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crystal - 2003-11-14
I have just brought home the most loving dwarf his name is Herbie, make sure you watch these little creatures very carefully, i left him alone for 45 min. and he burrowed a hole in my carpet! (its an apartmant OOPS) but have fun with them they are very friendly.

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Addison Wessbecker - 2003-11-14
I think that your babies are so cute! My guinea is due to have babies 11-14-03, so we are really excited! I again have to say how cute and healthy they look. Cinder did a very good job.

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emma - 2003-11-14
i just got a new bunny

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Roger - 2003-11-13
My rabbits name is Midnight. He is so cool because he is black like it is at Midnight. My other rabbit here at school have no cage and roam around the classroom all day long.

E.J. 6th Grade - 2003-11-13
What is up? My name is E.J. Right now I am going to tell you about my rabbit Hershy. Hershy is really nice, he is really fun to play with. Hershy is brown and small. He eats a lot. He wonders around the classroom. He is very furry. We have named the rabbits Midnight, Hershy, and Oreo. I like to hold them.

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rex - 2003-11-12
I have a lot of parakeets at home. They are all budgerigars or budgies. I been taking care of them since 1996. I started from one pair then eventually it multiplied. Now, more or less I have 15 pairs. I even sold some of them. The money I earn from those I sell is the money that I also buy for the seeds. Having a bird at home is a something that you will really enjoy. You can spend your time with this birds.
I am also interested with other birds, such as African Lovebirds, parrots etc. but the problem is, I dont know where I can buy this bird.

Austin {female} - 2003-11-12
My parrkeets name is Topaz when I kiss her she kisses me back!
Topaz also can copy any sound that she hears over and over again.
Topaz is learning to talk. I love her so much! How much do you love your parrkeet? Here is a tip for you, give your parrkeet alot of attention. It will love you!

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Sarah G - 2003-11-10
I have a blue Acara who was beaten up very badly by my common walking cat fish (Clarious). I have since found another home for my cat fish and now the Acara is king of the tank! I purchased another one over the weekend. A good strong fish who is great in a community tank. Mine lives with Goramis, Kribensis, and a Firemouth.

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Susan langless - 2003-11-10
I am not sure what type of Mollies we have. We have a white one and a black one. We have determined that the white one is the female. She has had babies 3 times since this past July. The first two times there were 12 to 15. This last time we counted 24. It appears that she is now pregnant again. She had her last babies on 10/24/03.

S Langless

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R>M> - 2003-11-10
I work at a pet store and our hedgehog loves Tender Vittles for cats. The odor is stinky but not unbearable. Just a little thought in case you would like to try it...!!!!!


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