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Summer - 2004-03-05
His name is Spaz, I love him!

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Josh - 2004-03-05
The Naso lopezi you have listed on your website is surely a Naso Vlamingi in sub adult coloration.

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jcfjfrhdrbrrtdye6 - 2004-03-04
i really want a mini lop rabbit,i have some mixed breed rabbits at my house but compared to these little rabbits they are ugly.

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Carole Holliday - 2004-03-04
I enjoy these fish very much. I have three tanks, one in which 5 large parrots live with a couple of large cat fish. One with medium size parrots that love to swim in formation. A tank with small parrotfish who also hang together. They love frozen brine shrimp and come to the front of the tanks when I feed.They also like premium flake food and will eat the algae tabs I put in for the bottom feeders.

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Jennifer - 2004-03-04
I just started my fish Aquarium it consist of tropical and freshwater fish. It has become a hobby or should I say a habit. I just bought a beautiful yellow Fantail Goldish. I have never seen one Quite like it. I also have a Large Shubunkin and a small Shubunkin, A Pink Kissing Gourami, two African Dwarf frogs,I did have some Ghost Shrimp but I think My large Shubunkin ate them they are in a 55gallon aquarium. They have become my children. by the way I love this site it is the only one I come to, to find out all my aquarium needs me being a beginner at this. Thanks Sincerly

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Grace - 2004-03-03
This site is great! I am tring to find an eel to fit the tank my teacher owns, but nothing seems to fit the tank. I read this site and now I might have found the correct eel to fit the tank! Thank You!

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FRED - 2004-03-03
hey thanks alot! i am so happy i found your site! i am getting a hamster soon and your site was a real help in hand. keep doin your thing it rocks!

P.S,you guys are AWSOME!!!!

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Rebecca - 2004-03-02
More!More!More! The pictures of the babies are sooooooo cute!!!!

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tishan - 2004-03-02
i like what you have said , can you tell me more about them

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Janet - 2004-03-02
I have a GCC named Oz that I have had for six months now. He is about 10 months old. I have tried to teach him to talk but with no luck, but he does mimic sounds. He often lays down flat or on his side to be petted, and can do somersaults and head stands up against a pillow! He enjoys spending time with me the most, but also likes his little playmates, my pet parakeets, Yawn and Stretch. They play together, eat together, and bathe together. Occasionally, Oz is a bit nippy-when it comes to having to go back in his cage, at bed time, or when I head out to work. I have found Oz to be a great companion and a very loving pet.


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