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Douwe - 2004-01-27
Very nice page. We are two breeders of the Dutch Lop. if you want to see some pictures, visit our website at

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tam bam - 2004-01-27
my arowana dont like nothing but feeders i have tryed ever thing he dont like plankton night crawlers krill crickets but he will eat bloodworms and brine shrimp hes not even a year yet and hes about 22 ins long hes a big boy

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Angie Harsh - 2004-01-27
I have a peach fronted conure named Fred. He was a pet shop bird that was extremely unhappy. A product of a divorce and a remarriage. the previous owner was given an ultimatum of "The bird goes or I go" Personally that woman would have been listed in the "free to good home" section of the paper the next day. Anyway Fred bit everyone that approached him. I was in the petshop and saw him, asked him if he wanted to come out and he promptly lifted his foot to come on my hand. I walked around the petshop with him, I was able to pet him, and snuggle him. The people that worked there was amazed. I visited him for several months at the store, thinking surely someone would buy this bird, but after two months the bird was still there, and starting to refuse to eat. Subsequently he became my mothers day present 3 yrs. ago from my husband. He is a wonderful little bird, very social, and now loves to be handled by everyone, of course I am still his favorite.:0) He can be loud, but when he goes banannas I just cover his cage for a little while and he quiets immediately. If it is a small parrot that interests you, the peach front conure is a mighty little parrot in small body. They are clowns, and love attention. They love a "happy hut" in their cage for night time sleeping. He always sleeps in his hut. Toys: They prefer the smaller toys, and are extremely messy with their drinking water. They dunk everything and water needs to be changed several times a day. I do not use a water bottle, but do have two seperate containers for water. One for dunking, one for drinking and he does use them that way. Be sure to change the dunking water often. They love to be misted several times a week with a spray bottle. The only drawback to these darling little birds is their voice when they scream. They are very loud, and extremely annoying. Many times I just take him out of the cage and hold him for a few minutes and that stops it. They are extremely interactive with people, and love the "people time" that they get out of the cage and with you. They live about 20 yrs. so be prepared for a long relationship. I would recommend them to anyone that is looking for a small parrot.

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JaCkY a.k.a TwInKlEz - 2004-01-26
Hello my name is Jacky and i have a boy parakeet, a budgie. he only likes to get out of his cage when i put him in the bathroom. he licks the mirrors and this page has helped me understand all that he is about and i now can be a better owner and i am very happy with him but hes scared of everything u kno well bye


by the way my birds name is Chuchurro!

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tim - 2004-01-26
I have resently bought a single tin foil for my 30 gallon tank. When I purchased him he was about an 1 1/2 inches, and in just over 2 weeks he has grown another inch. Other fish in my tank include 1 albino cory, 2 small alge eaters, 1 giant danio, and 1 small shark about 3 inches (not sure what kind because I purchased it long ago, not bala).

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Carissa - 2004-01-26
I am a very big fish person. But, my favorite fish is a hatchetfish. I have learned more about the silver hatchet fish then any other hatchetfish. But when you have any type of hatchetfish, you should always have a net over your filter hole, so your hatchetfish will not jump out. For proof, I have had two hatchetfish jump out of my tank. One was a silver hatchetfish. It was playing in the filter current for a few days. But one morning before I left the house, I did not see my hatchetfih in my tank. A while later, we found it by the stand our fish tank is on. It was to late to save it. You can also ask a person at a fish store. But hatchetfish are very good fish to keep.

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  • katrina {6 years old} - 2010-03-24
    It might be dangerous to keep a hatchet fish but its not. Have you seen a hatchet fish? It's small so you can keep it. In rivers maybe there are some hatchet fish that are lost. Fisher men sometimes let pepole adopt hacthet fish would you like to adopt one? Like also to if you don't know ask a vet or a person in the fish store enjoy having a hatchet fish pet!
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Jesse Cormier - 2004-01-26

Hi my name is Jesse,I am 12 years old and i have a Teddy Bear Hamster,his name is Hermon.Teddy Bear Hamsters are cute and loving pets.I play with him for about 1 hour every day.And clean his cage every few days. I would recomend a teddy bear hamster to anyone who has kids.
They are very fun to play with!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Lindsay and Crest - 2004-01-26
Guinea pigs absolutely rock. I have had a total of two guinea pigs. The first one died at age five and now I have one named Crest. He is such a loveable, sweet animal that is always ready for some attention. He is someone or something that I can talk to. Guinea pigs are seriously the best.

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M2mom - 2004-01-26
For really solid info on Moluccan cockatoos or just cockatoos in general please visit

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Rachel Thompson - 2004-01-25
We have two of these entertaining fish. Both are orange and about 4" in length. We keep them in a seven foot tank with several other species however we have found that they do have a penchant for the tetra neons and our crew of those has shrunk from 10 to 4! We find them very friendly to us, funny to watch but they definitely rule the roost in the tank. We have had several clutches of eggs but the other fish must eat them cos they disappear very quickly. I wouldnt want to part with them now as they are an endless source of amusement.


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