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Jamie Goule - 2004-02-09
cool bird man were ya get it ,1 of da coolest birds ive ever seen but man ive sid sum gudons so i wud def want 1 of dem

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Anonymous - 2004-02-08
Did you know that these puffers can be kept in freshwater

Animal-World info on Budgerigars - Parakeets
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Smmy - 2004-02-08
I want a parakeet badly and after showing my parents this site they are considering it! Thank you!

Jill - 2004-02-08
They look so easy to take care of why not get one!

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Jenn - 2004-02-07
I just got my polish dwarf "Phoebe Snowflake" three days ago and she is already my best friend. She has already learned to beg for raisins and was quick to adjust to her new home and people. It took her less than 5 min to get used to her new mesh harness. This is a great breed of rabbit. I have had A mini rex and an American Lop before and my little polish dwarf makes a far better pet than both put together.

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Rachel - 2004-02-07
I have two guinea pigs and they were born just last year on Sunday, May 18th, 2003; but their real birthday is April 24th. I named them Patches and Smudge and they are really cute!!! I never knew you could get so attached to these little critters!!! Right now they are both 9 months old and their birthday is coming up soon! :-) I am excited for their 1st birthday!!! I definiteley reccommend a guinea pig as a pet!!!

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cody striebel - 2004-02-07

Animal-World info on Banded Leporinus
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Rob - 2004-02-07
i bought a leporinus a few months ago. he quickly grew large and is very aggressive. I only have one gold gourami in that tank with him. he has nipped off all the gouramis fins. i tried to put a candy striped pleco in the tank and he instantly attacked it. i dont think its common for them to be this aggressive.

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Natalie - 2004-02-06
This time of year their courting rituals are quite amazing to watch!

Animal-World info on Holland Lop Rabbits
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Jade - 2004-02-06
I just got my first pet Mini-Holland Lop, and its really fun. I got It for christmas. I dont know if its a male or a female, & it doesnt really have a name. He is really energetic and exciting! I think every one should have one!!


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