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Glen - 2004-07-01
Hi! I have 2 tinfoils in an 85 gallon tank along with:

-2 Red Zebra Cichlids(about 2 inches each)
-2 Jack Dempsey Cichlids(one is about 5 inches and the other is about 4)
-1 Ngara Flametail Cichlid (about 3 inches)
-1 Venustus Cichlid (about 2 inches)
-3 Convicts Cichlids (the largest one is about 3 inches, the second largest one is about 2 inches, and the smallest one is about .7 inches)
-1 Green Terror (about 3.5 inches)
-1 Red Tailed Botia (about 6 inches)
-2 Common Plecos (about 8 inches each)

They always stick together. One is sbout 9 inches, and the other is about 15 inches (he is huge!!!). I actually just recently bought this tank and it came with the two tinfoils, one of the plecos,the botia, and a silver dollar(which is deceased due to to much stress in the bucket while I was transporting it). All of my fish get along very well, which really suprised me since I am mixing a bunch of cichlids from different regions. My largest tinfoil barb can fit
2 1/2 blocks of bloodworms in its mouth. I now have the tank set up and it has been set up for about a year. I had all the fish that I had gotten before I bought this tank in a 30 gallon, but they were getting to big. When I bought the tank I was afraid to put the tinfoils in the 85 gallon tank because I thought they would get tortured by the cichlids. So I put them in the 30 gallon for 3 days until I finally was brave enough to put them in with the cichlids. The smaller tinfoil was fairly easy to transport across the room into the big tank. But the large one was hard because I couldnt fit it in the gigantic net that I bought for it. I had to put him in a bowl the size of a large bin to move him. He flopped around with no mercy. He actually flew out of the bowl and onto the carpet so I scooped him up and put him back into the bowl. Once I actually got him into the tank he was hairier than both of my dogs combined. These tinfoils are very hardy fish but they get HUGE!!!

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steph - 2004-06-30
I have two russian hamsters called tootsie and ollie a girl and a boy. They recently had sex an tootsie is now pregnant and we are expecting the babies in about 2 weeks from now
I cant wait !

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Crystal Summers - 2004-06-30
My white-faced grey male,Zane,is a joy..I awaken every morning to his cheerful whistling & chatter..He is crippled in one leg where he was nearly killed by his parents in the nest(they killed all of his clutchmates)and he was given to me to handfeed by a friend & he ended up telling me to keep him..

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Chen Shao - 2004-06-29
I have 2 Chinese Algae eaters, they are very cool fish. They hide in the most unsuspecting places. Sometimes you think they just disappeared. It is ok though. At night tiptoe to your tank, you should see your "missing" fish right there in the tank. Because they like to hide in tiny crevices, when they go missing take out the filter and check between the body of the filter and the motor housing. That tiny gap is enough for a fish to sneak into. Also sometimes they swim right up into the filter when the motor housing becomes loose and they find their way in and get STUCK.

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justyn - 2004-06-29
hi my brother has a teddy bear hamster.her name is sapphire.I do not know how to breed two hamsters without one getting hurt by the other.Im going to find out how to do it on this website.I dont know how old she is either.she looks 2 months old but im new to this so how would i know.this website is thumbs up all the way.

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Danielle - 2004-06-28
I have a year old lorikeet called Toot. Toot is very amazing and loves attention. He loves to get out of his cage to fly around. He loves to chat. He says: Hello,Come on,Come,Whatcha doin?, Whats that?,Whats that smell? And he also says my husbands name, which is Robert. Toot also says a lot of other words, but these are the main words he says. I love this bird a great deal and i cant imagine my life without him.

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Jack Murray - 2004-06-28
I have 3 electric yellows and they are beautiful fish. They areabout 7 inches long and they love to hide. They come to the front of the tank when i feed them and they are quiet shy. They will stand up to my convicts which are breeding and are very agressive.

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Alan Mihalko - 2004-06-28
It seems the gold gourami are a bit agressive. I recently added 2 gold gourami to a 10 gallon tank that has 3 bala sharks and a nice size algae eater. One of the golds really bullied the other to the point of death, but it seems to be fine with the other fish at this point.

jeff - 2004-06-27
Whilst I think that the gold Gourami is a fine looking addition to my tank,I also think that they are world class bullies.
A recent addition has already hounded a female Dwarf Gourami to death.
Now it is busy chasing the male Dwarf,yet my other Gold Gourami ignores the Dwarf!
Be wary of mixing the two varieties.

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annie jc - 2004-06-27
i have one green winged macaw but he is being sold and i will so miss him. i am the one who spent the most time with him.he has started saying my name


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