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Anonymous - 2004-05-04
you need to add information about the freshwater plants and not just have pictures and descriptions of freshwater plants!!!

Please do it because it will get a lot more people to look on your website and it will be a great reference!


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Jaime - 2004-05-04
My partner used to have an African Gray as pet back in New York City. Now we have a 2 year old Meyer named Diego. His former owner moved to England and could not take Diego with Him. Diego is a great bird, very affectionate and very personable. He is not very talkative but gives kisses and loves to be held close to neck. One funny activity he likes to do is play with my partner

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peacock - 2004-05-04
I had started out with gold fish in a 10gal tank and got a couple of platies. I dumped the gold fish and now I have two 20gal tanks with about 40 or more platies of different varieties.

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Pink ChiCk - 2004-05-04
I love them and i think they are cooli!

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Darlene - 2004-05-04
hi my name is darlene i have a new guinea pig she is white with red eyes she is 4 month old she has alot of energy she sounds off every time the fridge is open or when she hears a bag rattle she is very funny and tickleish behind her legs ans ears i love her very much

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Jamie - 2004-05-03
I got my black moor fish, seymore. Sadly he only lived 12 days since I bought him.I loved him.

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Anonymous - 2004-05-02
I love this site. It gave me everything I needed for my project for school. I had a hamster but he died. Hamsters are so cute! Thankz!

Anonymous - 2004-05-02
I LUV HAMMYS! THANKZ!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Rae Barrett - 2004-05-02
I have been keeping these fish for the past couple of years. Bigest problem, they jump out of the tank - so keep it covered. They are vey fast and I have not seen any aggressive behaviour. I always purchase them in pairs - I have one about 12 inches long in a tank with large fish. They tend to be shy. Very interesting to observe. Raphael

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Robert - 2004-05-02
I have had a marine betta for about a year now and it eats frozen mysys shrimps without any problem. The product (which I have delivered by air courrier from British Columbia) is fantastic. I have other fishes that are difficult to feed (like a copperband butterfly) and this one also eats that frozen mysis shrimps like crazy. It is the only non-live food that they will eat.


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