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Reino - 2003-11-27
I own two Bi-colour Banjo catfishes and therefore have read quit a few articles on them. We all know that the difference between the sexes in most catfishes is hard to make out. From what I have found with my Banjos and the articles I read is that the female has a visibly rounder body shape where as the male is very flat.

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Bee Hanna - 2003-11-24
I have two plecos right now, they grow steadily, so be prepared to upgrade your tank every few years. I have only encountered one very aggressive pleco, most of mine have been very docile and hardy. They live in excess of 6 years, more like 12, so I would suggest this fish to anyone who plans to keep an aquarium for a long time. They do eat plants, so use artificial plants instead of real ones, and bury the plant base in the gravel as a large pleco can easily rearrange a tank (i.e. send plants flying) with one swish of its tail.

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Anonymous - 2003-11-24
I have been a rabbit breeder for the past 10 years now. mini rex is one of my favorite breeds because they are so soft, the fur is like velvet! and their temperment is great!

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Lucy - 2003-11-23
i have two black moor fish and they get on very well with each other but they sometimes have their differences and stay at different ends of the tank. I have one male and one female but no babies have been born, YET !!

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lvt - 2003-11-23
i just recently got a percula and i think they are awesome! Finding Nemo was great and made me decide to get my own nemo.

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Doyng - 2003-11-23
Hi, I have a dutch rabbit also. I have had him for a year now and he has grown so big! I love him so much...But some times he can get mean!

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christina - 2003-11-22
This rabbit looks adorable, and they are. They make good pets. They are good for young kids. They are small pets, and are loving.

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Sarah K. - 2003-11-21
hi my name is sarah and i just LOVE Guinea Pigs. i have one myself. he is the cutest looking GP i have every seen. he is still a baby. he is right here and he wants to talk.c jjjjjjjwstgo. he wrote that. my GPs name is Harry. i love this site cuz this is the 1st time i have owned a GP let alone a pet and it give so much info. well tanxs


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Casey Brewer - 2003-11-21
I have a parakeet named Chase and he is so cool. He head bangs to music and even sing to it he is just learning to talk. I would like to teach him to talk more, but Im not sure how.

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john - 2003-11-21
I have kept Macaws for only a few years. I have had a Blue and Gold, A Harlequin (Hybird) and a Greenwing. Out of them all I would have to say that the Greenwing is about the most Loveable, intelligent and is truly a gentle giant. I would have to say that a Macaw of any kind is definitely not a first bird or a bird for the uninitiated. For those who do have a lot of bird experience a Greenwing is definitely the way to go.


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