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Brittany Stowe - 2003-10-26
I have a parakeet named Cupcake. He is so sweet. That is why I named him Cupcake. He is about 5 months old. I used to have two birds that mated and had 3 eggs. All three hatched. One of them was cupcake. About a week later the two babies died. Then a week after that Cupcakes mom and dad died and Cupcake became an orphan so I had to feed him by hand and he is doing great. I love him soo much and Im glad that he survived.

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Eli - 2003-10-25
My mini-lop Duff is the best pet Ive ever had, and Ive had hamsters, fish, gerbils, mice and netherland dwarfs! Duff cuddles up to me at home, I love him!!!

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bob - 2003-10-25
I just got one of these fish and it is getting along great. For those with problems keeping two....try getting a third or fourth. It is said that when you keep two, the one will dominate the other, but if there is more they will settle down.

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Beverly - 2003-10-24
I have 3 silver mollies and 4 black mollies... all the females seem to be pregnant -I am buying a net for them and we ll see what happens. I have acclimated them to be saltwater fish. I have not lost a one... they are all doing great... and they all seem to know when I m there they all swim to the front when I m there and to the top when I open the tank to drop food in... they are such piggies... I have 2 male (black) and the rest are all females so I could have my hands full and may need someone to take some of the fry when they are big enough...Petco or Walmart???

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Susan - 2003-10-23
My name is Susan and I have a mini rex whom my husband and myself
enjoy very much. He goes with us in our truck on many of our outings.
He sits right in the middle on the arm rest,or some times he hops
into the back seat. I think his color would be considered a blue.
We got him at a pet store here in N.H. He is a house rabbit and
he trained himself as to going to his house to do his business.
He likes our cats Sam and Louie. It took them a bit to get used to
him but now they run through the house together having a great time.

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mk - 2003-10-23
My Girlfirend works at a High School, and she and a couple of co-workers found this cute bird. Well low and behold it is a younge nanday conure. Everyone decided that she should take the bird home since we have a Double yellow headed amazon named Apollo, and a senigal parrot named Kiji. Well, our newest addition is very social, and loves to visit and be near people. I am not a bird fan, due to being attacked when I was a child. Well let me just say, I now have a conure typing on the keyboard with me. I am very nervous of it taking a chunk out of me, but I am dealing with that. I have named it JesterBird.. this way gender could never be an issue.

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Maryam Bozai - 2003-10-22
A grey cockateil bird flew in through my car door when I was outside and I didnt notice him until I got home. Ive only had him for a day and it surprised me that he can sing and whistle and say little phrases, such as Hey and good boy and come here. He also makes the cutest noise by putting his beak out and then in again. Im not really sure of how to take care of him just yet, but Im going to go to Petsmart tommorow and buy him some toy-like things.

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Kim - 2003-10-21
AnImaL WorLd RuLes

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Marks - 2003-10-20
I have a pet lorikeet named JoJo who is a very talkative bird. He says at least 40 different words including the normal ones such as hello and whatcha doin, and also says things such as hey baby and sings. this bird also is very playful and only is attached to me (will bite everyone else). He pretends to be shot if your hand looks like a gun and many other tricks. This species of bird is great to have as a pet!

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Dean - 2003-10-19
I spent 6 months looking for an african grey that needed a good home and didnt cost the earth as I have 3 children and money is always an issue.

I found an 18 month old timneh with a cage in a local paper and was reluctant to buy because I thought it was an inferior bird, could I of been more wrong, this bird is bright as a button sings and talks non stop, snuggles into my chest at nite and literally purrs like a cat...

I have freinds with congos that talk very well but cant be handled, not to say they are all like that, but if you have any doubt about the timneh being a lesser bird totally dismiss that idea from your head.

Totally lovely bird i would highly recommend to anyone, equal to the congo if not better in my opinion...


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