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martin - 2003-09-21
Hi There i a 29 year old dude from Denmark. i bought one of those orange fatbodys 6 months ago. Its been all fun. I think the oriental fishmongers at the genetic research lab have included human dna in this little fellow.
Best wishes from Martin "Cpt. Meat" Miller

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Lauren - 2003-09-21
Parakeets are wonderful pets!

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Ty Elders - 2003-09-21
I bought a Striped Raphael the other day at PetCo. It cost me about 7 dollars for one about an inch long including the tail. He is living with a black-finned shark and they get along well.

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IAN cOUZENS - 2003-09-20
I have four 5 inch long Tinfoil Barbs together with Bala sharks and silver Dollars. They are exstreamly greedy fish, giving the others a good work-out when trying to feed.They seem to be getting larger by the day, so I suggest you have a large tank.


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Bailey - 2003-09-18
I have a 20-gallon aquarium with 7 Neon Tetras, 3 Pristella Tetras, and 2 male Dwarf Gouramis. The Pristella Tetras are lots of fun to watch, and their yellow and black fins are very colorful. All of the fish seem to get along well with each other. The Pristella Tetras have huge appetites, and are always the first ones to get to the food!

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Bailey - 2003-09-18
I have a 20-gallon aquarium with 7 Neon Tetras, 3 Pristella Tetras, and 2 male Dwarf Gouramis. They all seem to get along well. The Neons make a beautiful school of fish!

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Bailey - 2003-09-18
I have a 20-gallon aquarium with 2 male Dwarf Gouramis,7 Neon Tetras, and 3 Pristella Tetras. They all seem to get along well, but the smaller Gourami harasses the bigger one.

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TJ - 2003-09-18
We have a boy Dusky, named Deui (Day-you). We bought him as a friend for our for our girl Gold Capped conure. Deui has proven to be a real fun bird. He is very sweet and loves to be on my shoulder. His favorite activity is chewing on my ear lobe... Deui is a great eater too.


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Ra - 2003-09-16
I have a mandarinefish ever since I started my aquarium, and it is one of my favorite fishes. The mandarine fish is really easy to keep, is quiet and fast and you can find it one day in one place and the next day in the opposite place. It is great.
If you have any doubt, do not think twice and contact me at

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ben davidson - 2003-09-16
Lion fish are the coolest fish you will ever own. The small ones are not as active and do not move very much.


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