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Anonymous - 2004-06-16
I never really was interested in buying my son a fish tank until he watched the movie FINDING NEMO and since then he has been bound and determined to own a fish like NEMO of his own.

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jeff - 2004-06-15
Ive had a banjo cat for maybe a year now, it lives with an oscar, and i have constantly thought that it was dead. It is a cool looking fish, but it does absolutly nothing.

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shari - 2004-06-15
I hope Misty has placed her Oranda in an aquarium or pond by now. If not it will not live long. Mine are 3 years old, happily living in a pond with koi and have reproduced once. The variety of colorations from this breeding has been amazing. Some may be part koi.

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adnama316 - 2004-06-15
i have a teddy bear hamster named Hammy.he has manny nicknames:Hambone,Ham,and The Hamster.He has been a joy 2 have.Teddy bear hamsters are the absulute best to have. hammy is even poty trained!

Gregory - 2004-06-15
Next Wednesday, I am supposed to get two winter white dwarf hamsters. At the time I am a bit nervous if this is a good choice. Also, I am getting lots of different opinions. Next week, I will experience something I have been waiting for, for over a year.

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darling denise Buffington - 2004-06-15
hello fellow parrot lovers. I have two CAGs one cockatoo and my new 3 year old blue and gold who is a rescue. in fact three out of four of my babies are rescues. heres the question to anyone out there.
Kala, my new babe has fit in and settled very nicely with our family and is a part of the flock, with all my others being boys cept my 18 year old female CAG I have never had to deal with, well female puberty! And Shes got it big time, she tore all the papers from the bottom of her cage. I tried brown paper bags, white paper towels, due to not wanting her to get sick from ink, until finally I used old regular towels to line the bottom of her cage now, she has dragged all the towels up, made a nest, wont poop in her cage and the other am laid her first egg. unfertilized since I dont breed. WoW! What do I do! have lots of different options but love your site and would love an answer how do I get her up off the floor from her home made nest, and poop in her cage again? I am getting her HIgh Potency food to make up for the calcium loss and her health is wonderful the egg was perfect, but my my; she just wants to you know
what all the time I here her in her cage LOL, and I am at odds of just what to do thanks!

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Andrew - 2004-06-15
I love my blue hippo tang and my yellow tang.The hippo tang follows the yellow tang all over the tank. They make great additions to any saltwater tank.

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Keith - 2004-06-15
I recently fell in love with a black Holland Lop and decided to bring her home as a sort of a spur-of-the-moment descision. I have been familiar with rabbits for some time, both my girlfriend and my sister have Dutch rabbits, but I could not be happier with her. I named her Tater and even though she is quite shy, once she is comfortable with a person she is even more affectionate than either of the Dutch rabbits I have known.

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C hloe - 2004-06-15
I never thought that I would be interested in goldfish because I had only ever had tropical fish in my two foot tank but when all of my tropical fish died due to fungus ( which they caught from the pet shop we bought them from only the day before) we went up to our local nursery to see what fish they supplied and then I saw the Bubble eyed goldfish I fell in love with them instantly and bought one to start of with we named it Bubbles (I know how original.)We have had bubbles for a month now and we are going to get two more to keep bubbles company. We love Bubble to bits because he has so much character and you need to look after them a bit more then the average gold fish.

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Kris - 2004-06-14
Hi Everyone, I just got on June 8th a Black Moor named HERMIE and a orange and white Fantail named Elliott. (hope they are boys). I named them after 2 NASCAR racers. I have them in a 30 gal tank and it must be like a ocean to them since they are so small. I hope they like their new home. I have a Lion Head named PITSTOP that I got 7/1996 and I may add him to the tank. Thanks for a great site.
>)))))@ Kristin from Massachusetts


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