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Matt - 2004-05-18
I just wanted to add my comments to this - I had a Chinese Algae eater for forever - just died recently - I think of old age. It was at least 6 years old and it grew to be a lot bigger than normally seen (around 6.5-7.0 inches). It was a really cool fish, practically indestructible, but it was extremely territorial. I kept it with cichlids so they held their own. But it was a moody little SOB, would rearrange its tank if the plants and cave werent in the right spot, etc. I would suggest that you have some sort of cave or hiding place for them as mine liked to hide until nighttime.

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sue - 2004-05-18
They are the cutiest things you ever saw I love them amd have 5 tanks filled with them they are so cute

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matt s - 2004-05-18
i have two 3 inch parrots they are my favourite fish i keep them with six firemouth cichlids. they are the bosses of the tank and dont let any fish get in there way . they have just layed eggs today but from what ive heard they wont hatch but ill just have to wait and see.

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kylie - 2004-05-17
Hi my name is Kylie Ihave 7 baby mice and two adalts mice

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alissa - 2004-05-17
chunchillas are adorable

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Ben compton - 2004-05-17
This fish is very fun to watch swim and even to watch eat!This fish can even learn to eat out of your own hand!*but watch out,he may nip at your fingers*!But other wise this fish is worth every penny of you money!(Will get very agressive when eating or feeding).

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Anonymous - 2004-05-17
The sohal tang is my favorite fish, and i think the $150 I spent on it was a good deal for the quality and beauty that this fish has. Mine is reef safe and active and kind to its tank mates, I keep it with a mated pair of percula clowns, coral beauty angel, lawnmower blenny, hermit crabs, snails, and chocolate starfish. I think every one should have one.

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carl - 2004-05-17
Surprisingly active but peaceful fish. Mixed in a school of regular tiger barbs and albino, they pay no attention to the other fish in the aquarium. I have a total of 9 tiger barbs and they stick close to each other

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Nancy - 2004-05-16
I have a teddy bear hamster her name is Ellie.She is so cute.Ellie is going to have baby hamsters.Ellie is White and peach.

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big bird - 2004-05-16
I started with two and I now have eight! It was great fun to watch their courting and nest building, egg production and fledgling antics. I have developed a greater appreciation of all birds, thanks to my zebra finch friends!


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