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Bailey - 2003-09-28
These are my favorite fish! I have a 20 gallon tank with 2 Dwarf Gouarmis, 3 Pristella Tetras, and 6 Neon Tetras. It is a very peaceful combination. The Gouramis are quite tame, and come to the top of the tank looking for food every time I open the lid. Their orange and blue colors are quite striking, and they are very interesting to watch.

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Reg Langlois - 2003-09-28
Hello, you might like to take a look at my aviary webcam, its live and running 24 hours a day. .... and click on webcams

Reg Langlois.

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cynthia - 2003-09-28
One day my mom and myself were walking out of petsmart. A lady was walking to the store with a nanday and i told her what a beautiful bird. The woman asked me if i wanted her. She said the birds name was 2k i said sure. well to make a long story short, 2k is very happy she gets to come out of her cage when she is ready the first day she was very nippy but now she is fine.She gets along with my children and myself. She a pleasure to have with our family and she rules the roost


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Anonymous - 2003-09-27
Perculas are great fish to own, their symbiosis with the anenome is an interesting addition to a marine tank. Happy Fishkeeping!!!!!!!

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~Tanis Ballek~ - 2003-09-25
Thank you very much im getting a teddy bear hamster not 4 a while until i no everything about them and i think i jsut learned everything it helped me out alot and i would again like to thank u for havin ur website up bubi

thanks ~tanis~

Ebony - 2003-09-25
I recently just got a new dwarf hamster. Im not familiar with this kind of breed.Its tan with red eyes.Its a little too protective and mean when I first got it. but I practice taking it out on a daily basis.I also have another hamster named "Tinkie Winkie".Mind you,the dwarf hamsters name is "Dipsy".Anyway my tinkie winkie is a teddy bear hamster.She is very freindly.But my dipsy bit my tinkie winkie.I was shocked!!!They dont get along very well.But I love them just the same!Theyre cages are a lot of $$$$$$.But my mom is willing to do anything to make me happy!!!Thank you for listening to my articale about my hamsters!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Henry Chua - 2003-09-24
Black Mollies were my very first pets. I adored them so much then. They are still in my top favorite list. Black Mollies look very cool, with their jet black colors. Their fries are even cuter! Basically i fed them with tubifex worms & bloodworms daily. Their parents are really protective over their offsprings and I have never seen any of their parents eaten any yet, but do provide driftwoods or hiding places for the fries.

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nick - 2003-09-24
my pink spot did same thing when i put it in my spare tank whilst waiting for new tank. I came down in the morning it was on the carpet jet black in color. I got the net to pick him off the floor to dispose of him/her... it moved so i left it in the net it slowly started to breathe it came round and now its in my new tank carrying on as nothing had happened to it. Its the boss of the tank and defends its home against any fish whether its a tang or my blue thorat trigger.

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chris - 2003-09-23
I have 2 honey gourami, sorry had.One was slightly bigger than the other,(both male) the larger seemed aggressive at times, usually feeding time.I found the smaller of the two upside down in one of the plants this morning! Was this the work of his tankmate?

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hjk - 2003-09-22
They are real pretty


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