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mark g. - 2004-02-21
they really are good oxygenators! but they grow very fast and dead leaves tend to ruin the nice gravels.

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Joanne - 2004-02-21
I got a pet parakeet and boy am i glad, now my life has the joy of birds in it! Im glad i read this because now i know that my pet will be safe and live long! Im getting a second to!!! Thanks A LOT FOR UR HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!**********

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Stacey - 2004-02-21
Hi my name is Stacey and i have 2 guinea pigs. One is ginger and the other one is lots of different colours. I think guinea pigs are so adorable and so CUTE! I have found lots of advice about guinea pigs on your website! I hope to get more advice in the near future.

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anonumos - 2004-02-21
These fish mostly swim at the top of the aquarium

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Lauren - 2004-02-21
Hamsters are so cute! I have a little hamster named Vanilla. I have had him for over a year. He is very lazy and sleeps all the time. He has compltely torn up his cage. He is so cute.

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Anonymous - 2004-02-20
these are just WILD!

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Heather - 2004-02-20
We own one tiger barb. The first one died but this one is doing just fine. We have an assortment of fish, including one angelfish many guppies and some mollies. The tiger barb does like to nibble but has never seriously harmed another fish. Now the angel fish on the other hand is the one we have to worry about!

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Alyssa - 2004-02-20
bubblefish oh my adorable!

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J>B - 2004-02-20
I have a mini rex. He runs around. He can be stubborn sometimes if he doesnt get his way. Over all they are awesome!

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Cory B. - 2004-02-20
These fish seem more susceptible to ich than others. I just got one from the pet store and have been treating it for about 5 days now. It started with just one spot and exploded in a matyer of hours to about 8. They are the only fish I have had catch ich so far...I have owned a few goldfish, mollies, a chinese alge eater, and a guarami (not sure on spelling). However, they seem to be a relatively long lasting fish. They are just fragile in their youth.


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