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Bridget - 2004-02-27
We have a girl Rainbow Lorikeet that we got suddenly and knew nothing about pet birds at all!She is a sweetie that plays soccer on the floor with a cat ball with a bell (but no catnip) in it and loves to give kisses and take noisy,splashy baths in a pyrex brownie pan.She even said my name after 3 days with us!She is so funny when she plays she could get Frankenstein out of a bad mood.I love her so much and never knew what I was missing until she came our way.We still have to think of a girl name for her because we thought she was a he until the DNA results came in last week. Princess would be appropriate,LOL.

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cally ho - 2004-02-26
u will love them & their color too!

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Autumn - 2004-02-26

Mini lop rabbits are just so fun! I have two (boy and a girl). Their names are Hanzel and Gretal. They live outside in cages. I put them outside in their fence or in the house somtimes. Its so funny to watch them too. They are great pets!

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lily - 2004-02-25
hi i have three guinea pigs. ones a boy but we keep them apart. i thought they could have babies maybe one day ill put them together.

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kev S - 2004-02-25
well.. i have been keeping mine for like about 5 years and it is about three feet now.. i bought it on my birthday, but anyway this fish is not so hard to care for as long as you got space for this fish. And also this fish grows really fast. My fish got into one and half feet in less than one year when i first bought it. in addition you can also train this fish to eat pellets because mine do. But it is easier to train your fish when it is still a baby fish, once the fish get big, it is really hard to change their diet.
well, this is what i feed my fish: pellets, feederfishes, insects (crickets), shrimps, pawns, beef heart, chicken meat...etc well my fish, my "dragon" just eats about anything that is meaty.
O yea, really important at nite, remember to cover your fish tank really tight and have something heavy to put on top of the cover; because this fish can jump really high and it is a very powerful jumper.
okay guys, have fun keeping with your "dragon" fish because they are really interesting and fun to keep and watch.

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anthony - 2004-02-25
I recently purchased this marbled catshark and love the attention my friends give to its presence.

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Anonymous - 2004-02-25
I have two dwarf Gouramis, 4 lyretails, 3 tetras, 2 platys, and 3 catfish in a 20 gallon tank. i have plenty of plants and hiding spots for my fish. The Gouramis are a little timid at first but once they get used to the tank they are wonderful active community fish. once in a while the gouramis will be aggressive towords each other but they are usually very peaceful fish.They are very easy to take care of and will eat from all sections of the aquarium. overall i think Gouramis are very easy to manage and very calm and peaceful community fish.

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Grace - 2004-02-25
I have two Dwarf Hamster, Gus and Fluffy, and I just got a Teddy Bear Hamster, his name is Tetsuo. They are so cute and easy to take care of, even if Tetsuo wakes me up at night cause he wont stop running on his wheel =)

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Andrew Crabtree - 2004-02-24
this fish is very entertaining and is very easy to handle and i recomend it it 2 anyone. i have just got my tank and this fish was easy to handle.

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Urey W. Patrick - 2004-02-24
I have kept one of these orange-shoulder tangs for the past four years. I think it is probably one of the hardiest tangs I have ever kept - the fish eats greedily - flakes, brine shrimp, blood worms, pressed alga sheets, silver sides - whatever is in the water. It is a very easy keeper - very docile temperament. I have never seen this fish aggressive against others, or hostile to new additions to the tank - unlike my yellow tang who is very territorial. I would recommend acquiring a juvenile, and then you have the pleasure of watching it metamorphose into the adult coloration.

The fish will utilize the entire tank - constantly swimming and exploring. I have not seen mine graze - they seem to feed just on what I put in the water, plus the pressed alga held in a clip. They prefer green over brown or red. I have had one in a 75 gallon, moved to a90 gallon, and now have a young one in my 130 gallon. This is a great fish to add to your tank - and reef safe, in my experience.


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