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Anonymous - 2004-02-01
I have two Ryunkins, and they are fantastic fish. I have found that mine love to eat frozen brine shrimp, but will eat flakes or pellets. (Hint: soak flakes in a small amount of tank water before feeding to reduce the possibility of swimbladder issues.) If you are thinking about purchasing a Ryunkin, be sure to have a large tank, as these fish grow rapidly. But, they make wonderful pets and are a fun addition to any household!

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fdb - 2004-02-01
Beautiful fishl. Has such a good personality

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Andrea "Vuelta" - 2004-01-31
They are beautiful. Sono pesci bellissimi che consiglio a chiunque voglia avere nel proprio acquario un pesce inelligente e che mangia davvero tanto.Regala molte soddisfazioni. (Translated: "They are the most beautiful fish and I recommend them to anyone who likes intelligent fish in their aquarium that eat a lot. Regala many satisfactions indeed.")

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cannabanana - 2004-01-31
my mouse recently gave birth, its so cool to watch the whole life cycle. when their first born they are so adorable. now they have fuzz and are starting to eat and drink on their own. (remember: if your giving your mice away to a petshop make sure the petshop doesnt sell them as feeders!!!) that would be awful!

*****mouse lover!*****

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jjpp - 2004-01-31
guinea pigs are so cute. I have two wonderful and adorible guinea pigs .

steph - 2004-01-30
Ginny Pigs are sweet. Ginny Pigs are cute. I have three of them. Their names are: Ginny the Guinea Pig, Blackie, and Missy. They are all soo sweet, and to view their pictures, go to this site
Ginny the Guinea pig was submitted into two sites and he won a lot of competitions. I just love ginny pigs so much!

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Jenn - 2004-01-30
ello, im a 16 yr old girl in high school. i have a teddy bear hamster.. hes wicked cute.. and HYPER ACTIVE!!... tho .. its REALLY hard to get information on them it seems as if "dwarf" hamsters are the only ones that exist.. GAR well.. hes cutes... names goofey.. dont ask.. my nehpew named him.. but ya..

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Elke Zeller - 2004-01-30
I have 3 of those bloody parrots . Had them now for about one year and 2 month.And I lovvvve them. They kiss each other and play push away. At first I thought they would harm themselves but they are not. Although I must say that when I do my cleaning of the tank my bigger one comes swimming and nips me. Now everytime he comes to me I try to tough him and he swims away. It got to the point that he really hurt me. But I thought if I just show him that I can do that too he thought...well I better lay off. So now he comes up and just watches me while I do the cleaning. I also play with them. I put one of my fingers on the tank and go back and forth and they all follow the finger. Thats so cute.They love to eat but only once a day and love to make a mess. My kids call them plumpy, gumpy, and lumpy. So they are the highlight of our family.

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kc - 2004-01-29
i just received 5 budgie parakeets and they are worth my time . they are sweet and love to sing .

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TinySweetHeart - 2004-01-29
I recently got a Netherland Dwarf bunny from the big local pet store. I had no intention of buying another rabbit because my big guy, Basil, just died this summer after I had him for six years. But when she put the chinchilla colored one in my arms and she just laid there and closed her eyes I had to have her! I have only had her for a week but I already am in love with Matilda. She loves to be held and pet but she also has endless energy to run around with my little dog, Zoe. At first she would get scared and her natural reaction was to scratch when I would lift her. But it only took my a minute to realize I had to "scoop her up", supporting her back legs, and she was fine. Matilda is the best and I think Netherland dwarfs are great for someone who has the time and patience!


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