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Al - 2004-04-28
I have a species tank of Trichogaster trichopterus and they do fine, It had pvc pipe and stuff in it to hide so its pretty good for them


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harriett - 2004-04-28
I love hamsters

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Heather W. - 2004-04-28
my pet betta is blue and his name is Cheechee. At first I thought he was a girl but I did some research & found out he was a girl! I think betta fish are awesome!!!

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Misty - 2004-04-28
I have had my Oranda in a goldfish bowl for at least four months and he is doing great. I convinced my friend to get one as well. My fish Wonka is very sociable and blows bubbles at me when I feed him.

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Vivian - 2004-04-27
I have had mine 18 mths and luv it !! I bought crickets for it and was amazed at the way it pounced on them, A real treat to have in any tank

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Tasha - 2004-04-27
I love Holland Lop rabbits they are just so beautiful.

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Tahsa - 2004-04-27
Pictures of those Holland lop rabbit are the best. I love there chubby face and all there colors. THERE GREAT!!

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Shawn - 2004-04-27
My pink giant gourami was only about 4 inches when I first bought it. After about 5 months, it grew to about 12 inches! It eats a lot and grows real fast. When it is hungry, it will keep begging for food whenever I approach it. But after a heavy meal it will become quite nervous and hides whenever I come close to it. Quite an interesting fish. It will swallow whatever that can fit into its mouth. Now that it is big enough, whenever I place my finger onto the tank glass, it will start attacking it by knocking its mouth against the tank glass!

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ARSON - 2004-04-26

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Carol Phillips - 2004-04-26
I love Quaker Parrots. I raise them and there are so many different colors (and more and more colors being developed). Each has its own personality.
A Quaker is a fantastic bird!


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