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Danielle - 2004-06-28
I have a year old lorikeet called Toot. Toot is very amazing and loves attention. He loves to get out of his cage to fly around. He loves to chat. He says: Hello,Come on,Come,Whatcha doin?, Whats that?,Whats that smell? And he also says my husbands name, which is Robert. Toot also says a lot of other words, but these are the main words he says. I love this bird a great deal and i cant imagine my life without him.

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Jack Murray - 2004-06-28
I have 3 electric yellows and they are beautiful fish. They areabout 7 inches long and they love to hide. They come to the front of the tank when i feed them and they are quiet shy. They will stand up to my convicts which are breeding and are very agressive.

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Alan Mihalko - 2004-06-28
It seems the gold gourami are a bit agressive. I recently added 2 gold gourami to a 10 gallon tank that has 3 bala sharks and a nice size algae eater. One of the golds really bullied the other to the point of death, but it seems to be fine with the other fish at this point.

jeff - 2004-06-27
Whilst I think that the gold Gourami is a fine looking addition to my tank,I also think that they are world class bullies.
A recent addition has already hounded a female Dwarf Gourami to death.
Now it is busy chasing the male Dwarf,yet my other Gold Gourami ignores the Dwarf!
Be wary of mixing the two varieties.

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annie jc - 2004-06-27
i have one green winged macaw but he is being sold and i will so miss him. i am the one who spent the most time with him.he has started saying my name

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Trevor - 2004-06-25
I love the fat little guys in the morning when I stick my finger in the tank. My baby Balloon Mollies that survive are the funniest they never leave eachothers sides.

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Marvin - 2004-06-25
We have a family of ringnecks who live in the wild and come several times a day to our feeder in SW Florida. They love sunflower seeds, and will stay at the feeder for 10-15 minutes at a time sometimes. The youngsters stay and eat the most.

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Tracey Bassett - 2004-06-23
I have 3 dojo loaches, 5 red eye tetra, 4 desert rainbow fish, 1 Australian rainbow fish, 2 blue gouramis, 2 guppies, and a sucker fish all in a 30 gallon tank. They all get along great. My gouramis are both males and are about 3 inches in length. They chase each other, but no harm is done.

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joe - 2004-06-22
These fish are great! The are very hardy and adapt well to harsh water quality. This makes them excellent starter fish. I suggest a school of at least 5 as these guys tend to be shy in groups less than that. I have them in with Black Widow Tetra and they get alone just fine. No nipping and they hang together!

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R. Farris - 2004-06-22
My son just gave me a pair of parakeets, he had no idea I had wanted a pair for over a year. I love them! They are so sweet. Their names are "Nip" and "Tuck", they are just getting used to sitting on my finger. Your website is invaluable for information on making their new home as comfortable as possible for them. Thank you!


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