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homer - 2004-03-21
Platies are my favorite tropical fish. The different varieties of colors and their small size make them a sight for sore eyes when you put them in a school together. I currently have a heavily-decorated 10-gal. tank with a mating pair of blue-coral dawn platies, a deep-red platy, and a long-bodied, gold-cream platy with pink eyes, although I think he could be a molly--not really sure--regardless, he is gorgeous. The mating pair has just given birth to a bunch of fries and they look so cute swimming around really fast looking for food and hiding from the adults. If they survive to adult-hood, I will be moving all my platies to my bigger 29-gal. community tank (since no 10-gal. will be sufficient enough to hold about 16 platies).

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Linsey - 2004-03-21
hi my name is Linsey we just got our first rabbits. I think we chose the right kind. I am 11 and my rabbits names are Thumper and Kibbles they are always wanting to be held so it takes alot of attention i think to have this rabbit but i am willing to give it. Their soft fur is another plus Thumper has white fur and brown spots,while Kibbles has white fur with brown spots. I just want to say they are the best pets ever!!!

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Robyn - 2004-03-20
I got 2 platies as young ones, but they already had their colors when I got them. And while I was in school, they must have had fry because when I got home I looked in and there were dozens of them!
Since my parents wont let me put the fry in a seperate tank, the best I could do was put in the fake hornwort plants and put food in to distract the adult fish.

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Josh - 2004-03-20
Guppies are perfect for beginners and they are good for season veterins like myself. With their beauiful colors they are the perfect fish to brighten up a fish Tank. One thing to keep in mind though if you have too many guppies together in the same tank then they will nibble at each others tails. Baby guppies can hide in any plants but some are better than others. To prevent having your guppies die there are a couple of fish that you should not put in with the guppies. Some examples are all Barbs (like tiger barbs). i have personally caught my fathers tiger barb biting off parts of tails and pop eggs (from the one time that i had an egg from a nother fish).

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Helen Manchester - 2004-03-20
My name is Helen i have two guinea pigs. There names are speedy and jitters. They are so cute and loveable. I like talking to my guineas all of the time. They are some thing that dose not talk back to me. They listen to me and not talk back at me. My guineas are my life. Speedy is going to have her first litter of pups. I am so excited about the babys coming real soon.


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Justin Kent - 2004-03-19
red tailed catfish are beautiful creatures that really do stand out but i do recommend that you only get one if you are that desperate and you have a tank of at least 150 gallons of water and acrylic aquariums would be better with a width of at least 30" 75cm. a good make is akva stabil aquariums. these fish can possibly get to 18" in 1 year

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Emma Roberson - 2004-03-19
Its a great website!

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Penny Benson - 2004-03-19
I have a severe macaw named Fred. I bought him from a woman who had a day care and also had a cockatoo. He was very uphappy when I went to see him. He had no tail feathers and was mostly brown because of constant preening. His owner said she kept him in his cage most of the time because of the children. Anyway, I purchased him that night and have had him for alittle over a year. He finally has molted and his tail feathers are beautiful. He is a wonderful companion. He loves me very much and tries to repeat everything I say. When I ask him anything that starts with "do" he always says "all right". He is a total crack-up. Since then I purchased a cag. Fred is very jealous of him, but tolerates him just the same.
He is teaching the cag how to talk. Fred is so intelligent. I had no idea these birds were so wonderful!!!

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michael - 2004-03-19
Mine (about 22 inches) got along well with a 7 inch pacu, a 15 inch clown knife, and a very large clawed frog. the trick is to keep them from getting very hungry and they rarely ever had any fights. I finally did trade these fish to a very good LFS due to size, though.

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gert, Victoria, Australia - 2004-03-18
i have two mice - shagga and mustad! they have just had a litter of 10 babies, but five got eaten. i figure they must have been sick, because mother always knows best. two i have named coz their patches are the same as rottweilers!!! mice r cute... but i wouldnt recommend having breeder mice if u cant or wont put in the time!


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