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Anonymous - 2003-11-07
I own a polish dwarf and they are rather hard to keep.mine just turned 1 years old HAPPY BIRTHDAY THUMPER!!!!and is now starting to get frisky which is rather weird.I have gone through alot of scratches and have the scars to prove it.I am hoping to become an animal scientist,and because for christmas I am studying my comment is that if you really want to keep a bunny remember that is not just the looks, the cute looks,it`s also the work I have to change his water and I have to change his cloth,as a matter of fact, my bunny IS toilet trained to go on a cloth.HAVE FUN BUNNY LOVER`S!!!

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Barbara - 2003-11-07
WOW! I bought several of those and added them into my tank, then dug through every possible book on tropicals. I returned to the dealer, and to my shock, he had no idea what kind of fish it was. In my experience, they are lovely fish with an overall peaceful disposition unless provoked. Im so happy I finaly discovered what type of fish they were.

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Diana - 2003-11-05
We have a a 8-1/2 mo. female severe named "Gabby" who we visited at the breeders since she was 10 weeks old. We fell in love with her personality. Severe macaws are playful and active, they can be hyper but- calm down quickly with only a whisper. Recently we adopted a 2 yr. old female Severe "Sassy" that was neglected and plucked most of her feathers.... she is adjusting very well in our home, and has stopped the plucking and seems happy.
This species of parrots are very easy to fall in love with, can occupy themselves with chewing, and are very good talkers. We love ours very much and enjoy spending time with them!

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Dish - 2003-11-05
A very beautiful fish to add to your aquarium! Easy to feed and take care of...enjoy!!

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Guy Zadock - 2003-11-05
greetings guys :) my name is Guy Zadock from israel. Im gonna buy a cockateil next week, and i found this site by looking in google.
i loved the way you detailed about things. to be truthfull, i belive a cockateile can be a very close friend of one, if being treated as you want to be treated. i wish you all a great and enjoyable bird-to-man relationship :) cheers guys :)

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ami carson - 2003-11-05
my best friend has a budgie and i am about to get one she says that hamster wheels provide hours upon hours of entertainment they love it.

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tennille - 2003-11-04
I have a long horned cow named pickle, but am worried because I have been told that if he dies my whole tank will die too as he is poisenous. But so far so good, and you guys say he is easy to keep. He is really friendly, and a very interesting fish.

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Mr. Huntington - 2003-11-04
I am a St. Bonaventure student teacher working with a 6th grade class. In our class we have Mini Rex rabbits in our classroom. Well I will let my students tell you more about our Mini Rex bunnies!!!!

Barbie - 2003-11-04
Hi my name is Barbie.I have rabbits in my classroom.We have three rabbits.Our rabbits names are Midnight,Oreo,Hershey.Minightis black and another name is Oreo and Oreo is black and white. Another rabbits name is Hershey.Hershey is brown.We let are rabbits run around in our classroom.

6th grade

charleston - 2003-11-04
My name is chuckie.
we have rabbits in are class room.they are so soft.
I think they are cute.we have one that is brown his name is hershey.I have ofthem in my class.we have a brown,whiteand black,rael black.there bred is mini-rex.they have small pases.they can not eat lettes.the black one is midnihgt.the white-blakc one is oreo.


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