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kylie - 2004-05-17
Hi my name is Kylie Ihave 7 baby mice and two adalts mice

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alissa - 2004-05-17
chunchillas are adorable

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Ben compton - 2004-05-17
This fish is very fun to watch swim and even to watch eat!This fish can even learn to eat out of your own hand!*but watch out,he may nip at your fingers*!But other wise this fish is worth every penny of you money!(Will get very agressive when eating or feeding).

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Anonymous - 2004-05-17
The sohal tang is my favorite fish, and i think the $150 I spent on it was a good deal for the quality and beauty that this fish has. Mine is reef safe and active and kind to its tank mates, I keep it with a mated pair of percula clowns, coral beauty angel, lawnmower blenny, hermit crabs, snails, and chocolate starfish. I think every one should have one.

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carl - 2004-05-17
Surprisingly active but peaceful fish. Mixed in a school of regular tiger barbs and albino, they pay no attention to the other fish in the aquarium. I have a total of 9 tiger barbs and they stick close to each other

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Nancy - 2004-05-16
I have a teddy bear hamster her name is Ellie.She is so cute.Ellie is going to have baby hamsters.Ellie is White and peach.

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big bird - 2004-05-16
I started with two and I now have eight! It was great fun to watch their courting and nest building, egg production and fledgling antics. I have developed a greater appreciation of all birds, thanks to my zebra finch friends!

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Holly Blankenmeyer - 2004-05-16
My poor fish got one of his sacs sucked into the filter. it is now completely gone. I am assumming that they do not grow back. It is possible for the fish to survive with only one sac and no dorsel fin.

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ben - 2004-05-16
heavily susceptible to desease, spreading among communual members of the same species only at alarming rates. as of yet ive been unable to rescue them once one has contracted an illness

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viv - 2004-05-15
i love rabbits, in fact, im thinking about having my own rabbitry when i have my own place


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