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Anonymous - 2004-06-21
I have 4 anglefish in a 150 gallon tank along with 2 bala sharks and a tin foil barb. They get along great. My anglefish is about six inches long.

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David Ying - 2004-06-21
My clowntrigger has a different pattern of the white spots - instead of being round, mine has irregular shapes and many more white spots than the ones I usually see. Can somebody tell me if mine is unusal?

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Charlotte - 2004-06-20
Sisser was my best friend and the dearest pet I have ever had. I was 13 when I got him, he was yellow with a green spot between his wings
and a tiny green spot on his chest also. His feet were pink and his pretty little beak was orange with a light purple nose. It was love at first sight. He loved to sleep in my hand or on my pillow. He was always out of his cage and always with the shower or when I did homework. At three months of age he started talking saying: Sisser, I love you, You are sooo handsome, Good morning sweethart,
I want to take a bath, Shake(he would shake my finger with his foot)
and honestly I can not remember all his phrases. He was so tame
and so smart. When I turned 18 my parents hired a fashion photographer to capture his funny antics and my gift was a wall full of the most impossibly cute pictures of a fav yellow friend. He came with me to college and picked up a few un-classy words on the way. He was tougher on boyfriends than my dad was. He drew blood on one who tried to kiss me in front of him(he warned him with loud hissing first, he SHOULD have backed off). Well, at age 21 I fell in love with my american husband and moved from Denmark to the US leaving Sisser with my parents. Mom said he was happy and playful still and always out. He died at age 13 after having slowed down for about six months. I could not stop crying despite knowing he had had the happiest life any bird could want. But then I had a black and gray tattoo done of him on my ankle and so I feel he is still with me. I now have three birds, four dogs, four turtles, two cats and a hamster and I am studying to become a vet. I love you Sisser, till we meet again at the Rainbow Bridge. Charlotte.

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~Vawn~ - 2004-06-19
I have an Albino Hypostomus Plecostomus.I am looking for some info on how to tell a male from a female,.this site has helped me out on some questions, but not all. My Pleco is about 4inches long. His tank mates are a few guppies, they get along fine.

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Angie - 2004-06-19
I have 5 silver dollars in a 55 gallon with about 20 mollys. They are beautiful! They are peaceful and pleasant! I recommend these easy keepers!

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Meghann - 2004-06-19
I am a huge animal lover and they seem to love me but fish and I never got along. I tried goldfish several times but they died within a few days. My brother gave me his 10 gallon tank when he went away but I had to give it to my mother because the fish were dying. My brother came back this year and got a male betta. He told me they were rather easy to maintain so I thought I would give it a try. I now have three bettas, red, white, and blue. They have lived in my room for three months in 1 gallon vases, with rocks and plants. I had been told that bettas are not very active but that is not true with mine. Mine are extremely active, in fact I hardly ever see them rest. My red betta loves to blow bubbles and the blue and white betta actually do syncronized swimming "monkey see monkey do." My brother tends to be jealous because his betta never does anything. If I can take care of bettas anyone can.

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Juliana, age 13 - 2004-06-19
I just got two chinchillas...and there really cool!!! I also have rabbits, goats, guinea pigs, cats, sheep, fish, and dogs. But the Chinchillas are the best so far!!! :)

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Donna and AjaXX - 2004-06-19
For Parents,
A couple of years ago my daughter Allison became interested in Hamsters. Now she is a true lover and also quite the expert. Although I am not a hamster lover I love the way she has bonded with her pets. Hamsters are also very cost free. They may only cost about 20.00 in supplies,every five months. I also love the visits from the kids in the neighborhood to see Allisons Pet hamster.
For other tips Allison would like E-mails @

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Linda - 2004-06-18
Ive just got a rainbow lorikeet, she is most beautiful and only 6-8 weeks old. she is quite fiesty at the moment. its proving difficult for me to keep handling her, her nails are sharp! and she constantly bites my hands and if on my neck goes for a mole i have :/ hopefully things will get better!

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Deb Adams-Garland - 2004-06-18

I take care of several raccoons who cross over every night from the park and have a bit of sustenence that I provide. My horrible next door neighbor sent the Wild Life Control over here tonight. I was informed that if I continue to feed the racoons "the authorities" will come and trap them, and then KILL them. That is not happening here, I am purchasing bolt cutters tommorow,no trapping here) and also sharing this travesty with all local (hey, Peta,) animal rights groups. and I will protest to the point of incarceration. Thanks for your website, DEB Adams-Garland


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