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richard abel - 2004-04-01
I also have a bluffon. Cece, he came to me a from a very nice lady who could not handle him. These guys are very strong and large(1300+ Grams)so they are not for the first time bird owner or one that the beak scares.

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Jamie - 2004-04-01
I have had bad luck with fish, but bettas are very hardy. Also they are not messy like goldfish. They have a lot of personality, (for a fish) and mine will even take food from my fingertips. I have had three--two females and a male. Now I am down to one. My male died of old age, and I lost a female in a cat related tragedy. If you look around you can get some very pretty females--mine is brilliant red. She lives in a five-gallon tank with a ghost shrimp. (Which by the way she gets along with fine once the novelty of "something-new-to-follow-around" wore off.) Ivan is quite right, just because they can live in a small container does not mean they should, they should have at least a gallon. In all these are great fish, definitely one of my favorites!

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john - 2004-04-01
A very nice bird. Relatively quiet bird compared to other types of Parakeets. I highly recomend it for any veteran or first time bird owner!

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William - 2004-04-01
I have a white eyed named Billy. He is my little buddy. :)

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Megan - 2004-03-31
I have had Netherland Dwarfs for about 7 years now. My first rabbit that I fell in love with was Casey who I still have. I have recently paid $200 for my 4 GC Buck. I fell in love with this breed and i dont ever plan on changing. My rabbits are very lovable and have a good temperment. The Netherland is a good breed for younger children, because they have a good temperment. I was 8 when i got my first Netherland and I am now all most 16.

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rj - 2004-03-31
the firefish I got two days ago seems to prefer brine srimp and slow sinking pellets.

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Louie Rod - 2004-03-31
The chinese algae eater will stop eating algae but eat old fish flakes at the bottom of your tank when older and will start gaining weight and slowing it down.

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Corinne - 2004-03-30
My fish is really cute. He is a slow swimmer, he likes to swim forward and then backwords. But he is really cute so it makes up for his lack of swimming ability.

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france - 2004-03-29
i bought a porcupine fish and they are addorable but keep puffing up cute france

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mandy - 2004-03-29
I have kept these charming fish for about six months, and they are fun to watch! When I first bought them they were a dull off-white color, but as they matured they got slightly reddish tails, and the black, white and yellow markings on thier fins. They also co-habitate quite well with my harlequin rasboras!


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