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kitty - 2004-05-15
very cute little bunnies

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- 2004-05-14
i have a large aviary full of differents kind of birds and you have been so usefully for me and help me to keep them in the right way.

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Justin Hollins - 2004-05-14
I have had Firemouth cichlids for about four years, and I think they
are awsome fish. I failed in breeding them because my female died. If you want to breed these fish you need to take care of them and give them lots of attention, or you won`t breed them. But if you dont want to breed them then it will bee alot esier on you.

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Justn - 2004-05-14
I have had my pleco for about 3-4 months and he is great. he eats all the alge and left over food. I have him in with my 2 Blue gouramis, 2 Dwarf gouramis, 1 Gold gourami, and 1 Blue danio and he does fine. The only real problem I have with him is that he re-arranges the tank the way he wants, no matter how many times I fix it. Besides the fact they are awsome fish to keep.

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dana - 2004-05-14
My goldfish "Bubbles" has become "Bubble" I came home one day and
discovered one of his sacks stuck in the filter. The bubble has
periodically grown back but it keeps deflating. That is a great idea to put some nylon around the filter end and I am putting it on today!
The poor guy would really look bad if he lost the other:(

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Amy Lewis - 2004-05-14
I have 11 month green cheek, Sweety. She is the sweetest bird I have met! Just she never listens to me, for she loves to nibble on my face. Sometimes, she poofs her head up and tries to bite anything in sight, they have extraordianry personalities. I love it when she falls asleep in my hands. Some advice for new owners are train them from the very moment they are able to learn. Have fun!

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ashley - 2004-05-14
After researching and considering for a few weeks, I decided to buy a female Holland lop. She is adorable and very friendly. She is the new love of my life!! I named her Dusty, because she looks like an oversized dust bunny!

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miszMAI - 2004-05-13
i think Regal Blue Tang is a very affordable fish, it is easy cared for, and very interesting to watch ! i recommend EVERYONE to buy it `;] TAKECARE yall.

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Felicity Coleby - 2004-05-11
I have an Albino Hamster named Fleur. She is sweet except for the occasional nip she can give you. She is very entertaining at night when she tries to do gymnastics on the cages bars!I just wanted to say that I love her to bits and always will no matter what.

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llisa - 2004-05-11
I put an silver angelfish with a comet goldfish and a danio zebra fish and the comet ate the angelfishes fin so do not mix angelfish with comets!!!!


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