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Selena - 2004-04-01
Hi, I just wanted to comment about Wet Tail, and how the Dry Tail is not very effective at all. Wet Tail is a very fatal disease, and even with the anti-biotics that the vets give out, I read that 80% of them still die. My little one has Wet Tail right now and I am really hoping she will get better. Anyway, I just wanted to comment that if a hamster appears to have this disease, then the first thing the owner should do is to take the hamster to a vet, RIGHT AWAY. Hamsters can die within 48 hours of when the symptoms have begun to show. Thank you =)

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saskia - 2004-04-01
tallulah is the name of our very lively healthy clown tang. (although maybe borris is her name do you know if its a male or female ??) anyway , royal of the tank it is. Likes to hang out with clowne fish, and isnt scared to tease simon, the banded shrimp. Likes to shelter in the biggest cave, and will makes her head turn black when feeling territorial. Extremely fast swimmer , loves her food and has a good sense of humour.

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Anonymous - 2004-04-01
A common misconception is that this fish is a slow swimmer but it can keep up with just about any fish, especially when an attempt is made to catch it. They can dart from one end of the tank to the other in a flash. I have had several and they do seem prone to ich. Freshwater dips and keeping the salinity low, around 1.020, seem to help a lot.

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Anonymous - 2004-04-01
I got the best info. for my science project!! Thanks!!!

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richard abel - 2004-04-01
I also have a bluffon. Cece, he came to me a from a very nice lady who could not handle him. These guys are very strong and large(1300+ Grams)so they are not for the first time bird owner or one that the beak scares.

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Jamie - 2004-04-01
I have had bad luck with fish, but bettas are very hardy. Also they are not messy like goldfish. They have a lot of personality, (for a fish) and mine will even take food from my fingertips. I have had three--two females and a male. Now I am down to one. My male died of old age, and I lost a female in a cat related tragedy. If you look around you can get some very pretty females--mine is brilliant red. She lives in a five-gallon tank with a ghost shrimp. (Which by the way she gets along with fine once the novelty of "something-new-to-follow-around" wore off.) Ivan is quite right, just because they can live in a small container does not mean they should, they should have at least a gallon. In all these are great fish, definitely one of my favorites!

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john - 2004-04-01
A very nice bird. Relatively quiet bird compared to other types of Parakeets. I highly recomend it for any veteran or first time bird owner!

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William - 2004-04-01
I have a white eyed named Billy. He is my little buddy. :)

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Megan - 2004-03-31
I have had Netherland Dwarfs for about 7 years now. My first rabbit that I fell in love with was Casey who I still have. I have recently paid $200 for my 4 GC Buck. I fell in love with this breed and i dont ever plan on changing. My rabbits are very lovable and have a good temperment. The Netherland is a good breed for younger children, because they have a good temperment. I was 8 when i got my first Netherland and I am now all most 16.

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rj - 2004-03-31
the firefish I got two days ago seems to prefer brine srimp and slow sinking pellets.


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