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Amy - 2004-07-20
I have had several different Gouramis and think they are very hardy and beautiful fish. But, I have a very aggressive "killer" blue Gourami on my hands. Over the past year and half he has tormented and caused the death of at least 10 fish. At one time I had him in a separate tank, but it broke, so back he went with the other fish and in the past month has killed my Gold Gourami. Things seem to be okay for now, but I have several hiding places for all the other fish. He is very much the king of the tank.

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terry - 2004-07-20
I have kept Silver Dollars for about three years now, they are a very nervous and shy fish and do better in numbers of three or more. They are a wonderful fish to keep and have had no problems apart from them eating every plant in my tank! Need to feed them plenty of veg such as lettuce. Have kept them with medium Tetras and angels and all are fine. Best to keep them in a larger fish tanks mine are in a 55 gallon tank.

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Anonymous - 2004-07-19
a word of warning, if you are thinking about getting a hamster and leaving it in your room, i suggest putting it somewhere else at night because of the wheel. it was impossible for me to find a silent wheel, so almost every night i had trouble going to sleep. (but we found a solution to make the wheel silent)

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Alyssa - 2004-07-19
I have a holland lop named snowflake I just love to watch him jump around in my backyard!

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Allaela - 2004-07-19
I have two gold gouramis. I had them in a 10 gallon tank with my two goldfish and an African Dwarf Frog. They didnt chase any of them, but one of the gold gouramis got very territorial and started to beat up the other one to the point that i never saw it because it was to scared to come out! Anyway now i have them in a much bigger tank with an electric yellow cichlid and a brown knife. They dont bother each other anymore besides the ocasional chase and the one that was getting beat up so bad is now the one that is doing some of the chasing!! I just hope that all of the fish will do fine with the discus cichlid that im planning to get and im getting rid of the yellow cichlid because it is just too aggressive with all of the fish that i have. He even killed his mate!!!!

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Mark B. - 2004-07-18
He might be a she yet, but Bobby, my young Green Cheeked conure, is curious and intelligent. I do not want his curiosity to kill him. I lost my last 2 birds, cockatiels, to escape. Once he gets outside, it will only mean freedom. Watch doors, incoming visitors, open windows. It takes a lot of luck to get one back.
To the person with the water-shy bird: your bird is now afraid of the spray. Let him become curious on his own. If the cage is left in a quiet warm place, he will eventually take his own bath. You may have to do this for several days, especially in the case of your bird. That means do not disturb. They are smart enough to know when they need one.
These birds learn readily if they are not coerced. The best way is to incorporate their natural behaviors and follow their leads. Listen to your bird! Good luck!

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michael parise - 2004-07-18
I have this shark. It was very shy for about 2 months when I first introduced it to my aquarium. But he finally came around and now he is all over the tank, loves to eat, and is great to view under black lights at night. What a hunter at night when you put in some feeder fish, great show. Michael parise 04/18/04

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Gloria - 2004-07-18
I have had my redtail for about 5 months, and am really intrigued by him. He eats like a horse. We feed him smelt, feeders, and pellets. I discovered one morning that my full-sized Jack Dempsey was missing in a haze of filmy water that was once crystal clear eight, hours prior to the discovery. Make sure you keep your tank stocked with feeders at all times or you will surely see a disappearing act in the morning. I highly recommend this fish, as he truly is a conversation piece.

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Louise - 2004-07-17
Got a beautiful baby Lutino 3 weeks ago and he is an absolute darling! He will walk around my neck preening my hair, nussle into my cheek and loves to be petted. I am allergic to animal fur and never thought I would be able to have a "loving" pet, but now I know I was wrong.

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Kit - 2004-07-17
Be careful with Chinese Algae eaters. They will occasionally nibble algae, but once they discover the wonders of fallen flake food, they will prefer that over algae. Chinese Algae eaters also tend to nibble on other fish when they get bored. They are particularly fond of the slime coatings and trailing fins of my angelfish and betta. If you are looking for an interesting fish to eat your surplus of algae, you would be better off trying to find a Siamese Algae Eater. He looks similar, but not the same as the Chinese Algae Eater. My Siamese Algae Eater, Sludge, does a great job with all the algae that pops up in my planted tank.


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