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garret - 2003-11-16
these fish are great! your website really helped me out. thanks a bunch!

Allison - 2003-11-16
Mertens Butterflyfish are great! From your web page i got the info. on a report for my science teacher, and a great fish to match. i will visit this site more often. thank you animal-world!
-Allie R.

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emma chadwick - 2003-11-16
i have just recently purchaced 2 chinchillas and they are the easiest animals to look after, better than a rabbit or a guinea pig or a hamster or rat i think they are the cheapest most rewarding pets anyone can buy they are definitly worth the money even though they can be quite expensive, mine were around 2 hundred for the pair but they are the best thing that happened to me i love them!!!!!!!!!!! by the way they are called snowey and pepper!.

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Borert Kosinski - 2003-11-15
I worked in an albino hamster, drug testing laboratory, for fifteen years. They are truely wonderful animals and i regret exploiting them as we did. I would highly recomend them as a pet; I would know as i now keep over twenty-five as pets. They certainly brightened up my life for fifteen years and they still do.

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lyra - 2003-11-15
hi i just got a parakeet about a week a go. we dont know if its a boy or girl because its only a baby but its name is phoenix. phoenix is so cute. i love phoenix so much!

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Katrina - 2003-11-15
Some of the prettiest fish i ever kept. Graceful yet endulging. I;d like to suggest keeping them with Harelquin Rasorbas. But, a word of caution to this NOT keep them with larger fish. They MUST be the same size as the other fish in the aquarium when you put them in or else you will go through what i went through. Two black widows, two whites, over all peaceable. I tried to add a little school of 5 neon, and disaster struck. Two had their tails bitten off, one was PUSHED UP THE FILTER. I caught the remaining two just in time and returned them to the pet store. Dont go through what i did, keep them in large schools with fish of the same size at least at that time.

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crystal - 2003-11-14
I have just brought home the most loving dwarf his name is Herbie, make sure you watch these little creatures very carefully, i left him alone for 45 min. and he burrowed a hole in my carpet! (its an apartmant OOPS) but have fun with them they are very friendly.

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Addison Wessbecker - 2003-11-14
I think that your babies are so cute! My guinea is due to have babies 11-14-03, so we are really excited! I again have to say how cute and healthy they look. Cinder did a very good job.

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emma - 2003-11-14
i just got a new bunny

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Roger - 2003-11-13
My rabbits name is Midnight. He is so cool because he is black like it is at Midnight. My other rabbit here at school have no cage and roam around the classroom all day long.


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