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Marissa - 2004-05-24
I have 150 mice.I love having mice they are great pets.I show them and breed them for a job.I now have baby mice for sale if anyone wants to buy one.

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kayla - 2004-05-24
I love hasmters soo much they are very cute and can be a great friend which is what my hamsters have given me! My hamsters names are Isabella and Lily. They have taught me many things and have gotten me through times of stress. I have to go actually to tend to my hamsters! All i can say are my hamsters are so much fun to have!

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Never Simbarashe - 2004-05-23
Basically I have been breeding guppies for the past 8 years and they never sieze to amaze me because I always have something new in my aquarium.To some extent it can be said that it is not exactly easy to breed them because you can get as many frys but the adults have a tendancy of eating them and before you know it all of them will be gone.Therefore I would preferably seperate the expecting mother from the rest of the fish and in my case I always make sure there is more than enough food daily so as to reduce the chances of the mother eating any thing consumables unnecessarily.The guppy list is endless ,but for me I think they are the most interesting pet fish one can keep due to their variety and adaptation in various communities.I just love the guppy family,GO GUPPIES GO!I have about 100 adults and fry of up to 120 per month(various types of the guppy family.

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L. Niepert - 2004-05-23
I bought a male to replace one that died. My daughter was very upset over the whole situation. She made the mistake of thinking the cat would ignore her fish same as her first cat. I was attracted to a very battered red male (he is missing the top half of his tail fin and one eye is damaged). His name is Maximus (The Gladiator).He has brought me many hours of entertainment. He flares for the ladies and would kill the other male or die trying if he could only get to him! My daughter ended up going out and replacing her fish as none from here ever made it there. The cat went back to the pound.

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Sheila - 2004-05-23
My Chinese Alga hardly noticable. He stays near the bottom most the time and feeds off the debris. I had two, but have not seen the other one in some time. Who knows what happened to him????????

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Jill - 2004-05-23
Beng a beginner with aqariums,I purchased a Ryukin,and a Fantail.
I had no idea how fast these fish would grow!!!
I had originally placed each sepeately in 2 gallon tanks.Within weeks both were growing too fast and are now together in a 10 gallon aquarium.
I love them both and wish to breed them eventually.
Thanks for all the helpful info this site offered.

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Sheila - 2004-05-22
I got my black moor today, I just got him settled into his new little tank, I named him Crush. Hes so fat and cute. I hope he lives for a long time but I also hope he does not grow to big for his little tank. Sheila

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Marie R. - 2004-05-21
I just got a Holland Lop on my birthday! It is white and loves to kiss me and play around. I love having my pet. P.S( I named it Sundae for its white body which looks like ice cream and its red eyes that look like cherries!)

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kerrypakka - 2004-05-21
hi im kerry, ive been breeding guineapigs for years. nothing better!! great for kids any age! & i love this sight, just what ya want! thanks.

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erin reynolds - 2004-05-21
Hi!! I own a mimi lop and I love her. Princess is a little charater. She can always make me laugh and thats whats so special about her. Sometimes her stubbon addatude can be a little pain, but she has an additude because i spoil her to death.!!!!


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