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Vivian - 2004-04-27
I have had mine 18 mths and luv it !! I bought crickets for it and was amazed at the way it pounced on them, A real treat to have in any tank

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Tasha - 2004-04-27
I love Holland Lop rabbits they are just so beautiful.

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Tahsa - 2004-04-27
Pictures of those Holland lop rabbit are the best. I love there chubby face and all there colors. THERE GREAT!!

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Shawn - 2004-04-27
My pink giant gourami was only about 4 inches when I first bought it. After about 5 months, it grew to about 12 inches! It eats a lot and grows real fast. When it is hungry, it will keep begging for food whenever I approach it. But after a heavy meal it will become quite nervous and hides whenever I come close to it. Quite an interesting fish. It will swallow whatever that can fit into its mouth. Now that it is big enough, whenever I place my finger onto the tank glass, it will start attacking it by knocking its mouth against the tank glass!

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ARSON - 2004-04-26

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Carol Phillips - 2004-04-26
I love Quaker Parrots. I raise them and there are so many different colors (and more and more colors being developed). Each has its own personality.
A Quaker is a fantastic bird!

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jim - 2004-04-26
I have two plecos in my 55 gallon aquarium. They are very entertaining and cool to watch. They are a very good aquarium cleaner because they suck the algae right off your aquarium. I highly recomand this aquarium cleaner to anyone who has lots of algae in their aquarium.

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duke dellarocco - 2004-04-26
we are sick over the loss of my naso tang. he had the best personality, he would eat out of my hand and love to show off when he knew we were watching. he went to fish heaven this past sunday. he went into shock and never came out off it. we had him for almost 2 years. coolest fish in our 72 gallon reef tank. we did a water change of around 25 gallons this time no different from any other time, but for some reason he did not like it. he will be missed. for anyone thinking about gettting a naso, DO IT. - sarah & duke dellarocco

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RITA - 2004-04-26
I have a Dutch black and white rabbit named Amber. He is a male although when he was born they said he was female. He is almost 5 years old and very sweet. He follows me around the kitchen and runs laps from the front door to the other end of the kitchen around the trashcan. He wants to be held all day and petted. He has a very distinct personality and likes and dislikes. He was born in Houston Texas and immigrated with us to Israel. He is now a new immigrant. The trip was not easy but he made it. He is now settled in and loves his new home. He is one of the family just like my other children. Life would not be the same without him.

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Rachel M - 2004-04-25
Hi, I ABSOLOUTLEY LOVE guinea pigs and I have two of my own. Yesterday, (April 24th) was their 1st birthday! To celebrate, I gave them a gourmet salad and I painted a clay creation I made of them. Their names are Patches and Smudge and they are males. I also have a photo in a frame of them. They are definitely mischevious! :)


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