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rj - 2004-03-31
the firefish I got two days ago seems to prefer brine srimp and slow sinking pellets.

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Louie Rod - 2004-03-31
The chinese algae eater will stop eating algae but eat old fish flakes at the bottom of your tank when older and will start gaining weight and slowing it down.

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Corinne - 2004-03-30
My fish is really cute. He is a slow swimmer, he likes to swim forward and then backwords. But he is really cute so it makes up for his lack of swimming ability.

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france - 2004-03-29
i bought a porcupine fish and they are addorable but keep puffing up cute france

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mandy - 2004-03-29
I have kept these charming fish for about six months, and they are fun to watch! When I first bought them they were a dull off-white color, but as they matured they got slightly reddish tails, and the black, white and yellow markings on thier fins. They also co-habitate quite well with my harlequin rasboras!

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Nikki - 2004-03-28
Yes this web site helped me keep my hamster for a very long healthy life... thatk you! i love this site!

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rwfranklin - 2004-03-28
I have two of these in my tank and they are very beautiful and graceful. One does seem to pick on the other but there doesnt seem to be undue stress on the part of the "victim" as it doesnt continuously hide. They get on well with other fish.
I have:
6 Neon Tetras
6 White Cloud Mountain Minnows
3 Golden Barbs
2 Dwarf Gouramis
4 Corydoras Panda
3 Otocinclus Affinis
1 Siamese Algae Eater
2 Sunrise Mollies

They seem to make for a succesful community aquarium,

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George - 2004-03-28
I bought my raphael at a near by pet shop for about $5 at four inches. Now, eight months laters, he is six inches living in a 60 gallon with my two Red Devils and is doing OK

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Marie - 2004-03-28
I just did my science project on Pinecone, Scraps, Zappy, Zoomie and CocoaBear, my five Guinea pigs.Thanx 4 helping!;p

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James - 2004-03-28
I just got my pleco and it is a very good cleaner and also it is very cool and small.


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