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dan rose - 2004-05-08
Kissing Gourami are very fun but be sure to have a larger tank for them...50 gal should be great to reduce chances of aggression towards other fish.

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Anonymous - 2004-05-07
chinchillas are flight reaction animals,and are very jittery.A chinchilla is not a pet meant to be cuddled and handled.

erica ,age 11 - 2004-05-07
I just got a chinchilla! He is already very tame,and can go on the table and roam around!I live my chinchilla!!!!!!!!

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Khaliah Taylor - 2004-05-07
Dory, regal blue tang is one of the coolest fish in the movie,"Finding Nemo."

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Jes - 2004-05-07
I got 4 angels (two golden and 2 marbled) about a year ago in a 20 Gal. long tank. About 5 months ago, one pair started breeding. Since I have moved the other pair out of the tank, I have successfully kept about 40 babies or so from two batches which I now keep in 2 20 gal. tanks. It has been really enjoyable and I have gotten more entertainment out of them than from my older african cichlid tank.

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Anonymous - 2004-05-06
Mice are good. I like mice. They are cool. I keep 20 in my locker. I like them. Mice are my friends. Thank You.

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cam - 2004-05-06
dont antaganize them or pet there head or they might bite

Anonymous - 2004-05-06
hamsters are so cute. mine once crawled on my head and fell asleep. i had to wake him up though.

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minky - 2004-05-06
Hi all my guineas died but they are awesome. I loved them sooo very much, Gizzy died of cancer. uhuh, that sucked. but they are so very cute and loveable everyone should have a guinea pig.

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gtdyuh - 2004-05-06
Dwarf rabbits are awesome


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