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v woods - 2004-04-21
I had a blue dutch he was 12 weeks when i got him but sadly died at the age of one year old.

He was a lovely buck named Piccolo, and i loved him dearly, and I miss him very much.

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Gwang - 2004-04-20
I had my black moor (Bento) for 10 days now. I brought her some new friends three days ago. A calico rykin (Taro)and a pure white ranchu (Ten Ten). They are very tame now especially Bento & Taro. They come and eat the food out of my hand!!! I never knew a fish could be tame so easily.

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jen - 2004-04-20
I have a holland lop, and she is sOoOoOo cute! She is kind of brownish, mostly black and white. She looks alout like pepper, so thats what I named her! Holland lops are very great with children. They love to play and their sooooo CUTE!!!

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Meg - 2004-04-20
congo grays rock!

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Mary - 2004-04-20
We were lucky enough to be able to raise baby raccoons and then set them free in the wild, which meant, I was there Mommy and took them off to the woods and the brook to learn to forage for themselves. One of them, named Roxane, used to come back all the time for a fun into the toilet *lol* and lots of hugs with purring. She was the greatest. The male, was a bit wilder and would bite and be very restless in captivity. I can see how as pets some raccoons would be very cool but also could be dangerous. They are cute of course.

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Arianna Crespo - 2004-04-19
Goffins are so great to be as a pet. They are very playful parrots they love to stay out of the cage at all times.They are sweet parrots but, if you are nice to them they will be nice to you.

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Anonymous - 2004-04-18
They are GREAT!!

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Fish keeper - 2004-04-18
Mollies are great pets, easy to keep, and are prolific breeders. I have had mollies for just a week and now have 53 more. If you want to breed fish, try mollies, they seem to breed the best out of all the livebearers.

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KENJI HIRAI - 2004-04-18
I love have one of these sharks because there small and very easy to take care of . Note:THIS SHARK IS THE ULTIMANTE SALT WATER FISH!!!!!!

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Bryan - 2004-04-18
I have had a few and they are really interesting fish. I saw them on the discovery channel and discovered that they can eat birds and insects and grow over 5 feet in the wild. I really want to try and breed them but they are kinda expensive.


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