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narco - 2004-05-21
Fighting fish is a great breed for they are very entertaining in accordance to their looks, needs, strength, and great empowerment from themselves. i sometimes spend leisure time taking care of them and i see some of my friends made their fish fight for another mate in which we like and enjoy at all...

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narco - 2004-05-21
Tiger barbs are cute and lovely fishes although i have to get rid of them in my tank for they always nip on my other fishes which caused them death so i have to get rid of them and evacuate them to a smaller tank which eventually leave them biting each other and caused them death...

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Sherri - 2004-05-20
We have a one and a half year old blue & white dutch--Max von Smoot. We call him "The Smoot". We have had several other rabbits in the past, but he is the smartest and friendliest. He likes to "flop" over and play dead bunny and he looks forward to his nightly petting where he does this funny noise like grinding his teeth, and when you rub under his chin, he licks your fingers very tenderly. He has two rooms to roam freely that are bunny proofed with lots of toys and when we are home at night and on weekends he tears around the rest of the house. He is a true joy to my family and we will always own a dutch!(Maybe a couple someday)Max is very good about using his box which is in a cage that we kept him in the first year we had him. It broke our hearts to put him up every night, so we worked with him until he uses his box all the time. He is very patient with my son and has only bitten or scratched rarely, and that was when we were picking him up to put him back in his cage. He enjoys organic spring mix every morning and he loves dried pineapple and papaya which help keep fur broken down in his system. He also loves his yogurt treats/vitamins. I recommend this type of rabbit if you are getting a bunny to love and enjoy.

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lana barton - 2004-05-19
my husband and I bought a mitred a few months ago. He is now about a year old. He talks alot. He says what ya doin, cmere, learning to say peekaboo, and goodboy. He has attempted those a few times. He is a very busy bird and loves attention. He is very very noisy. He is very sweet and loves to wrestle.

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trisha - 2004-05-19
I have a lutino ringneck, named Infinity, that i just got bout 3 wks ago and she was born in Feb 2004. She is the most funniest bird i have. She loves to go for car rides, hanging on top of her cage, and messing with her toys. Shes a blast to be round.

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carl - 2004-05-19
Beautiful fish which spend alot of time swimming near the surface of my tank. Prefers live food, but will eat frozen prawns. Has to watch the food for a bit before eating and will often not eat food which stops moving (falls to the sand or live rock) before it attacks.

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Slinkey_Blinkie - 2004-05-18
Beautiful pictures! I want a chinchilla really bad..these photos make it even harder! those chinchillas are SO cute!

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Matt - 2004-05-18
I just wanted to add my comments to this - I had a Chinese Algae eater for forever - just died recently - I think of old age. It was at least 6 years old and it grew to be a lot bigger than normally seen (around 6.5-7.0 inches). It was a really cool fish, practically indestructible, but it was extremely territorial. I kept it with cichlids so they held their own. But it was a moody little SOB, would rearrange its tank if the plants and cave werent in the right spot, etc. I would suggest that you have some sort of cave or hiding place for them as mine liked to hide until nighttime.

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sue - 2004-05-18
They are the cutiest things you ever saw I love them amd have 5 tanks filled with them they are so cute

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matt s - 2004-05-18
i have two 3 inch parrots they are my favourite fish i keep them with six firemouth cichlids. they are the bosses of the tank and dont let any fish get in there way . they have just layed eggs today but from what ive heard they wont hatch but ill just have to wait and see.


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