacterial infection, though sometimes it can be parasitic. These diseases are usually related to water quality and poor diet. Do an immediate partial water change, then perhaps start an antibiotic treatment, you can get antibiotics for fish at a pet store. A complete treatment usually includes administering the medication several times over a period of time, follow the manufacturer's instructions on the medicine. Also try changing the diet to include variety and include foods with added vitamins. Do regular water changes weekly, 25% of the water should be changed out. Cloudy eye can lead to blindness, especially if the water quality and diet are not kept up with. Good luck to you both!
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    Jenn Lewis - 2014-07-22
    Hi My Room mates and i were handling are Pink toed Tarantula this evening and while holding her she shot out web i was just wondering if this was normal or if there might be something wrong?

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    • Clarice Brough - 2014-08-05
      Tarantulas will should 'hairs' from their abdomen when they are stressed, it is a defense mechanism and signals that they are uncomfortable.
    • TC Brown - 2014-08-16
      I've a had my pink toe for a little while now. I've noticed that when she is handled a lot she starts to leave a few web strands. I think she does it instinctually. Like as a life line. I also noticed that when she just around one or two people she more chill. But when passed around. (You know how kids get), her hairs seem to stiffen and instead of shooting the hairs she lays down and rubs her abdomen on you. It doesnt hurt but it itches until you move her back to her cage and brush off the hairs. She very fun and agile like described she jumped a few times from my shirt to hand. Neat creature. I say handle it til she's tired and then put her away. Its a cool pet and isn't likely to bite. I let her chill on my shirt everyday.
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    sony - 2014-08-16
    i like canary

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    Aristides - 2014-08-16
    I have different kind of Scorpion from Tanzania Black Scorpion, Orange, Yellow, Red etc if you are interested contact me through my Thanks

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    shay - 2014-08-15
    I have a powder blue gourami, I'm guessing it a boy since most walmarts don't sell females. I've got him in a ten gallon tank with three barbs, he's very peaceful, eats all the time and likes to swim all over the tank. I do have one barb that likes to nip at his fins every so often which leads to him trying to hide, but not a lot. My issue is on the bottom of his belly and the tip of the fin under his belly he has turned dark blue. I seen it before and it faded back to his normal silver/blue color but this time its been all day. He is still acting the same and eating the same I'm just worried it might not be normal.... What do I do please someone help me out. I've got it heated to 78_80. Got A little air stone filter. Lots of plants and hiding places I might feed him a bit but he's always looking for it on the bottom so I just feed him so he doesn't have to eat nasty stuff ....... I also did just change the tank water this morning cuz it was nasty

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    • Clarice Brough - 2014-08-17
      It sounds like you're taking good care of him and he's eating,, so I wouldn't start worrying yet. He could have some stress due to the barbs.  It is best to keep barbs in groups of 7-8 so they spend their time nipping each other, and leave the other tankmates alone:)
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    Donna - 2014-06-10
    I've had my rose hair now 3 months. She has curled up up side right. There's a milky substance coming from her rear. She hasn't eaten in 4 weeks. Before she had gotten this way she moved about all twitchy like. I'm afraid she's dying. Someone please tell me what's up?.

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    • Clarice Brough - 2014-06-27
      It may just be poop. Their excrement, which comes out of the rear of their abdomen, has a milky look at first, then it dries to a chalky white and is odorless.
    • Anonymous - 2014-08-14
      If she's upside down its molding or regrowing new skin leave her alone when molding because if she don't or gets disturbed during she'll get sick an might die
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    RACHEL GREEN - 2014-08-15
    I have fantail gold fish which is staying at bottom of tank and can onlt swim a little tries to go up but seem s like its to heavy to swim yo then top. It moves around the tank at bottom. Bit stays in same location for a long time then moves again. Could this be constipation or bladder disease? What should i do?

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    • Clarice Brough - 2014-08-15
      Lethargy is often cause by water quality, try doing a partial water change to see if that's the problem.

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