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georgina - 2004-05-30
i think this is a wonderful website because i have a lop rabbit too and he looks exactly like yours on the home page. his name is fudge and he is 1 year old.
thank you for doing this website its very interesting to read.
p.s- arent lop rabbits so cute

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Brandy - 2004-05-30
I have rescued three Green Cheeked Amazons, they were only a few days old when my husband found them at work. He thought they had died so he left them alone, they next day they were still alive and the parents were nowhere in sight. He brought them home and we have saved their little lives. They are going on 4 weeks old now. This is my first experience with hand feeding birds. Actually these are our first pets! If anyone else has had experience raising these types of Amazons I would love to communicate. I have some questions that concern me about their behavior. A few times in the morning they will hiss at me and snap. Maybe they are hungry. Feedings stop at 9:30pm until 6:00am. Or maybe they are scared. Who knows. They are very lovable and love to have their heads rubbed. I am now teaching them how to perch, soon will start weaning foods and moving them into a cage. Anyone with advice or experience can email me at

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Apirl Chavez - 2004-05-30
i especially love small animals. i just got one yesterday and i came to this site to help me find more information about ginnypigs. If you have any information to help me make Rikko (the ginnypigs name) a good and healthy pet, please send me a e-mail of how to take better care of a ginnypig. is my e-mail,thank you

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Candy - 2004-05-30
My black moor, Misha, is a constant source of pleasure for me. I came on the site to see how to best take care of her. Thanks for everything!

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r. hyde - 2004-05-30
Mollies are great starter fish, easily mixed with tetras or danios.

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liam hedges - 2004-05-29
russian dwarf hamsters are the most loveable creaters ever

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Anika - 2004-05-29
As with all gouramis whose mature size is around 4 inches- it is unwise to mix with the dwarf varieties. I have had horrible experiences with a homicidal gold gourami- who mauled and killed a neon dwarf gourami. Anything that is smaller, weaker, or in the wrong place at the wrong time is a potential target. In their defense they are beautiful and can be tamed. The ideal setting in my opinon for these fish is a 30+ gallon tank with one gold gourami, one pearl gourami, one opaline/blue/3 spot gourami, 3 LARGE bronze corys, and lots of hiding spaces. I have heard that the females are less tempermental but you may want to confirm that with another source. Also- if you have a good fish dealer- they will be able to inform you which fish have a tendency towards violence and which seem to be calm.

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Samantha - 2004-05-28
I found out that female bettas can be colourful too. When i was breeding a pair, i saw and recognised the more colourful one as the female! It was a surprise for me and know i know that not only males can be colourful.

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Angelika - 2004-05-27
I just love my little white eyed conure. His name is Picaro and he has us all wrapped around his little foot.

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DAWN - 2004-05-27
The plecostomus is an excellent cleaner for the aquarium, however, they can be very territorial. I have a 70 gal. tank with 3 discus and one 8 inch plecos. I feed him plenty, but he is so aggressive (always chasing and harrassing my discus) that I am forced to find a new home for him. Do not put your plecos with such mild mannered fish as discus.


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