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Kyle Brocklehurst - 2004-04-14
I run the aquatic centre at BIRCHGROVE GARDEN CENTRE, PINCHBECK,LINCOLNSHIRE,ENGLAND (SEE OUR WEBSITE WWW.BIRCHGROVEGC.CO.UK). I would consider the parrot fish to be the best cichlid that i have ever come across.
My pride and joy is a four year old blood red who will never harm any of his tank mates not even the neons that he lives with.
Over the last two months i have been getting shipments of assorted parrots which have come in many colours all of which i have made my own names for and asked customers to call them by these names which are: NEON BLUE PARROT, PINK NEON, CORAL YELLOW, TURQUISE,and the BLEEDING HEART.
Yes i heard about how they get the colour but i believe that this does not effect them in the long run.
I believe the parrot fish to be the best fish to put in your tank if there is trouble between other fish because they soon create order in the tank and become the boss.

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Alyssa, 10 - 2004-04-14
I have a teddy bear hamster named Rascal,and she is so cute. I think that hamsters make great pets because they are quite friendly. I have never been bitten by her.

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Rachel Dixon - 2004-04-14
I have had my beautiful yellow tang for nearly 2 years, he has done so well,from 2 inches to 5!

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Rach - 2004-04-14
My flame hawk is not at all shy he is my favourite fish and i call him flameo i love him so much ,he is an acrobat! HE LOVES following my fingers and he spends some of his time staring at me when were eating!!

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Gabriel - 2004-04-13
I just had a 700 gallon pond made and I bought 3 shubunkins (3" long). With the little time I spent at the pond, I get tremendous pleasure out of it.

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NINA - 2004-04-13
I have two holland lops, a orange and a black and they are so cute!! They are a lot of responsibility but, no pain no gain! Holland lops are the best

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Emily Dickow - 2004-04-13
Greetings! I love my tin foil barbs. I have 2 of them in a 55-gallon tank with some cory cats, a pleco, clown loaches and two kribensis. They are now 14 years old, and I am on my third fish tank (55-gallon). I now believe this tank is also too small for them, as they are nearly a foot long each. I bought them when I was much younger, before I did anything like fish research, and I got no warning from the pet store that they would grow so very large! Had I known then what I know now, I do not know that I would have gotten the same fish! They eat everything in sight (live plants are a fantasy to me, as they ate an aquarium full). I cannot get any new fish, as they eat them. Algae is a problem, as any otocinclus I attempt to put in the tank are usually eaten within one week. They constantly harassed the snails, as well, so now they will just have to make do with the lazy pleco. They are incredibly hardy fish - one even took a late night sail out of the aquarium and flopped on the floor for a while before being scooped up and dumped back in. As that was nearly 11 years ago, I am not anticipating he will have any long term difficulties from it! The people at the aquarium said they can live up to 30 years in captivity, so if you keep them right, you will have them a VERY long time! Just be sure you GET A BIG TANK!

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SANDRA - 2004-04-13

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anthony - 2004-04-13
I bought mine and dump it into the aquarium.
It appeared very stressed and kept swimming around nervously.
It fed on the live tiny catfish which i threw in.

Tank was clear when i went to bed.
When i woke up all marine lifeforms were dead and aquarium was filled with a whitish fluid. Only survivors were corals, anemone, anemone crab and moray eel.

The next day i bought one more. same thing happened. this will be my last porcupine. *sad*

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Gwang - 2004-04-12
Hi I am from Thailand and I just got my blackmoor yesterday.Her name is Bento. She is very cute and always hungry. I try not to overfeed her. Next week I am going to by a runchu to be her friend.


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