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pete - 2004-01-23
I've seen dogfaces do quite nicely in 75 gallon tanks.

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Lisa and Derrell Williams - 2004-01-23
My husband and I have 2 Blue and Gold name Gina 9 yrs,and Sunny is 1yr. These 2 birds have been a joy to have. They are extremely smart birds. Gina and Sunny will eat just about anything we eat. They are very playful and can say a few words. Gina loves to yell momma and Sunny practice her words at night when we put her to bed. When she says hey her eyes will always flash and she will get right up to you and say Hey! They are the joy of our life!!

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sanya - 2004-01-22
birds r very good they just beautiful. i like birds & i hate those persons who kill birds.

janu - 2004-01-22
i love birds.

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Claire - 2004-01-21
I had 2 of these little pinky orange heart shaped cuties but sadly both died due to bad advice and a parasite they had when i got them. But for the 8 weeks i had them before they died they were a pleasure to watch and like little people, very nosey and very playful especially when i was dusting the outside of the tank. I intend to get some more when i get a bigger tank.

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Anonymous - 2004-01-21
Well, I had two mice from the pet shop and one was having babies. They told me the other one was the dad. She ended up having 20 baby mice and I didn't know when to take the dad out. So after she had her babies she became pregnant again, and she had 8 babies. Soon after, I noticed one of my other mice was pregnant. So my advice is to take the dad out when her belly becomes lumpy.

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Edy K. - 2004-01-21
Holland Lop Bunns make the BEST furry friends! Cute, charming, energetic, loving, wonderful personalities!

It is vital to remember that they are very delicate. Be sure to find out which foods they can easily assimilate, and which to avoid.

Because they are so small, things can affect them very fast, so also be sure and have a couple of excellent exotic animal vets on hand, in case of emergency.

A good website for information, and helpful links is

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leeann hamers - 2004-01-21
iam a 4th grade student and i think your website was realey helpful for my project im doing about hamsters

thanks leeann

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Taralynn - 2004-01-20
Hi my names Taralynn and i just LOVE guinea pigs. Through my whole life i have had 9 guinea pigs. When we got are 6th guinea pig named nibbles my cuison came along and she liked them so much she got 2 herself. She really liked them so over time she got lots of guinea pigs. Last week 4 of them died so now she only has 19 guinea pigs. Your site was very useful for her and me tanx. I LOVE GUINEAS

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Cecilia - 2004-01-20
LUCY I hear ya sister. ive had three suckers climb out of my 10 gallon tank through a 4x1 inch space. what happened in my other experiences. more catastophe- it sucked the scales off of its tank mate- wounds which quickly festered and grew fungus and the fish died. After killing all my other fish- the little demon climbed through the tank and on to the hood, right next to the light switch. The image of its dried out body practicaly mocking me still haunts me today.


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