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Felicity Coleby - 2004-05-09
I have an Albino hamster named Fleur. she is very sweet but used to savage my fingers! At night she sometimes trys to do gymnastics on the cage bars! She is very entertaining for such a cute hamster. When I am upset, its almost like shes listening to me. Shes like my best friend and I love her to bits and always will forever.

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Sarah - 2004-05-09
I recently had a silver dollar and it died of ich so quickly. It is not very hardy and is NOT MEANT FOR BEGGINERS!!!

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Kyleigh - 2004-05-09
hi i got my rabbit when he was 8 weeks old. now he is about 9 months old. my pet rabbit is a dutch and his name is Ben. i keep him in my room in a large oversized cage so he has room to exercise and have fun. most of the time i let him free in my room. even though most people think they feed the rabbit, clean the cage, and put the rabbit into the cage, there is way more than that. they are like a human they need TLC and you need to hold them atleast once a day. you always have to take them out of their cage to exercise. you should always be nice to the rabbit if you want the rabbit to be nice to you. i also have a pet cat who is 17 years old(in our years) they both get along great. if you dont think you can handle a dog i would not recomend getting a rabbit, they are more work than yu think! maybe you should start out with an easer pet to take care of. but i would recommend rabbits to all ages especially a Dutch. they are such sweethearts, they are always there when you need them.
my life would not be the same with out my cat or my rabbit.

now that my cat is getting old i have a rabbit who is always there.

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Nikki - 2004-05-08
hi, me and my boyfriend recently found 3 baby raccoons in the wall of one of our rental houses. when we found them they were only about 3 wks old. now they are about 7 wks. they are absolutly adorable and so much fun. i am so glad i have had a chance to have them.

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dan rose - 2004-05-08
Kissing Gourami are very fun but be sure to have a larger tank for them...50 gal should be great to reduce chances of aggression towards other fish.

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Anonymous - 2004-05-07
chinchillas are flight reaction animals,and are very jittery.A chinchilla is not a pet meant to be cuddled and handled.

erica ,age 11 - 2004-05-07
I just got a chinchilla! He is already very tame,and can go on the table and roam around!I live my chinchilla!!!!!!!!

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Khaliah Taylor - 2004-05-07
Dory, regal blue tang is one of the coolest fish in the movie,"Finding Nemo."

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Jes - 2004-05-07
I got 4 angels (two golden and 2 marbled) about a year ago in a 20 Gal. long tank. About 5 months ago, one pair started breeding. Since I have moved the other pair out of the tank, I have successfully kept about 40 babies or so from two batches which I now keep in 2 20 gal. tanks. It has been really enjoyable and I have gotten more entertainment out of them than from my older african cichlid tank.

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Anonymous - 2004-05-06
Mice are good. I like mice. They are cool. I keep 20 in my locker. I like them. Mice are my friends. Thank You.


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